What foods have you found sustain energy the longest? What types of nutrients do you look for for this?

Mat O Z.
It is different for each body. Everyone reacts differently to different foods. Experiment and food journal to find what works for you. Check in with yourself and see how you feel every hour after a meal. I need proteins to keep me full, but I also know my body needs carbs or I get shaky. Carbs kind of isn't the popular thing right now, but in the right proportions, my body is happy. A good breakfast for me is eggs and toast. Oatmeal leaves me hungry soon after. Figure out what works for your body.
Tessa E.
Well in morning for my breakfast I sometimes eat plane yoghurt with strawberries and apple or oatmeal with bananas and strawberries. I think that keeps me energized including eating fruits and nuts and water.
Ted N.
As much as I'm tempted to stay away from grains, thinking that they are too high in calories, they are actually the best for keeping me full for longer. But not just any grains — whole unprocessed grains are the best. I've traded out my morning bowl of cereal for a hearty bowl of oatmeal with fruit, nuts, and Greek yogurt. Even though the cereal looks to be healthy and is super easy to make when half asleep, it won't keep me full for longer than an hour or two and I'm right back to snacking again. The oatmeal digests slowly, so I'll be full for hours afterwards. And the fruit and yogurt add pops of flavor and nuts add a crunch. For lunch and dinner, I have traded out white rice for quinoa or wild rice, or even sometimes potatoes. Again, we need carbs to stay going (just not too much!).

Also, protein is a a huge way to curb appetite. An apple as a snack will leave me hungry again in an hour, but an apple with a spoonful of peanut butter keeps me full for a lot longer. It's also why the nuts are a good addition in the oatmeal, and why I try to include some sort of meat or beans with the rice.

Shawn Q.
I find that having eggs and salad on a daily basis keeps me fulfilled and energized. Also, I prioritize eating fish and seafood over meat even chicken. Plus vegetables! Every day! And I have one day in a week where I eat sweets 🙂
Gauthier Y.
My smoothies & energy grain bars . I make my smoothies with many different fruits sometimes even veggies . I love protein , fiber , etc . . 💛 for lunch or even dinner I have salmon with veggies 😌 . I have lil snacks along the way too . I love this change fr !
Eline Z.
I continue to eat eggs, but I want to try knew foods, I just don't know where to begin. I'm not sure if I even want to eat breakfast until 11 am. I feel better and lighter when I eat later in the morning or early afternoon.
Bevin U.
Fruits and nuts are usually what keep me going for the longest. I really like cashews and bananas. Putting them together in cereal such as corn flakes or shredded wheat is not only delicious but packed with nutrients and fiber: vitamins, potassium, iron, calcium (from milk) and so on.
Stacey S.
I find the foods that tend to sustain me the longest are natural foods that contain protein, such as eggs, nuts, and legumes. I also try and pair these with high-nutrient veggie items at the same time. Together, the protein and nutrient-rich veggies give me the energy I need, and it doesn't fade away too quickly.
Rose P.
Animal protein. I usually look for foods that don’t have too much sodium in them. I think carbohydrates are okay but in lower quantities during the morning.
Majid Z.
I like fruits like bananas,apples, grapes,sugarcane juice, and oranges not only on the energy parameter but these also provide necessary nutrients that are required by the body.
Reginald F.
My energy is sustained the longest with a high fiber meal with moderate protein and fat. I feel better long term if overall fat is on the lower side. For nutrients I try for a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.
Aleksander X.
Bananas are very good energy giving food and is very helpful to sustain energy.Apples,coffee,eggs and water also give a lot of energy in the morning.( water is very important) Nuts are also helpful and easy to have for breakfast and snacks and if you want any desserts then try dark chocolate they help a lot in boosting your energy.I don't want to bore you but drink a lot of water,have a great breakfast, have as much as fruits and vegetables (even the ones u don't like) do some exercises in the morning . I know that quarantine is going on but try to wake up early in the morning. Yoga is a good exercise in the morning with a nice music. Or have a walk or go for running. This boosts your energy in the morning. Be safe in the quarantine and be safe.
Lo S E.
Oatmeal for breakfast and apples with peanut butter in the afternoon. high protein and minimal sugar. Also celery and pb taste good too..
Alina F.
Carbs. Definitely carbs. Fats are good too, but they have to be healthy and not many. Plus – always have a source of protein. With every single meal!
Herbert F.
Proteins like eggs, quinoa and salmon, complex carbs like whole grain breads and rice, fresh fruits and veggies sustain me for longer and give me more energy.
Hywet U.
maybe crackers currently i’ve been eating a lot of sugar things which have me up for a little bit but leave me sluggish the rest of my day i’m trying to do keto and see if i get energy from that !