What vegan protein sources do you eat at breakfast time?

Gabrielle P.
To be quite honest I really don't eat vegan protein food like that we not in the morning but you could eat a bowl of oats with bananas ,strawberries and blueberries any fruit you would like, you could so hummus toast or avocado toast you could do fruit, veggie and oat smoothies to drink if you don't feel like eating you could do protein pancakes and waffles you would just have to look for a recipe that suits you hope this helps, Enjoy your day.
Christa N.
I am not Vegan but my daughter is and she usually has banana pancakes or a smoothie with plant based protein or waffles with oat milk. She uses Ground flax seed as an egg replacement.
Alexandra T.
I use nuts and soya milk. I have porridge oats with a handful of dried fruit and mixed unsalted nuts. My favourite is to add honey and walnuts.
Susan X.
Tofu, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, peas, beans (some are sweet and you can make them into pastes as well for desserts), chia (makes great, easy overnight pudding in a jar in the fridge), lentils, rice (also makes good pudding), quinoa and chickpeas.
I sometimes stir fry veggies with the tofu, mushrooms, peas, lentils and/or chickpeas, especially dark leafy greens that I have a hard time eating raw.
Quinoa acts a bit like oatmeal but with more protein depending on how you prepare it.
Vegan protein powders are typically pea powder based and can make easy quick grab and gos.