Do you have any scientific papers to back the importance of breakfasts as opposed to other meals?

Aaron O.
What reasons could cause a huge energy drop before noon eventhough I had a healthy breakfast and did my excersise routine? This happens sometimes but not frequently.

Johnny T.
If I have strong faith in myself saying that yes, I will succeed then even scientific papers are unecessary. As the days go by and I use Fabulous there are some points where I feel unsure if this is really helping but during those times it is important to remember that we choose who we want to be. So, yes I want to become a better person and with the guidance of Fabulous I am already improving!! And now… finally answer your question about the scientific papers, no I don't think I have scientific papers but I have myself which is far more of value!! Keep smiling. Keep laughing. Be You.

Maelya Y.
Scientistific papers on hand? No. Years of my doctors telling me this? Yes. Years of feeling it? Yup. Breakfast starts metabolism and gives me the energy to get movin and groovin for the day. Any other meal I can skip and not feel the effects as much.