Do you brush your teeth before or after you eat?

Lilia O.
If you want to have an acid free mouth, then after you eat. You can also floss and get food out of your teeth as well. Brushing your teeth before your breakfast is really just for removing bad breath. I lf you want to do that, swish with alcohol free mouth wash as the alcohol can make dry mouth and bad breath worse. Happy brushing! 😊

Galina F.
Most of the time I do it after I eat. If i wake up early enough and I don't feel hungry then I brush my teetj first and then i prepare some breakfast

Jani N.
I brush my teeth before I eat and when I have time I also do it after. I can’t put food in my mouth with my teeth dirty and morning breath.

Maya J.
Before because I don’t like that taste in my mouth for food to get in there with a dirty mouth and tongue. After if I had some really greasy or meaty food to get all the grease and extra meat chunks out.

Devon O.
Always after, you don't want anything sitting in your mouth because it builds up plaque and tartar. And trust me, EVERYTHING leaves stuff behind inside of your mouth, so it's good to always brush your teeth after or at least rinse out your mouth after eating anything or even drinking anything that isn't water, especially acidic or sugary drinks.

Ronald E.
Aaaa!!! It is one of the difficult questions 🙂 if you want the truth- I don’t like to brush my teeth :/ But still I brush them after eat. I don’t like taste of food after the tooth paste

Leah J.
Pre-quarantine, before, because I’d have a smoothie in the car on my way to work.
Now I work from home so I have breakfast and brush after. I don’t think it matters when as long as it’s twice a day!

Chaiane E.
Think about it this way: do you shower before or after you exercise? It's most effective to brush your teeth after you have eaten.

Aileen P.
I brush my teeth before I eat in the morning and after I’ve eaten, before bed, in the evening. What is the correct way? This is something I must investigate!

Harold G.
i used to just brush my teeth before i ate because my mom didn’t like it when i came downstairs in the morning and i haven’t brushed my teeth yet. but now i just decided to brush my teeth after i eat breakfast anyway because what’s the point of brushing your teeth and then eating on top of that? 😂

Anthony P.
I tend to brush my teeth on two occasions: every time I take a shower and every time I wake up.

It so happens that I shower mostly in the evening after my workout.

If these were not the conditions then I'd brush my teeth after meals

Eden F.
I always used to brush before. Right now, I have Invisalign which means I have to brush after every meal or snack, so lately I’ve been eating first and then brushing.

Mattia N.
Always after, more specifically about 20 minutes after I’m done eating. This way your mouth stays clean longer, until your next meal, as opposed to brushing your teeth right before consuming a meal. I also use an alcohol-free mouthwash (after brushing) after breakfast and floss (before brushing) after dinner.

Ms F.
I usually brush my teeth after I eat. I do this because I hate the feeling of having food stuck in your mouth for hours. Usually, because I have been starting fasting, I brush my teeth after my late breakfast and also I brush my teeth as soon as I wake up because I can’t brush my teeth for several hours I get rid of my gross morning breath and brush my teeth. So I guess I really brush my teeth 3x a day.

Fred J.
Since i was a kid I’ve always brushed by teeth after eating, not before. I had quite a few teeth problem when i was in primary school, even though I was always eating super healthy. We didn’t even get juice unless it was a special occasion! Brushing teeth after a meal makes more sense to me because after all, you want to get all the grit out from what’s you just ate. I do understand though why people would brush their teeth before eating because that feeling and taste you get in your mouth when you wake up is gross. I’m actually very very enthusiastic about brushing teeth, and sometimes do it more than three times a day, just because it feels right. Probably not the healthiest but it really clears my mind.

Emilie N.
I usually brush after i ear breakfast. Makes my breakfast tasre mintt and feel like should clean em adter ya know…only makes sense