How can you stay healthy while travelling?

Micheal A.
By eating fruits and vegetables, by drinking lots of water and by doing some exercises will either on the aeroplane or while your on the sofa.
Harm Y.
Well… I'm a guy… But I would imagine just lifting some arm weights for the day and doing some yoga could be good enough for period times. Of course if you don't bleed all that heavy or don't hurt much then you could try going for a light jog or speed walk too.
Susan C.
I try to keep active by walking and exploring local areas I am staying it. I pick the health options and usually have a supply of fruit in my bad. But I also try not to be too hard on myself as when you are having to get things on the go the healthiest options are not always available to me.
Edilaine A.
It is not easy, sometimes with healthy sandwiches or oatmeal bars with coffee and banana. There is sometimes not healthy cookies. But I try to the most on my own.
Naomi Z.
Keep hydrated by drinking enough water or tea, eat well and eat of off the land depending where you are and make sure to get enough sun and fresh air.
Karena Y.
I will stick to the basics. Start the day with hydration. Find a healthy breakfast meal where I'm staying or at a nearby cafe. Do a bit of exercise in my room early in the morning (I always carry a travel hoop with me and it's great for fitness.
Ava J.
I take things that are already prepared of something I can eat while I'm driving or walking to work …. Like bananas , apples …. Or simply I prepare my breakfast at night and in the morning I waked up earlier a little bit 10 min just to enjoy my breakfast 🍳
Daniel G.
Keep any and all healthy routines that you can so your body can adjust to a different environment easily, and always drink bottled water if possible.
Ainhoa Q.
I will take with me my food. Some salad, some nuts, banana. It is important for me not to be hungry, because in that case i would eat anything just to feel better.
Corinna F.
Workouts early morning in your hotel room or running/jogging outside. Using stairs and walking distances. After returning to your room in evenings too, just 30 mins of any kind of workout would do.
For eating, you can find eggs and chicken anywhere and you can even carry your protein bars.
Josefine G.
I recommend not traveling right now, unless you want to put yourself and other at risk. That would be selfish and not obeying the government as well. Please just stay home.