How do you make yourself enjoy making breakfast that takes more than 30 seconds?

Jared P.
I enjoy cooking. I think about the nutrients it's going to give me and I think of breakfast as time for me to prepare myself for the day ahead – I sit and.enjoy coffee and read the news and prepare for work so I look forward to all of it.
Allan F.
I really enjoy cooking! Making a nice breakfast is always a treat, putting on some music or a show can make it more fun if you really don’t want to cook
Karl Wilhelm X.
Focus on the elements you are putting together. Put the first two in. Then imagine the combination of flavors. Add the next and repeat. Keep going until it's time to cook and/or eat.
Thea W.
Mine doesn’t take very long. I just heat up a skillet and fry 2 eggs and meanwhile toast a piece of bread in the oven. Then I add salsa and avocado. But i tidy up things in my kitchen and surroundings during the dead time while the eggs are frying. That makes me feel productive and have a more peaceful and orderly environment in which to enjoy my breakfast.
Rebecca L.
Well i really enjoy cooking on my own terms and it actually makes me happy when i cook a full breakfast instead of just eating cereal, its a great start to self-care.
Victor W.
I make food that I know I like, therefore it's more enjoyable thinking that in a few minutes you'll be able sit down to have your beautiful and healthy breakfast that you just made.
Felix W.
I don’t have a way to make this more enjoyable as I am definitely NOT a morning person. I bake oatmeal cups for the week (oatmeal mixed with milk and eggs in muffin cups) and plan those as my breakfast on most weekday mornings. Sometimes I also keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge. If I have a more relaxed morning then I make eggs. Making sure the kitchen is clean before bedtime is critical to helping me be willing to spend time preparing food in the morning.
Shawn Y.
I ensure the breakfast I make does not involve too much preparation or cooking. I also make sure I incorporate dopamine boosting ingredient to motivate me in making it.
Dopamine foods include:
• Dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt
• Fruit and vegetables, in particular bananas
• Nuts such as almonds and walnuts
• Dark chocolate
• etc
Planning a menu for the week can help too Speeding up preparation
I Ri S.
I try to make things I know I’ll really enjoy/look forward to eating. I focus on all the benefits of whatever I’m making and try to hype it up as much as possible. While cooking, I might also watch a show I like or listen to music so that it’s a fun positive experience and not a chore.
Diane P.
There is no breakfast that takes only 30. I love to listen to music when making my food, it's relaxing and much more enjoyable. Good habit to have.
Christin X.
For me I've always enjoyed cooking but I started enjoying it more after I started doing it because I felt how much more energy I had after eating a bigger breakfast
Constance S.
You can listen to your favorite music while cooking or listen to a prod cast. By doing this u can have fun and enjoy making Breakfast while jamming or enjoying whatever u are dojng
Heinz Walter T.
I like the creativity and improvisation in my style of cooking. I know what flavor is and textures I like, and I know how I like to combine them, so I never work with recipes unless I'm cooking for someone else.
Wolfgang C.
The key is to not make yourself do anything!
Choose something you want to eat because its yum.
Try your favourite vegetables with a poached egg – get excited because you want tobeat it.
If time is an issue, cook extra vegetables at dinner the night before and add an egg cooked your favourite way!
Samuel Z.
I find preparing food really relaxing especially if you are cooking for others. I lay out all the ingredients I need ready and then go through the steps. I find being methodical about it calms me and allows me to think.
Francelina C.
I make my breakfast the night before. Overnight oats with pineapple and blueberry feed my craving for something sweet and mean i can eat them instantly. If I'm not organised chopping an apple and a dollop of peanut butter takes about 30 seconds 😂
Hans Otto E.
I think about how I am setting myself up for success for the rest of the day. I’m taking the time to invest in a better me.
Emily W.
I always make sure I'm making something new every couple of days. I also like being interested in what I'm making! Right now I'm on an oatmeal binge and every day I try to elevate the flavor profile. And for days I dontb have a lot of time I have been making simple but experimental overnight oats that I'm always excited to try the next morning.
Sandra Q.
I spend time experimenting on recipes, I generally really like cooking, so it really isn't much of a problem for me, cause I love to eat 🙂
Mia F.
Put on a podcast! Or make a breakfast playlist and that consists of enough songs to last you through cooking. Listen while you cook.

Prepping as much as possible the night before also helps! The more Night Before You can do for Morning You, the easier it will go for your future self.

You got this!

Ma Line O.
I know for a fact if I don’t eat a good breakfast my morning will suck, and then I’m behind all afternoon and my day will suck. That’s how my body works. So without question I just make breakfast. Microwave two eggs, put them between toast, add ketchup, eat while I drive. Oh, I might eat some leftover dinner: Chili or Meatballs on toast 👍🏼
Juan J.
If I know it will taste good anf it smells good it is more enjoyable and if I can make it ahead of time the night before its even better.
Olivia Y.
A complete breakfast can give me the fuel for a busy day. I love to take the breakfast, and I love to have variety In them.
Vicki E.
I make it the night before. Overnight oats. Steel cut oatmeal, flaxseed, white raisins , trail mix with mixed nuts and cranberries and a few M&Ms … a dip of vanilla and some honey. Mixed in a mason jar. Pour in milk enough to cover, stir then shake and refrigerate overnight. It is so good!
Elias Y.
Maybe try making a breakfast that involves as little waiting as possible, so try and structure and time it so that you're doing stuff simultaneously as much as you can without it being stressful, if you can.
Erwan Q.
I don't enjoy making breakfast that takes more than 30 seconds. As someone who doesn't usually eat breakfast, it's a struggle to manage having breakfast at all!
Britney A.
I really don’t have to cook. I usually boil 2 eggs while getting dressed then I pack my fruit (blueberries, apples or raspberries) and yogurt. The eggs are done when I’m done.
Astrid R.
Oatmeal- its takes 5 seconds to prepare and 50 seconds (I drink coffee during this time) in the microwave and 2 minutes to cool down (I turn on my morning news during this time) Its good, filling, and doesnt take long! I also add peanut butter for protein or premake hard boiled eggs over the weekend to have with breakfast during the week if I want more savory things.
August X.
Unfortunately, i don't have tips for you. I always enjoyed cooking. And i've been cooking for myself for more than 10 years. Now I am married and I have a 3 year old son and i love cokking for them, especially for the little one. I guess i find it rewarding when they enjoy my meals and eat and compliment it.
Before i gormarried i remember i loved to impress girls with my cooking skills, so that also helped me. And even coming form guyz, it also made me feel good.
When i was single, i used to have good routines to stayimn shape,and when i was preparing my meal and eating it i would always think about the benefits that it would bring me.
Also, i would recommend having a plan for the whole week. Just write down what you want to have for breakfast every day for the whole week and put it somewhere visible in the kitchen. Look for simple, but healthy recipes. And it would really help if you can have it at about the same hour everyday. Itwill really help you cement it as a routine and you wont worry too much about the cooking part.
Hope this wasn't completely useless and good luck my friend.
Eufr Sio P.
Cleaning up first, having the place all tidy up and listening to music. I believe that is a way to make me enjoy making breakfast. 😉
Terry Z.
I take the time between showering and doing my hair to make a simple but hearty breakfast and actually look forward to sitting down and eating it. Sitting down helps makes the prep worthwhile