I like to eat boiled egg every day for breakfast. Do you think that is good or should I change to be only 3 days with egg and others with oats and milk?

Tristan O.
I think it's better the second option. In mi opinion, I would eat one day eggs, the other day oats and milk because I get bored so fast.
Ella C.
I think it is good if you like it! Eggs are healthy and nutritious and also very filling. But if you want to diversify your consumption, that is also a good idea.
Frances U.
I think it’s great your having a natural high protein intake in the morning to start your day, especially if your goals involve physical activities and exercise.

But maybe adding some variety will be good, so that your making your mornings more interesting. Eating the same foods can become boring and potentially turn a good habit into a habit you end up dreading or even stopping.

Cea P.
You should alternate your food or else you would easily loose your appetite if it everyday egg in the morning. For example, you could egg today then the next day oats and milk.
Alexis J.
I think whatever you feel is good, but keep in mind that it is also good to have variety. Maybe you can switch off between the two each day or if one day you feel like eggs, have eggs, if the next you feel like oats, do that. I just think it's good to have variety. Hope this was helpful. 🙂
Bradley P.
You should have a variety of healthy foods in your diet. I think that you should eat 3 days with egg and all others with oats.
Alano N.
I don't think that this is a bad thing, but in my personal opinion I think changing between the two kind of food is better. Because, it may give you more balance in your diet.
Jennie X.
It is goo to eat eggs in th morning cuz it makes you feel full for a long time,sometimes you got bored so you can eat things else but it's absolutely good
L Ane B.
I think you should eat whatever you feel like eating. Eating eggs everyday is good, there are studies that shows that, so if you want to eat them everyday, do it! I personally suggest you to try out the 3 days eggs/4 days milk and see wheter you like it or if you feel better having your usual breakfast.
Dennis Q.
I think its irrelevant. Making a habit is what is important as well as putting some energy in yourself. As long as it makes you feel light and refreshed its great. Avoid foods that are 'heavy' and make you feel out of breath and sluggish. Whatever these foods are, be it eggs or something else if you follow this advice I'm sure you'll be ok.
Lucie Y.
No, alternative breakfast menu provides you more excitement and prevent you from getting bored with the same food over time.
Lujain U.
Honestly as a person who dislikes routine but is trying to build habits. I would say variations are better, you're still building habits but making them feel less like a routine.
Czeslaw O.
Just boiled egg is not enough, you need extra nutrition from carb and fat. So you can vary your breakfast with anything you like that contain balanced energy for your day
Lucie Roro N.
Humans get bored easily, so if you have eggs every single day, it’s likely you could get bored of them. So mixing it up a couple of days with porridge oats would be a great idea and adding different nutrients to your body is good too!
Eleanor Z.
In my opinion, eggs aren't a bad think, so if you want to eat them, just go for it. But you should always keep in mind, that you need to eat different foods and vary your diet. To make sure to get all the nutrients you need.
Emery F.
Change would definitely be a better choice because with boiled eggs everyday, you are taking mostly, if not only, proteins and your body needs other nutrients too like carbohydrates, minerals, fibers, vitamins, fats, etc. By taking oat, milk and egg, you would have given your body different ķnds of nutrients, which I think, is a better choice.
Katie P.
No matter how healthy boiled eggs are i think its too much if you eat them everyday and you should alternate your diet. Eating too much of everything is bad for you. Eggs have cholesterol and having too much of them might give you high cholesterol levels in the future. Step by step try to change your diet and possibly eat something different every day of the week.
Aya X.
I think you should change
Egg is healthy but too much of it may make poisoning and affect your kidney
Please change that immediately
Clara P.
I think eating plain egg for three days and then eating egg with some oats or a piece of toast for two days is best! Change it up a little to keep your body guessing!
Blake Z.
Even though eggs are amazing and are a great source of protein in the morning, I think it would be healthier to eat eggs only 3 times a week and eat oatmeal or almond butter for breakfast for the rest of the week. I usually eat eggs for breakfast every other day. Get both the breakfast diversity and the protein.
Khadijah F.
If you like to eat boiled egg,I guess there's no problem with that.I think that is a great fuel for your body to start a new day.Protein intake is really needed for our whole body system.Unless you want to try something new,you can change some variety to your breakfast.#haveaniceday💖