Eggs make a quick easy breakfast, but I don’t like the dishes. What “dish free” or pre-prepared options are there?

Lindsay W.
Some dish-free options could include hard boiled eggs (you can even marinate these!), fresh fruit, avocado toast, and overnight oats. You may have to wash the container you eat off of, at the very least, but no pots and pans early in the morning!
Jackie E.
I would recommend looking into over-night oats, granola, yogurt, fresh fruit, or even a pre-made egg burrito. 🤤 I used to take a protein shake to go when I was late to my college classes. A peice of toast or a tortilla often became my plate for my eggs.
Gasc O Q.
Well if you like scrambled eggs instead of making them in a pan you can put them in a small bowl and whisk them. Then put them in the microwave for about a minute and a half. I usually put the egg on toast with some bologna and cheese. Then I put that in the microwave (on a plate of course) for about a minute. Ta da, you're done.
Karl O.
Instant oatmeal that come in prepared cups:)))

Toasted bread with peanut butter and banana, or almond butter and coconut flakes

Osman A.
Instead of eggs, you may have a bowl of cereal in hot milk and cup of hot chocolate. Or else you may also have biscuits to dip into a cup of hot tea. This may be simple but it is a good start to have a fabulous you. And don't forget to include fruits to your breakfast.
Tijana Z.
Boiled eggs are a great option! You can boil them and then keep them in the fridge until you're ready to eat them. They are good for a few days
Lily P.
Make hard-boiled eggs for the week. Only one pot to clean for a week worth of breakfast. A little more expensive, but you can buy low calorie Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, frittatas, or you can even find the bowls that come with scrambled egg and need to be microwaved, or the crack an egg type bowl that is bought ready to go, just add an egg.
Naomi N.
avocado toast is really good! It’s fairly simple, you just mash up an avocado in a bowl add some spices if you’d like, I use ( salt and pepper) and then spread on your toast ! You can also add other things on top to spice it up!
Jamie U.
Well if eggs is what you like to have you might have to just do the dishes but if in the morning you are really not in the mood I would just have some fruit or toast.
Emma O.
Fruit and a handful of nuts or scoop of peanut butter shouldn't take more than a spoon, at most. Sometimes, there are pre-packaged oatmeals in the grocery store that you just add water and cook in the microwave. But those tend to have high sugar so you have to read the labels carefully. If you have anyone else in your household who's supporting you, maybe you could make a deal that if you really want to make healthy changes and have eggs one day, they'll clean your dishes for you. You could return the favor in another way, if they have a chore they hate which doesn't bother you too much. Good luck!
Adam U.
I make overnight oatmeal lately. I fill a jar until a third full with oats, chia and hemp seeds, carob chips, peanut butter powder and a pinch of salt, then I fill it with almond milk.
Sam T.
pour cereal and almond milk into a cup, it’s easy to eat and doesn’t take up a lot of space on your desk if you plan to eat while working. it’s quick to make and only uses 1 dish, you can use a disposable cup as well to minimise clean up time.
Ann R.
Make an egg and potato scramble all in a smaller skillet and eat right from the pan. Only a pan, fork, and knife to clean that way. Learn to cook very neatly, or add a "clean and tidy" habit timer to your routine. You'd be surprised how much you can clean in just ten minutes. I could suggest prepackaged breakfast items, but I think it would be horrible to create all that waste and trash just to avoid dishes if you do not have to
Jenny N.
Batch cooking for the week might be an option. Making something like crustless quiches, baked eggs in a muffin pan, or boiled eggs once a week means that you just need to do the washing up after you’ve made them and the rest of the week you can just pick them up and eat from your hands.
Ines N.
If you just boil the eggs you can eat them from the shell right away by cutting just a cap off. All you're left is a small pot to rinse as it's not particulary dirty of food… Otherwise yogurt/ayran from its own container, with or without cereals mixed into it, bakery on the side or alone… and of course if you pick raw fruits and seeds, you won't need any dishes at all.
Jovelino C.
I like to prepare a 'filling'before like roast peppers, fried bacon or tomatoes. Then I take raw eggs in a cup or bowl, cook in microwave with a drop of butter and add the fillings, a quick, easy micro meal.
Renan P.
Fruit is your way to go. Perhaps boiled eggs, since you still get the eggs without the dishes.

You must remember that quality has its price, sometimes payed in efforts.

Premgin F.
A boiled egg will be an apt source. It can be done better on a stove. As it boils for 3 to 4 minutes we can still ourselves and simply look into water bubbling up,just being mindful. Add a glass of warm water with half lime( before food) and that helps in constipation and fat loss too. Stay blessed
Gerhart F.
I make an omelet but I add in it green pepper and square cheese, green pepper is for flavor, and cheese is just my favorite!