What do you when you run out of time in the morning?

Revi B.
Yes, I have been struggling with it lately. My timings were altered since I got infected with Covid. The important thing to do, is to not do anything. You will be tempted to blame yourself for missing the routines and it will cling to you the entire day. These self-sabotaging feelings are not healthy. You are a human, it happens. It will take some time to get back to old routine. You are trying. Do nothing. What you have to do is in evening, not morning. The attempt is to exercise and tire yourself out of all the energy your body generated thereby leaving no option but to sleep early. Add a chamomile tea and switch off all devices. Sleep early is all you can do.

Revi B.
When I run out of time, I quickly do the most important things and that don't take up much time like drinking water. It's not as bad as you are for once something doesn't do. You can still do it the next day or if you never have time for it you can either do it when you have time or put another habit in your routine.

Revi B.
I try my best not to overthink the fact that I didn't do much in the morning or not everything went according to plan. Instead I use the remaining time to relax and find myself and after I've decided what to do with the remaining time I have, I just get straight to it. Then later I write everything on my journal and try to figure out a better way to improve my time management.

Revi B.
I’m actually proud and surprised that I could hold on to this, I have been down recently and I’d do anything to feel better and be more confident, also the notifications are helpful, gives me motivation. This app is in my mind the whole day and I can’t wait to begin my routines throughout the day, that’s why you need to do a routine that makes YOU feel good and is something that YOU like.

Ivonne Y.
I think addiction impairs every aspect of a person’s life. It is a rough road, but do what you can to focus on one thing at a time. This includes the addiction itself.

It’s such a double edged sword.

Gild Sio Z.
when I run out of time in the morning I gulp down a glass of water, put on some concealer and mascara and grab my bag and get out

Revi B.
Depends on what it is, I usually just do it in the evening as for me it's just another morning. If it's very important I will just put away something that's less important.

Damien F.
I feel good about myself since I started sone morning routine. 🌄 This routine keeps me energetic and fresh all day .. and make me do good to myself.

Revi B.
In the morning while getting ready for work /school if i m late like i woke up late its not a panic for me because my clothes shoes and bag are ready. I prepare them the night before u can washup in 3 minutes change clothes put some perfume and go for a makeup free day its also good for skin just a small amount of cream

Clifford U.
Grab some fruit and nuts- preferably a banana or apple. That will give you the energy you need. If you still want something else, try preparing something the night before. You got this! <3

Joanne E.
I'll do a short exercise that will just accommodate me for that moment and drink water and say positive affirmations to myself

Revi B.
When I know that I won’t have a lot of time because I either chose to sleep in or overslept by accident, I instantly become anxious. It takes me a minute to come up with a list of stuff I need to do. Most of the time the list goes like this: 1. Get dressed, 2. Brush teeth and hair, 3. Make sure all things that I need to bring with me are together 4. Plan to eat breakfast when I get to wherever I’m going.

Revi B.
When i run out of time in morning, i try to make up the remaining time as much as possible by adjusting my further schedule a bit

Caroline U.
I remember that no one will pay too much attention to me so if I don’t look my best that day then that’s okay. It doesn’t even matter at this point. If i don’t have time to make coffee i am typically disappointed but i make it through the day.

Annette X.
Even if I'm late I won't skip breakfast. I'll just hurry through my dressing routine, probably choosing one outfit that I know works well instead of taking the time to sort out what I wish to wear, put on some makeup if I look tired and run out the door!

Beverley Z.
When I run out of time, I just try to think about what else I have to do instead of dwelling over what I missed. It helps to be more of a positive way of thinking instead of maybe being disappointed or mad at yourself and just think, “Can I do what I missed the next morning?” or “Can I reschedule?”. Just try to think of what you can do to recuperate 🙂

Rida N.
Eat later, or lunch, but try to drink more so I don't think of food. Skip toothbrushing. And feel like it is wrong start of the day.

Celina S.
I believe that to start a great day you need to have a rich and big breakfast. At the beginning, it may be difficult for those who don't like breakfast, but if you try eating based on your calorie, gradually you'll get interested into it.

Pamela J.
I’ll skip certain things that would take too much time, like changing my clothes, eating breakfast, brushing my teeth, etc.

Rita E.
I try to be as quick as I can, but not rush, I want to be thorough even though the time may have gone away. I just take a couple breaths and go as quickly as I can without being or feeling rushed.

Rachel R.
starr working on the afternoon.. what exercises are in my morning routine ? well. today I did twenty pressups, tbf the routine has gone out the window I think I ran three k aswell but my phone was on charge so I didnt data collect x

Jeffrey U.
I sometimes have a quick healthy breakfast with fresh nuts. Make exercise moves 3 times instead of 5 times. Skipping morning habits make your dqy of. Instead of skipping, making what you do best is always a better choice 🙂

Revi B.
Access why I ran out time and try to make the adjustments to my going to bed earlier, preparing for the next day the previous evening and/or adjusting my alarm clock to wake up wallet than usual.

Leana Z.
I usually try to have at least a fast breakfast, for example bread with jam, and a glass of juice. i'm used to have breakfast every morning and if I don't eat I feel tired and with no energy all day.

Alexej O.
Start to get up a little earlier until you reach the time you need to get up to do those things you want to in the morning. If you usually wake up at 8am, start at 7:45 and keep working backwards. When you have decided the ideal time, stick to it every morning.

L Cidas S.
This is not the question that I had on my dashboard to answer. This keeps happening….ever since it moved to this "typeform" location to respond.

Revi B.
I get a small breakfast ready the night before, something I can bring in the car, I try to make something different everyday too.

Revi B.
When I run out of time in the morning, I usually leave some of my chores for later even though I shouldn't. When I finish what I have to do, I do the chores I've left earlier. These things are happened to me so rarely, since I follow a to-do list, that I'm not that afraid of forgetting something.
Hope I've helped you❤️

Revi B.
The best thing is slow down in the mind by breathing for few minutes and meditating and then be dynamic or fast in actions. Being fast in mind will make you feel anxious and stressful. Being calm in mind will help you do things fast and in an efficient way. Meditate if you need more time!

Revi B.
i wait till i have some more time and than i do the things i didnt do at the morning. but it is better to have more time in the morning, cuz then this will not happen

Revi B.
I usually cram everything else i have to do i get so annoyed and frustrated and i feel guilty for the rest of the day for not waking up early enough and finishing what i was supposed to finish and i just keep criticizing myself the whole day, it annoys me so much and i wish i would change this feeling.

Mason U.
I try not to stress about things, stay positive, and remind myself that things will get better. if I have time later, I will try to do a few of the things I missed out on earlier in the morning. But I usually will try to set as much time as I need in the morning, if possible. it is harder on the days when I'm more tired and don't want to get out of bed. but I usually just try to stay happy and positive. <3

Jill P.
Normally if I run out of time in the morning I will either finish those things or take a break and finish up everything else later. I find it better to not pressure yourself into doing those things within a certain amount of time everyday, it's best not to do everything you need/want to do in the morning every single day. Example: I try my best to work out every other day, but sometimes I don't have the motivation to do it or I'm too sore to work out that day or I just straight up forget ;-; but that is OKAY I can go for a walk that same day or take a break from working out for a few days.

Revi B.
I usually decide which activities are more important and complete them first. If I run out of time, I don't complete the less important ones

Revi B.
Unfortunately I rush, and I end up buying fast food breakfast in the morning. I don't have time for my morning routine which then causes me to be grumpy and feel sluggish the rest of the day.

Revi B.
I have a back up meal in place. I have cliff bar and plan to grab fruit to go with it if I don’t have time for oatmeal.

If I don’t have time for my morning exercise I will try to find at least 5 min to do some kind of activity to keep myself on track mentally. Then I cut myself some slack and get back on track the next day.

Ideally, when something bad happens I try to figure out what went wrong and if there’s a way I can prevent it in the future. I forget this step a lot but it’s probably the most important.

Rida N.
it depends. i will either accept that i am going to be late, and finish my morning routine, or i will leave everything i didn’t finish behind. i don’t like either, and i haven’t found a good balance between the two yet. :/

Revi B.
If I don’t have time to make breakfast, I grab a banana, some grapes and throw some dry cereal like rice Chex in a sandwich bag and run out the door.

Revi B.
When I run out of time in the morning I just have some vegan yogurt or when I’m really in a rush I just grab fruit (like banana)

Revi B.
I wake up earlier the next day so i can do all the things i must do. But they don’t take so much time of my mornings, you see, for example you don’t need to complete an hour of exercise first thing in the morning, just 5 minutes stretch is enough

Revi B.
I'm a person that needs to shower to feel fresh, energetic and revitalized. But, my schedule kind of changed since is started the fabulous journey.

When it comes to working out, I get up at 6, drink water, meditate for 20 minutes and exercise for 35 minutes and then go on to get ready for the day!

Olivier L.
It depends how much time do I have but usually I go for the things that are the most important for me and plan better for next time.

Olivier L.
O usually respect myself in terms of me coming first. I learned during the years that I am the most important person in my life. So, If I run out of time , I usually stop and evaluate if what I am doing during the morning isn't too much and manage my time x my tasks, so that I can improve my performance.