What is a great to-go breakfast?

Nicklas F.
Any fruit with a mix of nuts (around 20g) or a yogurt (as natural as possible, make sure you know the ingredients) with berries.

Heidemarie F.
Great breakfast gives you energy for begginning if the day. It consists of lot of proein, for example eggs, cheese, cottage cheese and somecarbohydrate – banana or slice if bread. Mooties and puddings are great too.

Darren X.
A great to-go breakfast is one that is nutritious and can sustain you throughout the morning. Colour is important so that you can enjoy preparing it. That is if you are taking out from home if it’s takeaway from outside you should get something from a healthy place rather than fast food

Dale T.
I have a large mini cupcake pan. Fill each cup with your choice of filling. I love sausage and kale. Or go the vegetable route with sautéed onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. Once filled about 3/4 of the way pour of well mixed eggs. Sprinkle with cheese and bake at 350 until the egg is no longer wobbly! They are small and easy to eat. Great for kids too!

Kurt U.
Anything with eggs, make sure to throw some greens in there as well. I usually make an omelette and put it on toast with avocado on top.

Aleksandar X.
I have a smoothie, super quick and healthy
1 banana, 1/2 pack of frozen berries or mango (for taste), 1 scoop of hemp protein, a teaspoon of cacao nibs and around 500 ml of almond milk. Sounds complex but takes around 2 mins to make and gives you a complete filling breakfast in a snap of the fingers

Sara P.
Its depend, If I will have breakfast after gym I take greek yogurt ,, If I didnt go to gym morning I cook eggs ,,, Also yogurt with oatmeal is good

H Lo Se Y.
Most mornings I have a protein shake or oats over night. Getting kids to school requires something I can carry with me as I an running around (and preferably not wearing)

Eric S.
Smoothies!! And make sure your aware of what you put in them! They should be filled with energy to get you going. It’s really a great way to get in so much of what you need in the morning, and they are easy to take with you in a bottle on those stressful mornings

Lydia I.
Overnight oats are really good, they're really simple to do, you just put oats in a Mason jar and then put some milk, raisins, whatever you want, and they even put chocolate chips and then close the lid on the Mason jar after putting milk and oats or whatever you want and put it in to the refrigerat, leave it there over night, and in the morning, eat it up, and it's really good for if you're on the go, and if you put in your lunch boxs or something like that, you can eat it for lunch, too. It's really good.

Kim P.
I love breakfast burritos for busy mornings. They can be made ahead on weekends and are easy to eat in the car. I like eggs, mushrooms, onions, & red pepper in a whole wheat tortilla.

Frank J.
Breakfast is the most important to kick start the day.
Hence we require the best things that boost your energy for longer. Egg is a must for sure. Avoiding too sugery stuffs is essential.
Be healthy

Wolfhard C.
I normally try to make make breakfast the night before. I make peanut butter overnight oats which is just oats, milk, and peanut butter. You leave it in the fridge overnight and then you can just grab it and go in the morning.

Loris Z.
I like to start my day with eggs. To make it easy I usually have boiled eggs with everything bagel seasoning on top. I will usually also then have a morning shake or sliced cheese and meat with it as well.

Zack F.
Banana is the easiest one
Boiled eggs with yogurt if there is extra 10 minutes to prepare
Clementine and slice of cheese still good

Armand Q.
Salad, has a lot good nutritions and it’s healthy! Also you can make your own salad pay less for more and eat something what you like 🙂

Mario E.
Cliff bars
Hard boiled egg (you boil several and keep in fridge for when you’re on the go)
Granola and yoghurt

Jeanette S.
I love starting the day with a glass a of warm water and a squeeze of lemon juice, this will kick start your metabolism.

I spread my breakfast variation over the week; the five working days can be anything like:
– peanut butter and honey rye bread sandwich
– multi berry smoothie made with yogurt and coconut milk
– chia seed pudding with fruit slices
– zaatar slices on brown or rye bread with olive oil
On the weekend I have eggs because I have been missing out on Protien for breakfast.

Yasemin X.
Eggs are quick and easy. If I'm really feeling it I'll pop some turkey bacon is the microwave just to have a little extra protein!

Lydia X.

They already come “wrapped” and ready to go.

With a container of water, I also have a bag of mixed seeds, nuts, and dried fruits, consisting of raw unsalted Sunflower seeds, raw unsalted Pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries. In a loose ratio of 2:2:1.

This is the Basic Mix. To this you can vary the dried Fruit, but too much fruit makes this way, sugary.

Cashew nuts (unsalted) adds “creamy-ish” texture and less dry.

Almonds (drier) and Peanuts (creamy, heavy) changes the flavor profile.

Dehydrated Blueberries or anything dehydrated will have limited bag life.

Try unsalted anything.

Not a fan of Granola.

Ramona E.
Oatmeals, oat with yougurt and green apples and cinamon for example.
Or brown bread with smocked turkey slice and lettuce.
Or eggs with spinach or avocado
And you can drink your favorate tea or milk with the meal, or just water

Jens Q.
I would prefer a light breakfast in the morning which would take a short time to prepare. I absolutely love toast with butter or penut butter and banana on top.

Clesisniara S.
A good breakfast includes proteins and slow carbs. Proteins are meat, eggs and milk, but I would also suggest to control fat. Some meat contains more fat than the other. Choose chicken or turkey rather than pork. Avoid ham, sausages and other meat products as they contain too much fat usually. Cereals are also very good choice, but cook them without sugar. Check the whole grain bread – it is much healthier than the white one. Eggs are rich with protein, but the yellow part contains a lot of fat, so if you want to loose weight, control the number of eggs you eat weekly. Vegetables are a good accomplishment to all the above. Avocado, cucumbers, green salad, tomatoes will add color and taste to you breakfast! Enjoy!

Ellen O.
Whole grain cereal for thr guts and greek yogurt for the protein, add dried fruits fot the vitamins and flexseed to feel fullier.

Jackson U.
Over night oats, carrots, and a boiled eggs is my to-go. I grab a coffee cup with a lid, pop my oats, almond milk, brown sugar and put it in the microwave for 2minutes. I cook and bag the eggs the night before. All that's left are the carrots and depending on how you like them cooked you could cook the night before, or eat them raw the day of.
When I'm really pressed on time I'll grab some fruit, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, etc.

Mathilde C.
My favourite is a smoothie bowl. It’s quick, easy and most fruit combinations work so you can literally throw everything in a blender and you’re good to go!

Jonathan C.
I love eating peanut butter on toast and having a banana on the side. It’s a lot of protein to start the day out, good carbs and energy, and some potassium from the banana. It’s also very filling and easy to make!

Laura G.
In the weekend I make a frittata and then take it to work for the week so that I can just grab it in the morning and eat it when I get to work in the morning after working out!!! I just put cherry tomatoes, kumera (sweet potatoe), bacon, feta and obviously egg to keep it all together!!! Broccoli and spinach are also a great thing to chuck in!!!

Christopher Z.
Egg whites mixed with a whole egg, spinach, and a side of oats. I also add honey because I loooooove it, and I take my vitamins.

Carlos O.
A muffin with hot chocolate. My hot chocolate helps me wake up in the morning. And a muffin to help my stomach get full.

Filippa W.
An energy bar and an apple or a banana. And don’t forget the water bottle or a to go mug of tea. Lately I’ve been eating instant oatmeal with some cinnamon. It makes it sweet and cinnamon has a lot of health benefits.

Sybilla O.
I love boiling 2 eggs from cold water 9 minutes, for the last minute I add a tomato and spinach and blanch those , depending on my time I peel the eggs, peel and cut the tomato into quarters and place in the bowl with spinach, a small wedge of butter a small sprinkle salt and chili powder… I place in a lunch box… and leave the eggs in their shells…

Willie U.
At home, a nice fried egg, a chunk of cheese, some fresh berries, and whole wheat toast with tea. On the go, Starbucks egg white egg bites do the trick.

Debra E.
Milk shakes! They are fast and keep you full for a long time. Add 1 cup of your favorite milk, two or three different fruits bananas are the best, peanut butter for some protein or chia seeds, add honey or cinnamon for a sweet tooth and half a cup of oatmeal for that feeling full effect. Blend all together and pour it in your reusable bottle or cup and you are out the door.

Milo T.
First, I make sure my items are clean: pan, spatula, fork, bowl, and a plate. I gather my food items to prep: 4 eggs, half and half, salt, olive oil, tortilla, and sliced/shredded cheese. Then I heat my pan on medium heat while prepping my eggs with half and half and salt and whisking them until they are combined throughly. I come back to the now heated pan pan and add about a tablespoon of olive oil. Coating the pan, I add the eggs and use the spatula to pull the eggs in from the outer edges. Once the eggs are done, I heat the tortilla and cheese in the microwave for 30 seconds and add my now scrambled eggs. I fold the bottom up and then roll the left side into the right side to form a tightly rolled egg burrito. Super fast and you can take it with you without a plate or utensils.

Marcella F.
One hard boiled egg, a handful of nuts of your choice , and an apple sliced and drizzled with a tiny bit of honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Ad Le W.
I have a soft-boil egg machine, which are cheap and awesome, so I do 2 soft boiled eggs and either a piece of toast with a side of fruit or a small bowl of yogurt/granola/fruit.

Javier G.
A smoothie is easy and you can take it to go and you feel healthy (as long as you add a healthy juice without too much sugar in it)

Greg Z.
Scramble eggs is very easy and it takes just few mins to make. A quick healthy smoothie is also a good breakfast option also, add handful of mixed nuts in it.

Jimmy O.
I love scrambled eggs with hot sauce or a tiny sprinkle of cheese cooked in plus a slice of whole grain toast .

Also easy: blend almond milk, berries, a banana, and scoop of either peanut butter or protein powder. I work out and then eat so it’s a great recovery drink.

Gina U.
Eat more protein. I like to have vegan protein powder, peanut butter, banana and soy milk; and one wholemeal bread with avocado

Storm A.
Great question!

My go-to breakfast is simple, quick, and delicious.

The amount of each ingredient should be suited to your specific daily calorie intake.

3 Cage-free free range eggs
1/4 Orange peppers
1/4 Yellow peppers
1/4 Red peppers
1 cup Broccoli
1 cup Spinach
Extra virgin olive oil

1.) Heat 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil in a pan on medium heat
2.) Dice orange, yellow, red peppers
3.) Cut broccoli into small pieces
4.) Put peppers and broccoli into pan.
5.) Add salt, pepper, basil, thyme.
6.) Stir until the colors of the peppers begin looking dull (about 5 minutes)
7.) Add spinach
8.) Add eggs
9.) Continuously stir the contents until the eggs are solid (about 3-5 minutes)
10.) Enjoy your great breakfast!

Hassan O.
I have puffed millet with some raisins, some crasins (dried cranberries) chopped walnuts, some ground flax seed, a few drops of liquid stevia, and some chopped frozen fruit, usually strawberries, cherries, mango, banana or whole blueberries. This is all topped with rice milk, (or almond or coconut milk, slightly watered down.) Make sure to stir a bit to spread the stevia around, and let the fruit defrost while it further chills the milk. Cereal without sugar or artificial sweetener is hard to find in the grocery store.

Leslie F.
Eggs in a coffee cup. Put some whipped cream to make them fluffy and whatever else you like in your eggs. Pop it in the microwave and just watch it rise. Usually a minute. Take a fork to go and it’s quick clean protein. Add egg whites for more.

Janna T.
This has varied for me since the beginning of this process, as I am and was recovering from surgery. Rye bread, with avocado, a boiled plus fruit. On another day I may change the avocado to mackerel fish. All these items have elements of vitamins, omegas and minerals .

Tomothy G.
For me it's oatmeal, the express kind or the overnight oats. You can vary if you want or keep it the same, it's fast in the morning and keeps me fueled until lunch. And I always have the ingredients in the pantry, unlike fresh fruit and such 🙂

Sandro E.
Yogurt and fruit is super easy to make if you're rushed in the morning or an easy make-ahead. I'm not the healthiest eater so I pack my 0% fat Greek yogurt with as many fruits as I can stand (blueberries, bananas, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries) and add things like matcha powder, maca powder, turmeric, chia seeds, nuts, and/or granola. You can also easily turn a yogurt bowl into a smoothie so this is a super easy, flexible, and customizable breakfast.

Friedemann X.
Mine is definitely oatmeal! I make it with coarse oats (much quicker with the fine type, though- but i prefer the added texture), top it with peanut butter, sunflower seeds and raisins. It’s great for your body and keeps you full for hours.

Byron Z.
A great to-go breakfast would be a granola bar that's not filled with additives or artificial sweeteners, look for something sweetened with honey or agave…stevia works great too. Also make sure is filled with lots of whole grains and nuts for protein. Another good alternative is a smoothie with a bit of protein powder so that it sustain you longer. I go for nondairy protein powders as they are better for me personslly however a whey protein could also work fine.

Charly E.
1 Egg with bread and eventually sausages
1 Apple
1 banana
1 bowl of cereals with avena or rice milk
1 cup of coffee
1 glass of orange juice

Slobodan U.
I really like my smoothies. Not to sweet, sits nicely in the stomach for a while. And you can mix and match on the berries, fats, and nuts. For instance, this morning I did pecans (1/4 cup), 1 avocado, 3 tablespoons cream cheese, 2 tablespoons 100% cacao unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 cup raspberries, 1 and a half cups almond milk, and xylitol sweetener for a hint of sweet.

Nelson O.
I dont know what it is in English, so Czech🇨🇿⬇️
Ovesná kaše, mléko nebo voda. Oříšky, kokos, chia seminka, ovoce- banán a Jablko. Nekdy přidávám i skořici.

Ida P.
I always like oatmeal. It takes 90 seconds to make and never hurts my belly. I can usually comfortably eat 4 packets, which is kinda a large portion.

Deusdedito O.
1) 1 Banana & 1 hard boiled egg
2) Overnight oats with apple, banana and pumpkin spice mix in a one portion container
3) leftover frittata wrapped in lettuce leaf or whole wheat tortilla

Gerti Z.
I love to make smoothies filled with fruits and some nuts cause it's very filling and keeps me going until my snack. I also do a lot of refrigerated oats or yogurt with fruit and omelettes

Areusa P.
Wake up earlier, have 3 strips of turkey bacon and 1 or 2 hash browns depending on how long you have to wait until lunch.

Candice Y.
A great breakfast is a healthy meal that will satisfy you for atleast 2 hours. For me it is a portion of yoghurt with granola, a glass of water and a cup of coffee.

Tristan P.
I eat a fold over peanut butter sandwich. I have never been a breakfast eater. This fills me up. The protein gives me energy. A large cup of hot tea goes well with this. I may start adding a boiled egg or half an apple.

Joe F.
You can prepare over night oats in milk. It literally just take 2 mins to prepare. Just put oats add milk and voila. It's done. And it's full of healthy carbs.
Over that have two boiled eggs. If not then have two half fried eggs with toast bread.

Cathy Z.
Yogurt, fried eggs and a sandwich of peanut butter with/or jam, preferably with a cup of some hot liquid (tea, coffee or milk). The fruit (apples, pears, dices of watermelon, melon, etc.) can be taken to eat while on the trip to work. This is my fastest combination, the fried eggs are the quickest to prepare and the yogurt is already prepared, so the longest piece will be the time to put the water or milk to boil. Of course, with more time the combinations will be different.

Marivana P.
I’m usually in a rush in the mornings, so my favorite breakfasts have to be fast. I love oatmeal, either in a mason jar that I prepared the night before, or plain instant oatmeal (flavored ones have A LOT of sugar) that I add some fruit and nuts to. I also always have a container of Greek yogurt on hand for a quick, high protein breakfast 🙂

Corey J.
A great to-go breakfast is anything but junk food and simple carb stuff. Take fruits and nuts and you can eat them while walking to the bus station!

Georgia T.
Baked oatmeal! I do them in muffin tins so they’re easy to freeze and reheat. My current favorite flavor is peachy ginger with a touch of real maple syrup.

Zuleica G.
I found that I really enjoy opening my day with an apple, a cup of yoghurt and a glass of orange juice. The vitamins keep me concentrated and the healthy sugars in the fruits keep me energized. I usually eat the apple before a 20min walk and ater it I return to the juice and yoghurt but obviousely they dont need to be separated.

Nathan N.
Well, these days I have been having healthy breakfast, and the being conscious about it being healthy was the greatest part. I have starded my day with banana and a spoon of peanut butter.

Thiago Z.
2/3 cup egg whites, 2 whole eggs, a big handful of spinach and 1/2 cup of oats with chia seeds. A little salt and hot sauce on the eggs and a little honey on the oats. Super fast and super fabulous.

Rodrigo Q.
Kaygana, a light snack originating from the Black Sea region in Turkey, which consists of eggs, peppermint, parsley, flour, and water.

Bernadete Z.
A Milkshake or a smoothie and a mix of nuts, along with a small sandwich made the night before with avocado and other veggies or even omelet (or whatever you like and it's healthy) and a fruit as desert.

Grazyna R.
When I haven’t prepared ahead of time, I like to grab a low sugar protein bar and an apple. Or take the apple with me and grab a small dry cappuccino and sous vide eggs from Starbucks to go with it.
If I’ve prepared ahead of time , I often will take a bowl of reheated steel cut oatmeal in the car with me.