What gives you motivation?

Barbara N.
I have learned, through my deep-dive into mental health and procrastination, that motivation is not something you wait for to begin a task; it begins when you start. I find listening to a relevant podcast or audio book whilst carrying out the task really does help. I have a subscription to Blinkist and also listen to several podcasts – for housework, for example, I love Clutterbug – and she has a YouTube channel too. I've decluttered my kitchen listening to her. Another trick I use is to listen to my playlists on Spotify and, every time the ads come on, I get up and declutter one item from my lounge and put it where it's meant to be. I get to listen to my playlists guilt free and my lounge floor ends up clear without any effort – in fact it turns into a game to put the item where it's meant to be and get back to my seat before the next song starts