Do you eat the same breakfast every day? Or do you have special breakfasts during the weekend?

Kirk Z.
Starting out I did the same breakfast every day and then once I got that into a routine I started making small changes, instead of bacon sausage, instead of pre-made guacamole fresh avocado… As I got to my "weekend" days to where I had a little more time in the morning to prepare breakfast, I switched it up all together and use some of the extra time to prep some healthier grab and go breakfasts for during the week making egg bites and preparing overnight oats!

Undine E.
I eat the same breakfast everyday , which is two eggs on two slices of toast with a side of any fruit available to me with either a glass of water or a cup of tea. a glass of water is my usual option but every once in a while i like to enjoy a cup of tea with my breakfast. i used to do special breakfasts but they were often too indulgent and unhealthy so i cut it out and opted for something full of protein that won't have me crash later in the day. i don't prohibit myself from special breakfasts though , i like to enjoy them when i can

Felix W.
Almost every day I will have the same breakfast, a bowl of cereal. This only changes on special occasions like birthdays when I want something a little bit different, or occasionally if my schedule makes it necessary to change up my usual breakfast habit.

Joy U.
If I can help it, I try to have at least a 3 breakfast cycle so I bring nutritious diversity to my morning. When I was small, I ate the same breakfast every single day (beef-flavoured 2-minute noodles) and over time my body became resistant to that food (I'm now gluten-free). One of the best ways to create a healthy diet is to strive for balance and variety. These days I might have herb-and-cheese eggs on toast one day, then porridge with cinnamon and seeds the next, then a nutritious fruit smoothie the next, then some gf muesli with yoghurt the next, and repeat. Omelets or boiled eggs are our Sunday ritual. Sometimes it's annoying to shy away from prepping the same thing every day, but my body appreciates food diversity and I like how I have options for breakfast depending on what I feel like that day.

Catherine C.
My breakfast varies everyday. During the week I have yogurt some days. I have cheese sticks and meat sticks. I have scrambled eggs and bacon, I have scrambled eggs with cheese and apples, I have cottage cheese with fruit, and sometimes bacon egg and cheese croissant. Weekends vary between fried eggs, boiled eggs, and scrambled eggs.

Leslie O.
i made a quick waffle today to make sure that i had a breakfast, and on the weekends i take the time to make pancakes. yesterday i had fruit for breakfast, apples and peanut butter and grapes.

Alex Q.
i sometimes have the same breakfast for a long period of time but not always a lot of the time i'll have a different beakfast each day or just mix and match them

Adam Y.
I don't eat the same breakfast everyday. I like to switch it out. And during the weekends, always a special breakfast
I do this to add variety.

Isabeau C.
I have same breakfast but on different days. Like I would have a breakfast on Monday and have the same breakfast on a Thursday. It all depends on what you have or what you feel like eating at the time.