Do you have any fast healthy meals for breakfast you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Cassidy Z.
Turkey bacon and scrambled eggs! Just let your skillet warm up while you're getting ready, then it shouldn't take more than ten minutes.

L Rke W.
A smoothie with fruits, vegetables, and protein powder or nut butter to stay full; oatmeal with chopped fruit, nut butter & any other add-ins you'd like; whole grain cereal with greek yogurt or boiled egg that you can boil the night before.

Trudi T.
A raspberry porridge is my go-to : 150ml of milk, 25g of Quaker oats, mix and microwave for 3 minutes and then add a teaspoon of honey, 30g of raspberries and a small cap of stevia for added sugary taste without the extra calories

Thaaniya A.
You could have plain yogurt, mixed berries and nuts, quinoa, oatmeal or just normal cereal (unflavoured!).
See you soon, fellow Fabulous user!

Marin S.
I use Huel. It's super quick as is just powder and milk. Can be made with water too but I prefer the taste with whole milk. Would recommend using a blender to make it but can be hand shaken. Just search Huel.

Donald S.
I make a bowl of oatmeal and then shower. After the shower, I drop some nuts and yoghurt in it. If that's too much time, you can always stir up some granola/oats, yoghurt, berries and nuts before bed and eat that for breakfast.

Luis O.
Well some toe with milk and one banana you can drink some fruit juice that you like add to your meal some nuts and there you are eating a healthy breakfast to start your day , isn't simple

Katheryn E.
One of my fast healthy meals for breakfast is oats. I added water, protein powder and cinnamon powder. Then I heat the mix for less than five minutes and add strawberries or banana. Another fast breakfast that I have is a protein shake, with peanut butter and banana.