Do you have any other fabulous breakfast ideas other than eggs ?

R Mi Y.
Depends on where you live and the type of foods commonly available in your location. Whatever the food choice may be, take more proteins and a balanced of starch/glucose. For example, where I'm from, groundnuts flour and sweet potatoes are mixed which makes a good combination of protein and starch together tea.

Maize flour porridge is also common where I'm from. The maize flour is initially mixed with soybean flour and/or rice and beans powder.

Leonore O.
I prefer to make smoothies using prepared frozen berries and fruits from the freezer if I’m in a rush in the morning. It can provide a lot of variety and especially during summer is a quick and easy meal 🙂

Demilde Q.
While proteins such as eggs are really good to have in the morning, we get most of our energy from carbohydrates. I recommend high-fiber toast or cereals and some small fruit, such as an apple.

James Y.
Maybe healthy whole grain cereal like bran flakes or weetabix? Honestly anything is good though don’t worry to much about it being healthy for now just making sure that u have breakfast is the most Important thing!

Christoffer Z.
1part ea: egg, cottage cheese, oats in a blender. Pour into waffle iron. Cook a little longer than the auto setting. Eat with strawberries or sugar free syrup.