What are some very quick and easy breakfast meals that you make?

Alex N.
Boiled eggs. Just some fruit — bananas, or clementines, those are my favourites. Porridge, or its cousin, overnight oats. Some green tea.

Sophia N.
For breakfast I don’t really like to cook a lot so I just make some simple meals. A nice and basic breakfast meal that I like is two bread slices (of course it can be toast bread as well) with peanut butter all over and banana on top. It’s yummy and great for an easy breakfast. Another more filling breakfast is a nice sandwich. Toasted bread and salami, cheese, tomato and lettuce. I like to enjoy it with a glass of natural orange juice. Next, breakfast meal is a bowl with yogurt with honey and oats. I like to put in cereal with oats so the oats are thick and crunchy. A more winter-y one is toast with honey and tea. Nice and warm for the cold weather. Last but not least is avocado toast. Just to toasted bread slices with avocado spread over it. Thats it, I hope you find this helpful!!