What are your go to, easy breakfast options? I hate reading the same thing every day and don’t want to prepare an elaborate meal every morning.

Christina Q.
Eggs. Any type of egg recipes is very valuable for my morning. Also, Kiwis, Peaches, Pineapples, and Berries are also essential.
Silje Z.
I love something small on most mornings like an apple with some kind of nut butter, yogurt and muesli, chia seed pudding delicious and is made the night before. Overnight oats are also really yum and are made the night before. For something warm porridge is easy just chuck some oats on the stove or you can use the microwave packets. Baked beans on toast is also simple and filling. If you are feeling fancy or want a treat just buy some premade pain au chocolats or croissants from a bakery or the supermarket and chuck them in the oven for like 20 mins while you get ready and you have a delicious instant brekkie. Hope this helped!!!
Samanta S.
Torn oatmeal pancakes – half a cup of oats, quarter of milk and one egg, just put on a pan (on butter) and it's done in 5 minutes – both sides, it will tear apart but that's ok, add banana, peanut butter, honey and enjoy šŸ™‚