What is the best way to prepare eggs when you don’t have a lot of time?

Katie A.
If you can remember to make them ahead of time, hard-boiled eggs are great and store pretty well! But if you're like me and never really prepare, my favorite are eggs over easy. Just pour a teaspoon or so of oil in a pan and put the heat on high. Then once it's hot, lower the temperature to medium-low, wait a second so you don't get oil exploding at you, and crack your egg(s) in the pan. (When you're just starting out, it's easier to do them one at a time.) Once the whites all solidify and the yolk looks less wet, take a spatula and gently flip it over. If it's a little sticky, lift up the edges with the spatula before flipping. Sprinkle your choice of seasonings now (my favorite is paprika and a little bit of sea salt). After around a minute (less for runny yolk, a little more for firm) gently slide the egg onto the English muffin or toast you had toasting while cooking. Add fresh herbs like parsley if you so desire. Clean the pan and spatula, grab some orange juice, and enjoy! I hope you find this helpful 🙂
Nika X.
I suppose just boiling it would be the easiest as you can set a timer while you do your other things and when it finishes you can eat your healthy breakfast quickly :))
Alex P.
I fry mine. I used to think this took forever, but simply getting into a routine of waking up earlier gave me much more time to relax, and not rush. Doing this every day now seems to make the process of cooking the eggs fly by and I can sit and enjoy with my audiobook.
Camila G.
I put two eggs in a bowl and I stir with a fork then I put the eggs in a pan over medium heat and stir it with diced ham and that's it!
Jordyn Z.
I think fried eggs are the best for less time. You cook it, season it, and you put it on a sandwich or eat it by itself.
Ris N.
So a quick fry depending on how u have your eggs. Non stick pan with little oil or butter which warms up quickly. Alternatively open ip hot water from the tap fill up a small pot and boil the eggs or if you have a egg maker then that's quick. If you are an instant meal consumer then you can use the microwave. But nonetheless a well cooked egg is worth waiting for.
L Andro S.
I choose to do scramble eggs. Because it doesn’t take longer than 10mins. I have done this regularly as it’s quicker for me and it’s enjoyable.
Everett T.
OK, little bit butter on pan, 2 eggs beated with wisk of salt, 4 tbsp milk, 2 palm full of Parsley and feta cheese. Awesome omlet <3