What should I do if I don’t feel like eating in the morning?

Rasmus Z.
Listen to your body. Don’t force a meal into your body. But think about why your body is telling you not to eat. Maybe it’s just stress. Having a small meal like a banana might help the body have enough energy to relieve the stress.
Noam E.
Eat something small or if possible take your breakfast with you to eat it a while later (works good with apples for example). And maybe it can help to have food that you enjoy eating
Amy J.
It is perfectly fine to skip eating in the morning if you are not hungry. For example, I practice intermittent fasting, and so I do not eat my breakfast until noon or later.
Noemi P.
I know it doesn't sound good but you should force yourself to eat even a little cookie, just to start the day with the proper energy!
Ricky J.
Try to start preparing something of your preference, at least a juice or slice a fruit, or a toast. You can also try to get out fir a walk, call someone you know, or play some music to distract your mind and allow your body to smell, to start moving, even if it is a little bite, it,ll help. Remember your body needs you to take care of it.
Oscar Y.
I should find a way to eat something healthy as soon as I can and ensure I have an early lunch. I should also drinks loads of water to ensure I am hydrated.
I should not skip breakfast and so make it a habit
Alexander P.
Hi! I’m responding because I experience the same thing. I’m never really that hungry in the mornings. The solution I’ve found is to make fruit smoothies because not only are they a healthy way to start the day but you also won’t feel like you’ve just eaten a heavy breakfast. I hope this helps 🙂
Katarina F.
I used to feel so too- start with small stuff- make a smoothie out of your favourite fruits or buy breakfast to go from your fav place – soon you realise just how much you need breakfast!
Giani Z.
Start by having a handful of cashews or an apple or a glass of juice. Then make sure to eat less at dinner to increase your morning appetite
Eveline Q.
Then dont if you are just going to be home all day or at least till the morning then you dont have to you dont have to force yourself to eat that is actually really bad for you but you should maybe have a little snack like a Cearl bar or something and then eat at a big lunch! Have an amazing day!!!