I don’t like eating the same breakfast every morning. How can I plan a week’s worth of easy, delicious and healthy breakfasts?

Catelyn Q.
Just start simple.
I like to take a banana and some almond butter or peanut butter and have it with some chocolate chips. Or instant oatmeal with blueberries and a banana.
Don’t go all out at first just keep it straight and simple. You can even make thinks the night before and get it out in the morning. Get a bunch of things for a smoothie and put them in a cup and and then in the morning blend them. Boom. Breakfast. Not as hard as you think.
Erin T.
First, make a timetable which simply has each day of the week so you can write next to it a list of breakfasts.

Make sure your breakfast choices don’t go to waste – make sure they are high in protein/fibre/vitamins for that morning boost!

Here is a plan I made for you (same to what I eat!)

Monday: protein yoghurt & 50g granola (high in fibre) with fruit such as strawberries or blueberries

Tuesday: 3 scrambled eggs (high in protein) & baked beans (high in protein & fibre

Wednesday: oatmeal & fruits such as bananas, raisins, strawberries, apples & I recommend adding a small portion of nuts (high in protein!) or sprinkle some granola granules for crunch

Thursday: low cal tortilla wrap, 2 sausages (protein & cook in airfryer or oven with no added oil or a tiny bit), 2 fried eggs (protein), lettuce, mayo or fav sauce, or coleslaw

Friday: protein yogurt & mixed fruit

Saturday: egg omelette with sweetcorn, spinach, bits of salami & peas with baked beans on the side

Sunday: protein pancakes (YouTube up the recipe!) with fruits on the side

Erica C.
My perfect Vegetarian breakfast’s

Sunday – Omelette, Salad One slice of toast (at a restaurant)

Monday – Oatmeal with Torani sugar free syrup, banana (sometimes toast (no butter)

Tuesday – Homemade scrambled egg taco (steamed tortilla in microwave zip lock bag), salsa

Wednesday – Hard boiled eggs, cheese and crackers, berries

Thursday – repeat one of the above

Friday – Homemade granola bars or muffins, Chobani Greek sugar-free yogurt, banana

Saturday – Pancakes, waffles or French toast, eggs and lots of butter & ayrup