For those with dietary restrictions, what does an average breakfast look like for you? (I cannot eat bread or carbs or dairy)

Annerose T.
Moringa tea is great for your brain’s health and it regulates your blood diabetes contro.It has no fats or calories. And it is also considered as a cancer treatment!
Antonia T.
A smoothie. Not too much banana, add enough fruit juice so it is a drink, avoid too many seeds, but enough for the health benefits
Jennifer F.
I would probably suggest, a fruit Salad especially when you can make it appeal to you or some eggs cooked in anyway you like with some seasoning. Even mixed nuts would be beneficial.
Michelle C.
For myself i have celiac so i can’t eat gluten, i find that chia puddings or overnight oats are very good, the recipe i use for a chia pudding is just plain and simple; any nut milk (coconut or almond/vanilla almond works best), chia seeds and a natural sweetener ( i use maple syrup but agava is another option), most of the time i also add coco powder just coz i love chocolate:)
Albert C.
I believe eggs will be a good choice, and there is a wide variety of ways to make eggs which wouldn't make you grow bored after a while, you could also add vegetables ( cucumber, cherry tomatoes etc.), or fruits like strawberries for example.
Wilhelm U.
I try and make my breakfasts balanced with fats, protein and a small amount of carbs (eg: a piece of fruit). Something like a an omelette (with 2 eggs or a handful of scrambled tofu) with lots of veg and spices with a piece of fruit or toast and a coffee… I make sure to add some fat like cook with a bit of healthy oil, add some peanut butter with the fruit or avocado with the omelette….
Madalene Y.
Cream of rice cooked with non dairy milk, a little sugar or honey and a sliced up banana. It should only take a couple minutes in the microwave:)
Ray Z.
I fast in the mornings. Actually helps with the managing my weight and my lifestyle. But before I started fasting, also did not carbs or dairy. Cashew cheese is a great option. So, an egg omelette with chopped onions, mushrooms, and a little bit of that cheese was perfect. Even cutting the cheese out is a great option and onion with keto seasoning if you are low carb. I like to make egg bites from Starbucks without the cheese or with plant-based cheese. Egg stuffed avocado is great too.
Mika Z.
I perosnally don't have any dietary restrictions so I would advise meal preping your breakfest in advance. See what foods you can prep days before or see if you can freeze it. I have a hard time eatting breakfest myself so I will usually do a protein shake and a banana. That combo will hold me over till lunch time. Maybe see if you can prep breakfest smoothies. They can be quite filling and a great grab and go option.
Marsha F.
You can have oatmeal with a fruit on the side. Also have coffee or tea. A fruit salad would be a great snack too. This are suggestions that I would recommend for you.
Bertram Z.
Almond milk smoothie. I use a protein powder with zero carbs and almond milk. Throw in a few blueberries if you can tolerate
Gary Q.
I don’t eat bread either or dairy, switch the regular dairy product with vegan like almond, soya milk . For the bread, don’t cut it 100% immediately, cut it to 80% first .. i eat a “ tiny ” slice of bread with my hummus .. and sometimes i eat my hummus without a bread using a spoon
Troy A.
I usually don’t eat breakfast and struggle with disordered eating. If i do eat it’s because I’m eating with other people so that’ll be French toast (even tho I’m lactose intolerant) or eggs and sausage with my family. I often feel sick after eating because anything in the morning feels like too much
Marie E.
I like to put together some smoked salmon and scrambled eggs made with a non dairy milk. Another meal is Greek yogurt with pistachios and pomegranate pearls