Do you eat fruit during your breakfast? If not, when do you eat fruit?

Nishma W.
It entirely depends because if I feel like it, I eat fruit in breakfast along with some rice pulses and veggies. If I don’t feel like it I often eat it after lunch or before going to bed. Make sure to include veggies in every meal though! Hope it helps

Libongo B.
I used to eat fruit with every meal and drink water afterwards, it actually made my skin look and feel more healthier. I would 100% recommend you do the same as well.

Rosa C.
I sometimes eat it for breakfast but it is rare. I usually eat fruit as a snack to keep me going most likely at lunch time or before dinner

Bern Th B.
I eat fruit during breakfast but only if we have fruits that I like at home, like bananas maybe watermelon or my favorite fruit blueberries!😍🥰

Fabienne S.
Today I had a smoothie for breakfast so I had lots of fruit. I also had an orange for lunch. I don’t always have fruit for breakfast so I think I will make it my goal this summer to have some fruit every morning.

Nakeisha G.
When there are fruits 😂 since i don't live alone and still with my fam and I don't go to grocery stores cuz I don't have driving licence (im still 13 lol) I just need to wait till my parents bought them for me and my brother

Shin Dee N.
Sometimes! If not, I usually replace my snacks with fruits. I also take my fruits half an hour before meals to get the digestive system working, it helps in digesting my meals more quickly. A way to lose weight in my case.

Edouard Y.
I rarely eat fruit during my breakfast. When I was a child I used to eat tons of fruit, but now it is not so common, even during the day. I would like eating fruit to become a habit.

Veronica Y.
I practice intermittent fasting 16 hours fasted and 8 hours eating window. I try to eat every 2-3 hours in my window. I'll usually eat fruit as a first meal to break my fast. I'll also add veggies and lean protein. Oatmeal and fruit and nuts. Yogurt and fruit and nuts. Eggs and spinach and feta omelet. Hashbrowns and veggies. Lots of combinations that are healthy. Crepes with fruit if needing a sweet breakfast. Fruit can also be a great snack or dessert. I like fruit and nut parfaits. Enjoy 😉

. N.
Yes, I prefer them during breakfast or the snack between breakfast and lunch. Fruits are simple carbohydrates, it is better to eat them in the first half of the day. It is also better to eat them before heavy food so they’ll digest faster and easier. Plus it is always healthier to start every meal with something raw before processed since it triggers better production pf digestive juice 🙂