I don’t feel hungry in the morning and making/eating breakfast feels like a chore. Is there anything you do that helps you feel hunger in the morning?

Paul B.
I eat a light dinner with mostly vegetables and stop when I'm still a little but hungry. Drink a glass of water before bed to feel full. I wake up hungry and wait to drink coffee until I have eaten. Coffee first thing kills my appetite.
Melinda W.
Sounds relatable, don’t we all feel that way come morning? Try something easy at first like cereal or quick oats, the body needs fuel after a long slumber. Even if I’m not extremely hungry I still manage to get a few bites of a granola bar or a banana. Around mid morning my appetite comes like clockwork. It’s all about giving your body proper nutrition.
Rebecca T.
Try to stop eating sooner in the day the night before. Give your body time to completely digest that food while you sleep by giving it a few extra hours to fast. You can also try to complete a workout in the morning, so that after you’ll have a small appetite (or maybe a lot!).
Diane Y.
No, but I always try to eat at least something before leaving home. If you're not feeling hungry, try to at least eat something even if it's not much, like a piece of fruit.
C Lia N.
Only eat when you're hungry, don't force it. If you're into keto, you can make "bulletproof" coffee or put heavy whipping cream into your coffee to get in your fats without eating a ton. Or you can make some "fat bombs" or smoothies to get dome concentrated fats, proteins, and vitamins.
Gorete Q.
I've been there, mostly it happens when there's little to none physical activity in my day. So I started going on walks in the morning for about an hour, it really helps to start the day with a fresh mindset, as well as it makes me feel hungry. If you don't feel like going out, try a workout session for half an hour after you wake up. It will definitely help you feel hungry and then you can eat and reward yourself! This way, you'll be able to have a healthy workout and a great breakfast too, it's a win-win 🙂
Kirk E.
I understand the feeling. For years I wouldn’t eat breakfast because I wasn’t hungry. It wasn’t until I got pregnant and had gestational diabetes that I was forced to eat breakfast. I found I had more energy in the morning. The habit has stuck and I can’t go through the day without starting off without having my breakfast.
Marcus N.
On mornings that I am not particularly hungry, I’ll drink a big glass of water and eat something really small. That usually gets my appetite going and about 30 minutes to an hour later, I’ll be hungry enough for more breakfast.
Candice G.
I use to be like that all the time and to this day I still am occasionally. I am not sure why I am hungry some mornings and some mornings I am not – maybe
it has something to do with how active I have been the day before. I just know that when I don’t feel hungry I will wait a little while before I eat breakfast. I don’t force myself to eat and often times just a little something at breakfast goes a long way, especially if it is a protein with a whole grain.
Filippa F.
I dont have advice on feeling hungry, but breakfast is an important meal. Instant grits is a good breakfast. All you have to do is pour boiling water over and mix. You can even add greens and a fried egg for embellishment.
Timeo Y.
I don’t get hungry in the morning either so I don’t try to force it. I try to keep it really simple. I’ll usually start off with an apple and then have a banana a little later, usually late morning. As my morning exercise increases, I’ll add a little protein like a hard boiled egg or some almonds. I try to stick with whole, natural foods.
Bayram J.
I had the same issue with breakfast for a long time. The problem I found was that I wasn’t allowing myself enough time to carry out a full morning routine, pretty much just getting up, ready for work and straight out the door feeling tired and cranky.

These days, I don’t tend to eat anything significant past 9pm the night before, as you’re not generally active enough in the evening to burn it off and won’t wake up feeling hungry for breakfast. I also set an alarm for an hour before I plan to go out the door for work, which gives me enough time to carry out a morning routine.

I exercise before breakfast, which usually makes me pretty hungry/keen to re-energise. As for breakfast itself, I either make things which can be prepared the night before (Joe Wicks has a few recipes for overnight oats and quinoa) so that breakfast prep isn’t a burden or make sure all the ingredients I’m planning to use are easily accessible, to make the process of making my breakfast as easy as possible.

I suppose another way of approaching it is to ask yourself why breakfast seems like a chore and why you’re not hungry. Find your answers and you can start implementing changes to your life that will remove these hurdles from the equation.

Leslie Y.
start by drinking water, it require a very small offer and you feel a bit more awake.
something sweet, a piece of dried fruit, a small fruit, not an orange, it’s too much. your stomach starts waking up.
a slice of bread, ehole grain, not white, with some butter and a slice of cheese. eat slowly, chew well, it’s important for the body to realize there is food comming in. Something to drink, a cup of tea.
breakfast is not for the hunger in, it’s to get the system started.
Matthew T.
Great question! Try to avoid eating after 7pm or so, and stay stocked up on easy, healthy foods for breakfast. Fruit, nuts, oatmeal, etc. Also, don’t feel obligated to eat three full meals every day. Eat smaller portions when you’re hungry.
Nanna W.
Eat dinner earlier in the evening, or have a larger lunch and skip dinner altogether. You will sleep better if you’re not digesting food and you’ll be ready to eat when you wake up in the morning.
Max T.
I don't cook in the morning, but rather eat quick snacks like leftover dinner or dried fruit or nuts. I only eat 'cause I know I'll get hungry if I don't and I'm too lazy to pack lunch;)
Rosalyn E.
I try to arrange my meals around exercise. When I wake up, I like to eat one fruit, typically a banana to give me some energy. After my run/ strength training, I eat a ”recovery” breakfast, typically some oatmeal, a handfull of nuts and a plain protein drink.
Madate C.
Just eat a single slice of whole wheat bread or toast it. Drink 12 Oz of water with it. So this within 30 minutes of waking up. Take a vitamin with it.
Noah P.
Generally speaking having a small dinner is good to be hungry in the morning (and is also kinda healthy).
But if you are not used to have breakfast it’s quite normal not to feel the urge of eating when you wake up. Personally speaking I got the habit since always but a good advice is to:
1) wake up a little earlier, maybe take a shower or get ready to go out, it will make you hungrier, because you give your stomach the time to wake up
2) drink some water as soon as you wake up, it’s good and opens the stomach
3) start small, you don’t need a huge breakfast, start with some fruit and coffe or tea and maybe some buiscuits or anyways something small and easy to partition to eat, if you don’t exaggerate and go incrementally you won’t feel sick and in time you’ll get the habit, then you can move to whatever you feel like eating
4)breakfast should make you happy! Personally I take it as a time to myself before dealing with the world, a quiet moment between sleeping and doing things and worrying about my day, so at night I can’t wait to have breakfast on the morning, especially if I have something good to eat!
These advices come from my personal experience and of course everyone is different, shape your breakfast according to your habit and don’t put too much pressure on it c:
Good luck!
Jen A.
I can't eat very early, so I eat at a later hour. I make a sandwich if needed. Usually a cup of coffee gets my system going.
Making breakfast is less of a chore if I don't have to make any big decisions about it. That's why I eat practicaly the same meal every morning, with small variations (different cheese, for example) so as not to get bored.
C Lsio E.
According to health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/natural-medicine/home-remedies/home-remedies-for-poor-appetite.htm here are 7 suggestions. The first suggestions that bitter greens stimulate digestion. These are the things you would find in a fancy restaurant salad such as arugula, radicchio, collards, kale, endives, escarole, mizuna, sorrel, dandelions, watercress, and red/ green mustard. You can use these in egg dishes like quiche, omlets, savory custards; soups; salads; potato or sweet potato salads; grains like rice, farro, quinoa, wheat berry and bulgur; toppings on pizza and flat breads; great with bacon, prosciutto, sausage and meats; and beans dishes. Here is a simple recipe using dandelion greens https://eatingrules.com/dandelion-greens-with-lemon-and-olive-oil/

The second suggestion is to drink plenty of water. The five remaining suggestions are spices. Use caraway, cayenne, fennel, ginger, peppermint.

Try adding some ginger to your orange juice, or add mint oil to your grapefruit juice.

Also, try preparing something ahead of time so that you can have a hassle free breakfast. One idea is to prepare all your breakfasts for the week on one day.

Salvatore A.
I eat light dinner the night before, and not late, about 10 o'clock,
and at first steps I was preparing a sandwich and eating that at my office.
Bertram W.
Just routine I think. Ive always eatwn breakfast im the morning so my body is used to it.I don't eat late at night either
Lyam T.
In my case, making food is a kind of passion for me. Try out this mindset. Take cooking as a hobby. It gives you an ideal area to try and experiment with yourself. You'll eventually get attatched to it. One way of doing something that's considered a chore for you, is to attach an emotion to whatever it is you are doing. It'll make the process easier.

Now to the second problem, try skipping dinner. If the body has exhausted its resources by the end of the night, and if you don't eat dinner, it'll be the same as an IF diet. You'll lose weight, and eventually, you'll start feeling very hungry in the morning.

Rhonda J.
You can easily start by not having a large supper the night before. Just a light salad will automatically make you more hungry the next morning. Apart from that, think of things you enjoy and add them to your breakfast to make it more appealing to you.
Bradley F.
It’s better to eat in the morning before you feel hungry- so wether it’s a Cup of Yogurt or a green apple or a breakfast bar just starting to eat something helps get all your systems going and starts your appetite
Cirilo P.
Getting up early will definitely help you feel more hungry in the morning. Exercising before having a breakfast is always a plus! 🙂
Alexandra C.
I started with a protein drink in the morning for awhile. That led to smaller to larger meals over time. Now I can’t go without it.
Marcus X.
I would buy food that excites you. If you like a certain kind of fruit or juice have that waiting for you in the fridge. If time is an issue you can make something the night before— a smoothie, or even whisk some eggs/dice some veggies so all you have to do is pour that in a skillet in the morning. Ride the wave of your energy when you have it.
Ondino T.
I understand the burden to prepare breakfast every morning. However, if there are somebody to look after, it's not the problem of my own… They make me keep going.
Antoine Z.
I actually feel pretty hungry when I wake up. But even if I don’t, drinking water/lemon water makes me feel the hunger. Also, stopping eating 3-4 hours before going to bed helps.
Al Pio E.
Drinking a full 20oz bottle of water when I get up before drinking my coffee makes me hungry normally within the first hour after waking up. I use to not be able to eat anything tile late afternoon before I started drinking water first thing after waking up. I now keep water by my night stand to intergrate the habit of drinking water upon waking.
C Ssio N.
When you start doing your small chores and stretch or exercise, your internal muscles and organs start to move more, after 8 hours in sleep mode. Surreally you’re going to start feel hungry and more trust. This is how I do in the morning. Because I used to feel hungry in the morning, and now I do.
Lucas Z.
I cut down on the difficulty by making as much as I can as far ahead as I can. My go to recipe is for energy bites, which are delicious, nutritious, and can be easily prepped in bulk on a Sunday night for the week.
Rebecca U.
I too am usually not hungry in the morning. What helped in the beginning was planning what I would eat in the morning the night before and even preparing it as much as I could. Now it’s just automatic routine. I just get up and eat in the morning.
Stephanie Z.
I struggled with the same thing, i don't have an appetite at all when i wake up but trust me it was all in my head cos i realised that my body really needed this meal when i started eating.
It will be hard at first but start with something simple and fast and you'll get used to it
Linda Z.
Because I don’t feel hunger in the morning I prefer to make smoothies and protein shakes. It’s so easy and practical just mix in some fruits, oats, nuts and your choice of powder protein! I like a vegan protein it’s not too sweet. It doesn’t make me feel too full.
Villads G.
Hi there, I’m not sure what your mornings look like, but if you have time to spare, I find having a tea/coffee in the morning gives me the energy to prepare breakfast but admittedly doesn’t help with feeling hungry; I’ve never really felt hungry in the mornings. If you’re like me and haven’t already looked into it, try reading about intermittent fasting. That’s what I’ve been doing for quite a long time and find that it fits better with me on top of the benefits found with this type of fasting.
Arnold Z.
Great question! I used to be the exact same way. Now, I look forward to breakfast each morning. There are a few choices available that I would personally recommend. First: Drinking water as soon as you wake up. This will help you ease into connecting to the digestive system. Second: Catching some fresh air. Helps me greatly to get into my senses and build appetite! Third: Light exercise. Just getting the body started with some morning yoga or some simple squats really gives me a complete feeling of a need for nourishment. Hot tip: the second and third option can be combined for maximum effect! And best of all: Breakfast can become a celebration of your nice way of starting off your day! Really treating yourself to a juicy, healthy meal, adding your favorite berries or fruits, is such a great reward. Oh, and fourth: Simply don’t eat a late evening meal – save your appetite for that beautiful morning celebration of your daily ritual of self-love!
No Lie N.
I had the same issue not to long ago. I had to force myself to stop eating dinner at late hours, and eating snacks anytime after 10 pm. This helped me feel more hungry the next day during the proper breakfast time. Yes it is a chore to get up every morning and cook, but I had to energize myself in order to do so. Like doing a couple of jumping jacks, drinking tea, etc.
Karola R.
Well, I actually changed the order of the morning routine a bit. Sometimes having that glass of water can make you feel full. So I put breakfast after the exercise routine. That way there’s time for your body to process that first glass of water
Laura N.
Drink water the minute you get up. The sooner the better, it activates your stomic. Do your excercise, be moderate. Train your body be sticking to it, it needs some time to get used to it, after a wile you’ll get hungry.
Alwin U.
I make sure that breakfast is the last part of my morning routine. That way I’ve already done so much the hour before I sit to eat that my body’s awake enough to want food. I keep it simple, and my go-to is usually yogurt and granola, though if I’m awake enough and have enough time, I’ll make eggs and toast with some fruit on the side. It’s only been a couple months, but most days my body wants to eat bu the time I inish the rest of my routine. Never thought that could happen.
Florian Q.
the best answer is to be mindful of what, how much, and when you eat in the evening. I've heard it's best to eat your largest meal in the morning to fuel your day and your smallest meal at night but still several hours before going to bed. I've definitely found it to be true that a large, late meal makes me sluggish and unwilling to eat in the morning.
Yvette U.
Not eating a lot before going to bed. Sleep at least 7 hours. Eat breakfast just before leaving the apartment, so have ever more time between waking up and actual meal intake. This time lets your body to wake up.
Brittany P.
This is a hard question to answer, because almost the first thought I have when I wake is that I’m hungry. If you’ve never eaten breakfast, it makes sense that your body doesn’t send hunger cues, but if you start small and consistently, eventually your body will get in the habit. I’d start with a protein bar with high fiber and low sugar (Quest bars or Think Thin). Or you can look up grab-and-go options that you can make the night before or on weekends: overnights oats, smoothies or protein muffins (you can find lots of recipes on the internet) are all really good.
Lorenzo E.
I personally drink a big glas of water and straight afrer that I have my morning herbal or ginger tea and soon is my stomach full of fluids. I dont know how it works but 15 min. later I feel so so hungry.
Clarisse F.
Tray with some herbal teas first to open your appetite, that may be helpful! Eat a light breakfast, easy fresh food that won't make you feel you are cooking. Cannabis is super helpful with appetite, too! Good luck 🙂
Andre F.
I have found eating breakfast for me had two blocks
Emotional and
Emotionally I was not always certain I wanted to engage with the day and hence my lack of appetite- a lack of self nourishment.
Intellectually I believed that it was better to exercise on an empty stomach and eat later.
Coline T.
My morning routine is about the glass of water after I wake up, than I take short meditation, 10 min of stretch and walking with dog. After that I have a breakfast. Sometime is just protein drink and after hour I get some eggs, bacon. I prefer breakfast with lots of energy. I tried to eat fruits or some light food, but after I don’t have energy to nothing
Margaretha C.
If I’m not hungry, I choose to eat something a bit lighter like yogurt and granola rather than eggs. It’s less heavy but helps keep me full until lunch.
Malou W.
Try not to eat to much before going to sleep, at have dineer early so that when you wake up you feel like more time has passed since your last meal. What you can also do is try to wake up earlier and start doing your morning chores, I think that you'll eventually get hungry 😉
Arcelino A.
I usually have dinner early and workout in the mornings. Even if i dont workout, i still feel hungry by 10am. I dont drink coffee or tea. It doesn’t have to be a tedious job to make breakfast. Sometimes i just drink a protein shake wirh banana and almond milk with spinach
Stanley E.
I personally do some exercice in the morning with the 7-minute app, which gives a minimal level of exercize and doesnt require too much time. That usually helps me feeling hungry. I also leave the breakfast for the end of my morning routine. Last but not least, I chose things I actually look forward to. If that means eating some rice in the morning, I just do.
Isobel J.
Due to medications taken at bed, I rarely have an appetite until I have been up for about 4 hours. If I HAVE to eat (cuz we are leaving the house, when I worked outside of the home, etc) I will usually make a carnation instant breakfast chocolate shake with a lot of frozen strawberries (13 at least) (I also add cocoa powder cuz I 💜 chocolate) in my blender. Comes out thicker than soft serve ice cream. Then I let it melt and take it with me. As it melts and becomes more viscous (liquidy) I drink it. Otherwise, I practice intermittent fasting. I won't bother elaborating as it is all over the web. Blessings!
Rosalyn P.
Exercise first. You might just need to feel like you’re up and moving before your stomach catches up. Also breakfast doesn’t need to be a sizable meal. A smoothie made with yogurt & berries will do, if that’s all you’re ready for.
Ken W.
I felt the same until I got into a routine eating habit. I stopped eating later and It made me hungry in the morning. It has also made me more disciplined in other areas of my life too.
Ella Z.
I don't eat first thing. I try to get to work a little early and eat something there. I bring some fruit and instant oatmeal.
Quim Q.
Make sure you are not having a big meal before bed or too late at night.
Make sure you are getting 8hours sleep.
If you eat dinner at say 7pm go to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 6 or 7am your body should be hungry and wanting to 're-fuel'. Also if you are still finding it difficult try to eat a lighter breakfast such as a small bowl of cereal or toast or some fruit. Adjust to suit your work hours etc. I hope this will help! 😊
Elo Se Y.
What are usually do is set a schedule on what I’m going to eat that week or at least I have a plan the night before of what I’m going to eat. And making sure that what I’m eating is something that is filling.
P Ricles S.
I don’t eat or drink anything for about two to three hours before going to bed if I can help it. I’ll have that water when I wake up and that helps jump me into life to take my shower and get dressed. After that I’m definitely hungry and will eat breakfast. I usually watch the previous night’s Daily Show or Late Show to time the mealtime right so I slow down and enjoy it. All of these things help me to enjoy breakfast and it’s not a chore to fill my tummy in the morning and prepare for my day. Good luck with your breakfast journey! ^_^
Alex C.
Be mindful, that the meal you consume in the morning has a profound influence on the way you feel later in the day. Chores are not unpleasant if you enjoy them and, by the same token, eating breakfast can quickly become a pleasure rather than a chore. However, there are some health conditions which may necessitate skipping a meal or two. Overall, if you care for your mind-body-spirit, you will quickly find that it takes great care of you.
Isa As I.
Don’t eat dinner…. hahaha. But seriously many people don’t feel hungry. Drink a big glass of water and eat breakfast a little later. And you can pre-prep breakfast the night before like hardboiling eggs or preparing yogurt and fruit in a container to grab and go. Do what works for you not what an app tells you is best
Judith B.
I know that eating a good breakfast sets the energy level for my morning work. But there are days when you are either too busy or just not that hungry. These days are my smoothie days. A mix of fruit vegetables and protein that is quick but also tastes delicious. Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating on myself but my smoothies are a great treat.
Jacob O.
When and what you ate the night before may be the culprit / answer. How late is your last meal of the day. Maybe your lunch meal should have the most calories of the day – as opposed to your evening meal. Make sure you're hydrated before you go to bed. Hopefully that will help!
Jonas U.
Don’t eat breakfast if you’re not hungry! Change your routine to what works for you, or just because something / some app tells you. Besides the science on heating breakfast isn’t actually definitive
Frederikke A.
Yes! I drink warm water with lemon. That will help my liver and it also breaks the fast (breakfast) of the night, easing food in my system. Knowing breakfast is the initial fuel for my day motivates me so it doesn’t feel like a chore.
Benjamin W.
Eating breakfast is nearly the last thing I do after I am ready for work or just the day. It helps that I wait after everything else on my list. Also, having something simple but still nutritious like a smoothie, protein shake, or just a piece of fresh fruit and peanut butter on toast (sometimes with honey too) counts as a good breakfast for me. It doesn’t have to be big or gourmet.
Lenny I.
Just like building any habit i eat breakfast every morning regardless of the time of day I get up. Start small is all I can suggest and build up later.
Hildegard T.
Don't eat so much at night like after 8pm. Maybe at first just eat something you like for for breakfast like a salad or even just a cup of coffee and a donut. Or make it your me time for breakfast eat and then have a quick facial or eat while enjoying some music, watching morning tv or YouTube videos.
If you wanna make it even more fun weather permitting sit outside or have breakfast in bed. I like to treat myself to an inner child breakfast of my favorite kid cereal and make up a playlist of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons I would watch as a kid before school. Best part of that it it reminded me why I loved breakfast and why I should eat it.
I need that fuel to help me play and learn and if I don't eat I'm tired and irritable till lunch.
Make breakfast a habit and of course if this has been a long term thing please see a doctor to make sure you're not diabetic or have other health issues.
Anita T.
Well, I am trying to eat low-carb, so I can’t just grab some toast, so I understand not feeling hungry or not feeling like cooking a big breakfast. Either my husband or I usually keep hard boiled eggs ready in the refrigerator for fast protein. Howev
Richard X.
I have the same problem sometimes. In these instances, I always pack up breakfast food to eat for later. I don’t like to force myself to eat, but I know it’s important for me to, so it’s better to pack up food rather than continue going on without food at all. When you do feel hungry, then you can eat what you packed.
Jonathan P.
I make smoothies for the upcoming week. It's fast and easy to make, and I get it all done at once and don't have to think about it again. And using a blender bottle is even easier because I make them in the cups themselves using an immersion blender, so there's hardly any dishes. The blender bottles also make it easy to drink in the car and tote with me for as long as it takes me to finish them (helpful if I'm not hungry enough to down it early). And they deal so well that I can throw them into a bag and not worry about spills.
Ken O.
I’m not hungry in the mornings really but breakfast is a really important meal to kick your body into gear and provide energy for your brain to get ready for the day. I never cook in the morning instead I go for something very easy but nutritious. Fruit, Greek yogurt, honey and perhaps some granola or muesli. Takes no time at all to throw that in a bowl and you’ve got some instant protein, fibre, and vitamins. Easy peasy. If you really want to feel hungry before breakfast go for an early, but quick run!
Milo A.
I have a drink of water first thing, and then have a morning routine to complete next, so by the time it’s done, it’s been 20-30 mins, and I’ve worked up an appetite. 🙂
Another option would be to have some nuts with the water, which sort of ‘kick starts’ your appetite. I’ve only needed that option when I had to wake up extra early for hockey games!
Anuncia O S.
I think smoothies, overnight oats with blueberries a great or 1/2 hard egg with 1/4 avocado are great! You don’t have to eat all, you can have 1/2 or 1 cup. When I have a busy days and I’m trying to get my nutrition in, I chose small amounts of nutrition food that keep my metabolism going.
August U.
I always try to eat dinner early and stop eating late so I wake up hungry since I fast during night for reasonable period of time.
Ashley Y.
I actually need help with this because I really don't want to eat anything in the morning altbought I am hungry. I find drinking a glass of warm water first helps and then eat something u enjoy would be a good start. Not always doable during weekdays when I need to work and no time to cook. More so during the weekend I will be able to cook something I find easy to eat and appetizing. I am not sure how I can improve my appetite in the morning. Is that a health problem? Like I am too stressed or…
Lucas C.
I was the same. Initially, I forced myself to eat within an hour of waking up. I would have appetizing bfasts in cafes. Slowly I reached a point when I needed food else I would feel very hungry.

So start with getting good bfast. Meal preps in the night would be a good idea. Else keep smoothies in fridge, like banana oats shake. Eating fruits or even a glass of milk in the morning would be a good start too.

There are days when I skip bfast, but the objective is to reduce the number of such days. So every day you have bfast, you are working towards this objective — one less bad day

Tess Y.
Well, before used to be really difficult for me to eat anything before 10am, but something that’s helped me a lot was starting small, like couple of nuts 🥜 or a banana 🍌 or a rice cake… After a while it’s going to be a habit and you alone are going to put more food into it. Best of luck…
Randolf E.
I believe it is important to eat three square meals a day at regularly scheduled times. I’m not a stickler that they be exact times but they should be close. I usually am not hungry until I sit down to eat. It is helpful to set up breakfast the night before.
Nathaniel G.
Don’t force yourself to eat. Make something the night before and if you feel hungry in the morning, eat it. A handful of nuts and dried fruit is great as it’s filling and not heavy. Consider making a smoothie as well with almond milk. You can sip away until lunch!
Louis Q.
Drink water the first thing when you wake up and then brush your teeth. Pick your tooth brush, apply paste and clean your teeth! It helps.
Grab a fruit or a granola bar.
What foods do you like? Look at the list of foods that Fabulous offers you and pick one of them. Maybe do half the work required to prepare breakfast the night before so that you're all the more motivated to eat in the morning. Keep your plates, mugs and cutlery out at night itself.
Play happy tunes that get you up on your feet.
Then enjoy the meal.

Happy breakfasting!

Louis Z.
I am the same way! I'm still trying to figure this out too. I usually start feeling hungry a bit later, in an hour or so. Perhaps it could be an option to take something for later, like a fruit, yoghurt, mixed nuts. Prepping meals in advance if it's something you'd like, but not me.
Esther Z.
I think it might be easier to think of breakfast not as a solution to hunger! Think of breakfast as that Energy package that will push you through the day. You also don't have to make breakfast everday. You can always keep some fruits aside or some milk and nuts to have in the morning before you start your daily routine. Hope this helps
Bertram E.
I believe that if you’re not hungry it may be better not to eat until you are, so I struggle with the whole breakfast challenge too. However i find that overeating at night makes me hungrier the next day. Not a solution of course but I’d say don’t force it if you don’t feel hungry.
Angie E.
The first time I worked with a nutritionist, that was the first non-negotiable change he made me make. I was working out in the morning and he said I had to eat, even if it was just dry cereal and a protein shake on the way to the gym. I think having someone you’re excited to eat really helps, but also, I noticed my body got used to eating in the morning and after a few weeks what was initially a chore became something I looked forward to
Perry Q.
I do not feel hungry either. I use this reminder to prepare myself a breakfast so that i can eat it later when i am hungry.