What are other breakfast ideas?

Bejan X.
Fast but really good for a successful morning : eggs / a fruit w some nuts / oatmeal/ fluffy omelette / tomatoes with curd or cheese ,but not yellow cheese bcz that's fake unless is pressed cheese . Real good curd must be white and soft/ bread with butter and jelly- grandma recipe :)))
Michael Q.
I like to prepare a bowl of yogurt with seeds (linen, chia, sunflower, hemp, etc and I mix 2 of these each time alternating combinations) which I grind, walnuts and fruit (usually blueberries)
Iwan B.
I usually eat oats for breakfast. So there are many ways to make them all of the recipes I make contain fruit milk/yoghurt and nuts. But one can also eat eggs and vegetables… There are many many options.
Nermin R.
I usually drink tea and eat a cheese tapioca. Sometimes I make bread or a cake on the night before, so I eat them with peanut butter and jam. Eventually I replace the tea with coffee, but I don't much like the effects of caffeine on my body. When I'm on a rush, I eat cereal with milk.
Victor N.
You could have avocado toast, egg whites, omelets, pancakes with your choice of fruit, and so many more I can’t list them all 😉
Kei X.
•Yogurt parfait (yogurt, cereal, and fruit)
•Hard boiled egg and bacon with banana
•Toast with almond butter, jam, and banana slices
•Avocado toast with fried egg, tomato, and green onion
•Smoked salmon and cream cheese on bagel
•apple butter on toast with banana slices, walnuts, and honey drizzle
Tom F.
Eggs with turmeric.
Cheese and Carrots.
Yoghurt with peanut butter and a few berries.
Fried eggs and a salad with olive oil.
Tin of sardines with lemon and salt on top.
Almond flour crepes.
All delicious and low carb!
Henriette U.
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Nang J.
Hard boiled eggs, rolled oats with milk and nuts, banana smoothie with yogurt, garlic spread toasted bread, fruits juice with mint leaves
Asta C.
Overnight oats and chia puddings work well for me. I can pre plan and organise everything so all I have to do in the morning is eat😁
Tilde W.
Get some frozen vegetables and fruit. It'll help cut down time and there many things you can do with them. For frozen fruits, make a smoothie bowl or a straight smoothie. For frozen vegetables, eat them as a side or mix them in with some eggs.
Gabe S.
As an asian rice is everything. Rice is a good source of protein. It's literally our fuel on our everyday lives. Even if we eat other breakfast meal, we will always look for rice.