How do you manage to maintain breakfast variety while keeping it healthy?

Rutger Y.
Think sweet and savoury, think veg and fruit and try to combine things. A fruit smoothie can be reconstructed into a yoghurt bowl with multiple fruits and nuts. An Omelet with onion and tomato can become a boiled egg on a cracker with some salmon and avocado. Think outside of the box and start experimenting!

Ma Va Y.
Easy machines like air fryer and sandwich maker. Eggs are super easy to do in the sandwich maker. Since I have pain and less energy, maximizing productivity helps me save spoons.

Ali T.
When I remember to eat healthily, I usually eat oatmeal with different nuts, fruits and berries which vary depending on what I feel like some mornings. Sometimes I only use almond butter, sometimes peanut butter. Sometimes I feel like having blueberries, sometimes banana and once in a while some pomegranate seeds. Sometimes I use cow milk and sometimes oat milk.

Gretel T.
Honestly I don’t. I’m a creature of habit. I pretty much go for eggs most days. I do change it up with what vegetables I add though.