What’s the best substitute for breakfast if you’re fasting and need the energy after a good workout?

Yvonne Z.
Juice, fruits,, yogurt or protein shake because your body needs fuel to burn if you pass out it’s not going to be beneficial you you or your body you will defeat the purpose
Phillip E.
You should keep yourself hydrated, so drink lot of water, add some lemon on the water so it tastes a bit better. You can also drink some green tea or just black coffee, either suits your taste better. And when the fasting time is over, you should start with small and light, no any carbs, but example avokado, salmon and eggs. Those contain good fats and gives you lot of energy until the next meal.
Tilde Z.
Mindful breathing, or meditation, for about 10 minutes. Breathing deeply oxygenates the blood and gives us a more efficient metabolism, greater alertness, and increased mental energy.
Jojo E.
I don't really understand the question. It seems you are asking what food to eat when you are choosing not to eat food. I would say to eat a high protein food after you exercise or to just forgo exercise while you fast.
Juciele O.
I like oatmeal because it is very easy to make. You get your milk, your oatmeal and some fruit. I find bananas and apples the best, sometimes I just want plain oatmeal and I eat the fruit after. Whatever works for you. I am feeling full from the oatmeal and energized and healthy from the fruit. But at the end of the day, eat what YOU like and enjoy the best. It should still be healthy though. Have a great day, stranger!
Francilene F.
If you’re just fasting by not eating then smoothies or high calorie drinks are the best way to go, it’s important to make sure you always consume something nutrient dense and high protein after working out that will give your body the best chance at recovery, so if fasting means you can’t workout during certain times it will be worth switching up your routine and working out at a time when you know you will be able to eat after.
Andira N.
Be sure to rest a little longer and drink plenty of water. If you begin to feel light-headed then cut down your exercise time.
Ryn Y.
There is no answer for such a stupid question. If you're actually fasting according to the definition of fasting you can have water. Energizing enough? Maybe you can fake fast or just not workout and fast at the same time
Celia M.
I think breakfast is important even if you are fasting. I would actually eat before working out. I would have a smoothie, something like lite soy milk, strawberry, blueberry and banana with witbix.