Eat before or after a workout?

Ruby S.
After. Before a workout, one should make sure they are hydrated. During a workout, water should be drank or is it drunk or drinked (sorry). An hour should be between a last meal and a workout. After eating, nutrients are absorbed into the body from the stomach. During a workout, nutrients are brought to the muscles while waste materials are carried away. It is a strain on the blood circulation–the heart, to try to do both at the same time.

Ramazan E.
Not right before, but a few hours before so you'll have energy for the workout. Eating a protein filled meal soon after the workout will enhance the outcome of the workout.

Rosa Z.
Ideally one should eat both before and after. If eating before, it should be 1+ hours depending on how the individual feels. It should be a snack or meal higher in carbs and lower in fiber. After working out, one should eat as soon as possible. A meal that has a balance or protein, carbs, and fat is ideal. Protein helps the muscle repair; carbs are depleted from the muscles during the workout and they are most receptive to take more in soon after the workout, so eating them soon after helps with recovery; fat is also helps with recovery.

Z Ica F.
I prefer to eat after. Well I eat about an hour before and then when I’m done with my workout. Otherwise I get serious sugar cravings.

Dorina R.
I think after because you might mix all your food and get sick but maybe a granola energy bar do you can get some energy before but like a meal no.

Peter Z.
If it's morning workout I prefer to eat after it.
Speaking about afternoon or evening workouts I like to eat 1 hour before to feel more powerful

Emil C.
Personally it depends on how I'm feeling. Usually I'm not hungry yet so I just workout. If I'm hungry I'll eat a small breakfast and eat another small breakfast after 🙂 that way I'm not too hungry or too full either lol

Lilian Z.
I personally prefer after. If I eat while I’m full it feels like all the food will jiggle around in my tummy and it actually kind of hurts sometimes depending on how intense the workout.

Katharina O.
Eating before a workout can cause a stomachache, so eat after a workout. Just make sure you drink more water than you eat afterwards.

Alizee Y.
I generally have dinner and then workout, but it’s important after a workout to replenish your body. I workout late, so I like to have a banana or post workout shake(something light)

Ella G.
Before, something light like a protein shake and fruit. Or a hardboiled egg. This gives you energy for your workout. I also snack after.

Charles Q.
I would say after. But make sure you eat a healthy balanced meal RIGHT AFTER the work out so your muscles can get the nutrients that they need to rejuvenate

Suly N.
Usually I eat after workout or if I ate before workout I try to do it two hours before that for my body can make digestion correctly

Irma U.
Is this question about what o should do, what I aspire to do-our about what I currently do? It varies, though I think eating before a work out is generally best.

Frederik P.
Neither of you can help it. A workout should be between meals. At least an hour after you last meal. But if you need to eat close to workouts it’s better to do so afterwards, while making sure you’re eating plenty of protein and electrolytes.

Valdemar Z.
Definitely after a workout! You can eat something light. Maybe a banana? Boiled eggs? Eating something heavy before a workout is going to cause discomfort. I don’t eat before a workout and after I eat a light dinner. The days when I never used to exercise I would overeat for dinner. This way I’m burning calories and watching what I eat.

Ola Des T.
Eat an hour or two before working out and shortly after. Doing os will reduce recovery time. It also depends on what your workout consists of. If you're trying to lose weight then not eating will help, but it is hard to maintain this.

Harper P.
Before for energy. Even something simple like peanut butter toast or a banana gives me enough energy. After a workout I try to drink a protein smoothie

Sofia Z.
Usually, Eat some light food 30 min before like a banana or nuts. And then eat afterwards. So you don't excercise with a full stomach. But could depend on the time of the excercise.

Heather J.
The answer depends on how many minutes/hours before. Minutes before: Don't! Hours before: Yes please. Of course, you should always replenish your energy stores and reward yourself with something healthy and tasty afterwards.

Bessie S.
I prefer to eat after the workout. I think if you eat before, it makes you feel heavy. Also I found that I am less likely to exercise at all after eating

Floyd J.
It depends on what your body is used to. If you’re used to eating first thing in the morning then at least have a small snack before exercising so as not to become nauseated. But if you’re working out later in the day then a snack afterwards, especially one high in protein will make your workout feel all the better.

Dale T.
After. It will be too early for me to have break fast before work out.

So I work out first, take a bath then have break fast.

Mads A.
Personally, before. Otherwise I sometimes get this close to fainting. Eating right before exercising means also taking fast sugars as well as slow sugars so I have something to draw from while the slow sugars get digested

R Mi Z.
Should eat something lite before workout and something with protein and energy after while ur body is still in working process.

Rita J.
I always eat after workout – I feel heavy working out with food in my stomach. However I always drink a glass of water before.