Is it a crime to drink coffee without sugar after a breakfast? I’m too used to it.

Marian Y.
I don’t see how it could be a crime if you do not have very high blood pressure. Coffee has antioxidants and is pretty gentle compared to diet stimulants. It depends to on what you are using as a creamer too. Artificial creamers are really full of junk. Real dairy is fine so long as you are not sensitive to it and the calories fit with in your calorie budget/macros.
Juergen J.
No, it's not a crime. You should do things that make you happy. But if you want to quit, you could skip it sometimes or just put less sugar than usual.
Alison E.
I wouldnt consider it a crime. Why would it be? Being healthy is about being mindful and listening to our bodies. I think the best strategy in all things is to find golden mean.
X Nia B.
Well I have. a cup of coffee with breakfast and a big bottle of water but I've been sugar free for. Years drink your coffee be happy with your choice if you wish to stop make it a part of your habits
Teresa S.
To be honest, caffeine is another form of addiction and relying on another thing or substance to drive your day will not benefit you in the long run. I was addicted to coffee when I started working and have been telling myself I need coffee to start off right. However that addiction cost me a lot, I felt more lethargic at the end of the day and I was experiencing severe migraine when I don’t drink my coffee by a certain time in the morning. At some point it didn’t become an enjoyment anymore, it was slowly decreasing my quality of life. Now I rely on good breakfast for the past 6 months and I will say it’s been great 6 months of caffeine free life. Not to say that I don’t drink coffee AT ALL, but I definitely don’t feel the urge or desire to drink it everyday. I may indulge in a cup when I sit with friends at a coffee shop.
Adalbert U.
I don't think so; it would be if that coffee was the first of like four in a day. If you want to take less caffeine while enjoying your coffee you could try decaf or espresso. P.S. stick to organic and fair trade beans 😀
Lourival C.
Not at all, I don't see why not? Perhaps switch it to black tea (earl grey, english breakfast). It will give you the same energy boost as coffee, but it is much better for digestion, and it is an enjoyable after-meal infusion. I feel much better after doing the switch (I'll still grab a cup of joe every other morning just after my glasses of water with a hint of apple cider juice, a fruit, more water, then my americano style cup of joe, and then breakfast. It is very enjoyable and smooths out your pace).
Adelinde F.
Don’t deny yourself small pleasures or your motivation will wane. Feel better about drinking that coffee now because it’s now combined with additional healthy choices.
Lya Z.
I don’t think it’s a crime to drink coffee esp if it’s black coffee with no sugar. Actually there is a lot of research out there that states coffee is good for us and for weight loss. Do what ever works for you as long as you are consistent
Nadja F.
Drinking coffee is never a crime. Without sugar is one step closer so give yourself a well-done for that!! Maybe next time try decaf 🙂
Stella E.
No, not really… I participated on a physical contest some time ago, and drinking sugarless coffee was one of the bases for my weight management program.

Actually it's a good practice that should help you live a healthier life.

Obviously there are the ones that skip coffee totally. Guess that's the healthyest option there. But If you love coffee I guess that's the best way to consume it.

Now you got me thinking about getting back into that practice too! 💪🏽 Hhahahah Thanks for asking!

Terrence U.
No way. Coffee consumption is personal—no sugar, two creams, double espresso, soy cappuccino, oat latte… there is variety because people are different. As long as you handle the caffeine well and it doesn’t affect your health, go for it.
Yann Y.
I think it is not bad; coffee if you drink it moderately it can help you feel more active and awake, and if you drink it without sugar is perfect!
Roger T.
No it is not. Quite the opposite. Try some light roasted coffees, instead of dark Italian roasted, they taste rather more fruity and sour, than bitter. In a longer drink like cappuccinos or lattes you won't need sugar at all and you can also enjoy the real taste of a good coffee and not the sugar.
Zbigniew X.
I drink coffee without sugar every morning, because I don’t like sweet coffee, and coffee gives me energy. I don’t think it is a crime
Ravi Q.
Sugarless coffee after breakfast is not a crime . Just be sure to space them a little apart. I would drink water while eating your breakfast so that the coffe doesn’t make you fuller and hungry before lunch time .
Esther E.
No its not a crime. But Some days you could drink a cup of tea instead or just Some water. Then in time get use to drink less coffee. And find that you dont have to, but only drink it when you want to.
Paul J.
I’d say no, but that’s my opinion. I do know that I limit my caffeine. I also like hot tea. Your best advice will come from your doctor.
Anna E.
According to a Dutch academic study: after waking up, wait one hour to drink your first cup. Drink no more than fout cups a day. No suger = no sugar bomb = excellent!
Mabel O.
Wow, where I come from, it's a crime to not drink a coffee after breakfast. How can you not drink coffee after breakfast? Drinking coffee in the morning is like turning the engine on in your car! No drink your coffee!
R Mi Z.
It’s not a crime, but it’s unhealthy. First of all, most people’s breakfast are sugary enough. Coffee just adds more sugar for the day. Eat a healthy breakfast with an apple. Apples energize your day better than how coffee does.
Iv Nia Z.
I drink coffee with no sugar every day along with my breakfast. I love the taste and it makes me feel fueled all day long. I don’t think it’s a crime, it’s one of your habits, and if it’s not harmful, you don’t have to worry! Hugs and kisses!
Selma G.
No its not a crime, in fact its much better that way without the sugar. We all need a little extra boost in the morning and that’s absolutely fine.
Luize Q.
Coffee is my comfort food. I have it at breakfast and again later in the day. I don’t put sugar in it but that’s just because I don’t like sugar in my coffee. And if I don’t want the caffeine I just have decaf. There isn’t anything wrong with drinking coffee. It’s yummy!
Aaron E.
No, as I know coffee without sugar is free in most of diet plans. Further, caffeine increases your energy in the morning.
George J.
Maybe you could ease yourself into a routine by only having coffee 5 or 6 times a week and gradually go down from there every few weeks. This gets your body used to a new change. It will make you feel great!
Alberte B.
I wouldn't say it's a crime, it's more like a very addictive habit. I'm not much of a coffee drinker myself but I don't see the harm in one cup of coffee after breakfast, just make sure you eat a healthy breakfast and drink your cup of water before breakfast. That's my thoughts and opinion.
Andre R.
A cup or two of coffee in the morning is completely fine, even if you do add a little sugar, unless you are very sensitive to caffeine or sugar.
Vitaliano A.
I admire people who enjoy the real taste of coffee, and not the taste of sugar with coffee!
And I recently learned to be one of those! 🤗
Jennie J.
It is not a crime at all. I’d consider asking myself why am I addixted to coffee? Sometimes the coffee addiction is our mind’s way of compensating for something else the body needs. I am not a coffee drinker and I know that dandelion tea has a similar bitterness to coffee without the addictive capabilities. I drink this tea for its detox abilities and think it tastes like coffee.
I also get Vaidya’s cup ( Google ) which is an excellent Ayurvedic substitute for coffee.

I hope this helps

Amorim T.
I think caffeine isn't very good for your brain, nerves and heart. And so is the abrupt removal of it when you are used to it. I'd recommend reducing every morning the amount of coffee in your cup, and then replacing it with decaf and then with juice.
Alison E.
Absolutely not. It’s healthier and it will caffeinate you without giving you the sugar crash a few minutes later. It may be hard at first but you’ll get used to it with time! (I made this change years ago)
Wanda E.
Drinking coffee head good and bad outcomes. Now, if you're trying to avoid caffeine, why not trying any of the new coffee free alternatives had to offer? I tried "Teecchino" (made it of chicory roots and some other ingredients) and not only it tastes like coffee, but it also gives me energy! Without the anxiety side effect
Louisa P.
I would say no, but I am also a coffee addict. I have two cups in the morning before work, then another cup black when I get in the office to start my workday.
Aubrey T.
Don't get me wrong; but it is very good to drink your coffee without sugar. And if you enjoy coffee it's okay. Just make sure it's not necassery to drink it
Woldemar S.
Don’t know, but I’m doing it every morning – coffee is my love, so I can’t imagine the morning without double espresso 🙂
Jonathan Q.
I don't see the harm. Plus, coffee is a green food, meaning that you have green light to go for it with no guilt whatsoever. Just don't drink it before going to bed, as it might make it hard to fall asleep.
Yasmim P.
I don’t think it’s a crime to have a second cup of coffee after breakfast. But I also don’t think it’s the best beverage. Personaly, I drink a cup of joe every morning to wake up. So I get it. I love the smell, the warmth and the taste of a fresh cup while I sit and think to wake up. But I did read somewhere that coffee dehydrates the body and it blocks the absorption of iron. Iron is important to me since I can be anemic if I eat mindlessly. Furthermore, I recently learned that too much caffeine may contribute to depression. So I’ve replaced my second cup of coffee with water. I feel better knowing that water helps my body run smoothly and is beneficial to my organs, my brain, and my skin. Water is amazing!!! So I took the best parts of coffee and replaced it with aromatic tea at night as part of my wind down routine. Anyway, I know that’s a long answer but I hope it helps you with your question. I also hope you’re inspired to ditch the second cup of joe. 🙂 Good luck!
Toni S.
Yes me I Think it will inoavr negatively you health. If you drink coffee without sugar that mean you are addicted. So stop it
Sesinando Q.
I don't think it should be problem unless you feel it's affecting your quality of life or productivity or happiness or something. Too much of anything can be bad, and caffeine can be addictive, but when consumed in moderation, there are studies that show that it is actually beneficial to your mental and physical health. The sugar part depends entirely on your unique physiology and dietary needs, but again the human body needs a certain amount of sugar to be healthy.
I will say though that black coffee isnt really great for you liver and stomach lining if consumed frequently, especially every day.
Elise O.
200ml (a little less than 7 US cups) does not impact hydration. Go for it!

Kelya C.
The crime would be to not enjoy anything related to food & feeding yourself. Whichever way one likes their coffee is the right way. What matters should be the balance in all usage of any type of food, to not eat anything in excess.