What’s your easy to-go recipes for breakfast?

Timeea E.
tuna tortilla : tortilla, tuna seasoned with salt and peper, a squeeze of lemon, fresh spinach, some cherry tomatoes, another pinch o salt, and sometimes i add cucumber. it’s tasty, fresh, and quick.

Leslie N.
Well I make some bacon , while it’s cooking I cut up some tortillas and put them in a pan with oil, as they are getting toasted I whip some eggs with salt and garlic seasoning, once ready I mix it with my tortillas. Once I’m ready to eat I mix some fiber with water to complete my meal!

Barb J.
Corn beef hash and shredded hashbrowns. Fry up in a pan with some salt and pepper maybe even some bacon bits and some cheese . Yummy yummy

Corey P.
My easy recipes for the morning are usually cereal and fruit or 2 eggo waffles with strawberries. I also like to have a coffee for some energy or some water for some hydration 🙂

Nimo O.
I like to have peanut butter with fruit! Apples or bananas are nice. Instant oatmeal is another easy thing, as well as eggs on toast; and you can have them scrambled, fried, over easy, you name it. Maybe put some avocado with the egg and toast too.

Anselm X.
I like to make overnight oats! It's something that can be prepared easily the night before. My recipe is very "eyeball the proportions and hope for the best", but I like to do about 2:3 portions milk to oats. Then about a half of a cup of protein powder and a tablespoon of a sweetener (molasses or honey, typically). And finally the next morning I can select my toppings, usually frozen fruit for me. It's my favorite and gets me through the first several hours of my day!