What are great breakfast recipes to make the night before, or quick recipes when in a rush?

Mar A T.
For quick breakfast: oatmeal with Chopped fruit and nuts, toasts with olive oil and sliced tomato. It's easier and faster than what it looks like!
Maddie C.
Overnight oats are a great breakfast to prepare on the go!! quick breakfast options when you are in a rush could be fruits, such as an apple or banana, greek yogurt cups, instant oatmeal, or a protein bar!!
Mia S.
The quickest recipe is definitely cereals. It’s best when you can maybe cut up some fruits the night before and leave in the fridge to add the next day. Sandwiches are the next quickest breakfast. You can try having tuna sandwich (canned tunas are the best since they have different flavours) or egg sandwich. This will give you the proteins you require too!
Jacqueline O.
Oatmeal! It can be eaten whether hot or cold and you can put any kind of fruit in it to make it healthier. My personal preference is oatmeal with powdered milk with sliced banana and raisins or dried apricot and sometimes with a healthy cereal to add that crunch.
Minnie E.
I make cookies from oatmeal, banana, egg, cinnamon and almond milk. I put dark chocolate chips or raspberries on top, and serve with honey. The cookies can be pancakes 🙂
Some days i make oatmeal with yogurt.

If i don’t have much time I take fruits with me or have an orange juice.

Cl O E.
I used to have south Indian dishes like dosa and idly which works super amazing for me and it is more than enough to have it as breakfast after a long night
Zuzana S.
great breakfast are for me that kind when i have right proportions of macronutrients vegetables fruits
i need to feel full and light also
it also has to be nice because it’s not only for my stomach but eyes also
Samantha W.
Greek yogurt parfait. I usually buy Chobani’s less sugar Madagascar vanilla favor. Add a handful of pre-bought granola. Add some mixed berries. Easy to put together and high in protein.