I can’t always digest meat very well, what is a good alternate source of protein for breakfast besides eggs?

Laila U.
I have a protein shake with added nutrients such as vital green powder, Metamucil, mushroom powder, almond milk and whatever else you want. A good protein powder is essential. I use gold standard 100% isolate, and mix it in a blender. I'm vegetarian and I find this is a great breakfast for me as I will usually work out 30mins to 1hr after having it.
Wojciech Z.
I love a wholemeal toast topped with avocado and white beans. Toss the white beans with lemon and olive oil (maybe some parsley and fresh jalapeño) first. Or make hummus or mujadara for breakfast. Beans and lentils are a great source of protein!
Rayan N.
Meat is important in a diet but can be replaced with another alternative , other than eggs u can have a share of beans veggies and even dark chocolate
Jocelaine Z.
Well honestly I don’t actually know, but maybe you can have a cup of milk, some biscuits, and an apple or a pear, or any fruit you desire! Or maybe you can take an oatmeal with some nuts and fruit!💕