What are some of your favorite healthy breakfast options?

Maria A.
Well, if I’m short on time I like to eat a bannana cut up into some greek yogurt. If I have more time I love scrambled eggs with spinach, garlic, feta, and avocado in a bowl.
Oswin S.
Yogurt drinks are something that work well for me. I don’t usually have a huge appetite in the morning but Activia or Yakult are a good way for me to get some probiotics and start the day.
Benta Q.
Activia yogurt with a little granola. A banana with peanut butter. Hard boiled egg with two strips turkey bacon. Oatmeal with milk and blueberries.
Robin P.
Avocado toast – one slice of bread with half of an avocado spread on the toasted bread with a sprinkle of black pepper. Oatmeal with banana – half a cup of oatmeal with water, 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds, and a banana.
Lya C.
I always try to have something from all the food groups. For me, this means a cup of hot cocoa, sesame spelt bread with nut and seed butter, a fruit salad topped with yogurt, and a glass of water.
Sandra Y.
I like overnight oats because it’s cheap and healthy, can be prepared in advance, and scaled to suit your nutritional needs by adding nuts, more oatmeal, frozen fruit, and much more!
Gabin A.
An apple is the perfect item for me. I've been trying to eat very light at breakfast, and the piece of fruit is sufficiently light while also giving me the satisfaction of breakfast and making me less hungry usually at lunch.
Sarah S.
My favorite on the go breakfast is an egg sandwich on a toasted English muffin with cheese and a slice of turkey or ham. Adding some peppers is also good!
Dem Trio P.
Cassava and duck egg pancakes
No sugar smoked salmon and a small salad
Scrambled duck eggs and greens (chard, kale, spinach) with avocado and sliced fruit salad
Vegetables sautéed with roasted chicken thigh and some blueberries
Marcus C.
My favourite would be crème Budwig. I squash a rather rioe banana, add a thinly cut fruit of choice( kiwi or apple most of the time), half a small cup of soy yoghurt, a tablespoon of grains like raw buckwheat, a teaspoon of raw hemp seeds, and 8 cut nuts of any kind. Mix it up with lemonjuice.. i love a peanut butter sandwich too..
Ralph J.
For the past week I have been eating:
A fried or soft boiled egg with stir-fried veggies (mushrooms, spinach, etc) and half an avocado on the side. I also either put Olly protein powder in my coffee or in a smoothie.
This breakfast is delicious, satiating, and healthy!
Ubirani Q.
I enjoy oatmeal with egg whites. It sounds crazy, but you can’t taste them at all. Use rolled oats according to package directions but substitute half the water with a matching amount of egg whites. Fix the way you like it with fruit and sweetener or make them savory. The extra protein keeps me full longer. Enjoy!
Mila S.
For breakfast I’ve been enjoying a bowl of steel cut oats topped with a 1/2 cup Costco Frozen Mixed Berries. Along with this I have a cup of Yorkshire tea (a favoret in England.) I like to add a teaspoon of honey to mine. I also cook, in my crockpot, a large batch of steel cut oats ahead of time, so for three or four days, they are ready for me in the morning.
Julia E.
My favourites are porridge with stewed fruit and toast with avocado. Toast for when time is short. I have cut down on carbs and cut out all processed food. This includes bought bread. So last year I taught myself to make bread. For breakfast I have a slice of homemade wholemeal bread toasted.
Nora P.
Soup is the best! Miso, with seaweed and sprouts, in the morning might be a bit unconventional, but it hydrates and feels like a balm on my digestive system, it just takes minutes to prepare, and then on the side whatever I feel like that day. Sometimes oat bun and avocado others egg and spinach:)
Philipp C.
If you wanna hear about favourites it’s really an half fried egg having black pepper sprayed on with a loaf of bread. But I now have traditional food where I live now which is paratha with curd.
Romain S.
Vegetable omelette, overnight oats and greek yogurt with nuts and fresh fruit or in the summer a super smoothie made with mostly greek yogurt, nuts and frozen fruit with added "super foods" like kale (gross but can't taste it) or spirulina or turmeric or whatever I have on hand.
Ramon F.
Scrambled eggs all the way. I've been adding various things like poy choy, salmon, cheese, etc. It allows to keep the benefits of eggs but keeps it interesting. Plus it's easy and takes little time.
Nora E.
For breakfast, I always do a combo of a whole grain, a protein, and a fruit. I try really hard to make omega threes part of every breakfast as well. On mornings when I’m running late and need to eat on the go, I snag two ounces of dry shredded-wheat cereal squares, an ounce of walnuts, and a banana. On days when I’m eating breakfast at home, I’ll go for 3/4 cup of cooked oatmeal with 3/4 cup of berries and a tablespoon of chia seeds added, and two scrambled eggs on the side.
Darlene U.
I loove a good smoothie! It’s like a good way to be sure you get all the nutrients you need in the morning. For me who lives with IBS and eat after a fodmap diet it’s also important that it’s kind to my tummy! The one I’ve currently been doing contains some vanilla yoghurt, a banana, some spinach, hempseeds, “havtorn” (in Swedish), mango, and some maple syrup! Hope it was to any help, good luck
Erika F.
I like an egg on a piece of toast, with a little butter, or guacamole or avacado if I have some. I just fry the egg in a pan and try to leave the yolk a little runny. Salt and pepper and done. I usually add a piece of fruit if I have some on hand.
Ava P.
I most often have a banana in the morning alongside a cup of coffee right after I get to work. I also go with an apple afterwards from time to time.
Nat Lio N.
Whole grain &cereal bread w/ goat cheese, avocado, dills, tomato slices and lime juice and olive oil on top.
All prepared while singing:)
Ang Le T.
My go to breakfast is three eggs, 1/2-1 cup of plain non fat Greek Yogurt, a banana, and I'll add one Scoop of Whey Protein mixed in water for days that I go to the gym. It's really high in protein and it does keep my hunger at bay for quite some time. Days I don't have this for breakfast I'll find myself wanting to eat in excess late at night before bed.
Sofia P.
I pre make steel cut oats for the week then toss in dry blueberries, walnuts, and stevia. Keeps me full for a long time. When I have extra time I love avocado toast but I add a poached egg with some pepper. As a last resort, I will have a premade or ready to go protein shake or bar but I almost always have hard boiled eggs on hand to accompany. 🙂
Jeanette Y.
My favourite healthy breakfast options are smoothies, banana with honey or peanut butter are my fallback (I use soya bean instead of milk).
I also adore fruits and sometimes with yoghurt or oats.
Harold E.
Early in the morning, as I wake up I make myself a bowl of Oatmeal with cinnamon, chia seeds and a green apple. I cover it all with boiling water and let it cook for several minutes.

My favourite breakfast option for several years already.

Selma W.
Eggs in coconut oil with avocado, healthy sausage, bacon or Canadian bacon, and hot sauce or salsa, occasionally a slice of ww toast.

Or a smoothie with spinach or kale

Or intermittent fasting and don’t eat until 11, 12, or 1pm other than water and coffee in the morning.

Valerie U.
I love having a slice of brown toast with half an avocado mashed(with black pepper , red pepper and a lot of lemon juice and chia seeds) with either eggs on top or tuna with sliced hot pepper and some vegetables on the side. Yummy😋💗!
S Rgio Q.
Ive found i no longer enjoy a heavy breakfast so a bowel of yogurt and museli ans possibly some fruit is great. If I'm in a rush a make a fatblaster shake and have a liquid breakfast on the go!
Rosalina Q.
I like eating eggs half fried, enjoy South Indian foods like idli and dosa also poha is something I love and tea with only chapati
Rejane Q.
I LOVE vegetble ( carrots, apple, cucumber, salieru) juice.

The other option is grinkiu kose, that is complimented with the boild egg an salmon.

I love crussants and a nice very little rosted coffe.

Anna C.
The past three days I’ve been trying to find different things that could make for a quick and easy breakfast before I head out the door, probably my favorite would be over-easy eggs, but when I don’t have time to do that I at least grab a low-fat yogurt cup to eat on the way. My favorite flavor so far is definitely the orange cream
Daniel Z.
Most mornings I have a smoothie filled with vegetable, fruit, and protein and a healthy fat for fullness. When I’m tired of smoothies boiled eggs are quick, turkey sausage, ham, turkey breast or chicken with a fruit and nuts or leftover veggies are all quick grabs. On the weekends I have a more robust breakfast.