Any ideas for vegan high-protein breakfast without soy products?

Bertram C.
Flaxseeds are a good alternative for recipes that require eggs, like muffins, etc. I like smoothie bowls in the morning with protein powder. (There are some vegan options for that) with lots of fruits and veggies.

Lucas F.
Oats, milk, peanut butter, almonds, cashews, flaxseed. Make this shake. It is a perfect blend of protein as well as carbs.
Hope this help.
Have a great day. 😄

Alberte F.
Vegan coconut based yoghurt with peanut butter, oats, cranberries, banana, and a syrup. Add a drink of fresh juice too, a green smoothly will have plenty of protein

Dafne A.
1 You can use your spare time or plain time free for in the weekend or whenever you have time to make a couple of breakfast ahead so you can eat them in the morning

Edelnide T.
Usually oats with your favourite seeds, nuts/nutbutter and some fruit goes best for me.. there are also lots of high protein cheese and or salami alternatives if you prefer some bread in the morning. (Try to get whole grain bread, since it has more proteins.) if you’re feeling really fancy try to look up a recipe for tofu „scrambled egg“ that you think sounds interesting!