Is there some way I can prepare healthy breakfasts ahead of time so I have more time in the morning?

Felicia U.
If you have fruit 🍎 in the morning slice it and refrigerate it in a covered bowl the night before. I keep a jar of peanut butter on the table with a spoon. In the morning I bring out my bowl of fruit and have it with some PB. Quick and easy!
Victor G.
Yes, for me it's an oatmeal with greek yoghurt, chia seeds and season fruit prepared the evening before. It also may be the boiled eggs. Or just prepare vegetables for your morning salad.
Victoria Z.
Plan your breakfast out before hand. Once you have chosen what you’ve wanted to eat prepare that meal the night before depending on what you choose to eat the meal can last in the fridge for several days. If you want more time in the morning wake up earlier
Israel P.
Find an easy food you want, make an ingredient list and shop the day before. My go-to list: hummus and pita with tangerines; overnight oats with a variety of dried fruits, seeds and nuts; and peanut butter, soy milk and banana smoothie.
Maren F.
How much time have you got? If you like something hot, the microwave can be your friend. Put some savory things you like into a mug in the fridge the night before, in the morning you can crack an egg or two into it and put it in the microwave, a sort of frittata. Use pre-cooked and seasoned vegetables, and beans or lentils to add complex carbs.

Fruit and yogurt in a blender is fast, especially if you prep the fruit the night before.

Instant oatmeal is fast and gives you lots of energy.

If you're a coffee drinker, a machine with a timer can have it ready for you.

There are actually dedicated gadgets for making a breakfast sandwich, if that's your thing.

Yogurt is fast, and the accouterments can be ready the night before if you like it with fruit or granola, for example.

Emma O.
The easiest breakfast I am making is: oats +honey +milk + crushed almond and pistachio. Put them all in a cup for 1:34 minutes in the microwave and that’s it enjoy.
Frederik C.
Yes, that is what i do!
And it helped me a lot with making a habit of eating breakfast.
In the evening i take a glass jar and put oats, chia seeds and milk (almond, soy..z whichever you like) and add mashed banana or raspberries, strawberries any fruit actually.
You can add some stevia, cinnamon, coconut actually whatever you like and then just shake the jar and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning you have a nice creamy breakfast.
Also, there are lots of recipes online for breakfasts you can make the night before.
Sometimes I make at the same time even 2 or 3 breakfasts ahead.
Do check it out cause it really makes the morning rush easier.
Hope it helps 🙂
Andreas X.
I buy a muesli that I love, Greek yoghurt and frozen berries. On a Sunday I divided these into individual portions so I can just grab and go.
Alma P.
Think about what I'd like the night before.

Using fresh ingredients like fruit and wholesome foods. E.g. Non fat Greek yoghurt, non-homogenised milk, wholemeal bread, raw nuts, berries.

Using quicker methods of cooking. E.g. microwave poached eggs, instant oats.

Zachary P.
Start small and slow. Get a cute lunch box. Remember your protein and keep a variety. Nutritional shakes are always nice to add every so often.. (tip.. add in a little pudding mix powder)
Beverley F.
A breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple breakfast of a healthy protein powder in water and a piece of fruit is really all you need. A cooked breakfast isn’t necessary, especially if it’ll cause issues with your time.
Jacqueline U.
Try overnight oats. Super easy to make and ready to go by the time you wake up! They take little time to put together the evening before and save time in the morning. Just grab and go. 🙂
Francoise J.
The night before, I scramble 2 eggs . I crack them in small jar with lid and shake, add seasoning and one teaspoon water. Sometimes I add lean turkey, spinach, and cheese. Then shake, pour on hot skillet and stir. Cut and prepare fruit at room temperature the day of or night before. This time saver makes my breakfast routine less than 10 min.
Marie Y.
Yes! I love creating little egg muffins in a muffin tin. Simply beat 12 eggs together and throw in some salt and pepper. Then throw chopped up mushroom and cheese or tomatoes and basil leaves into the muffin tin and cover 3/4 of the way up with egg. Cook for 20 mins at 350! You can throw them in the fridge and heat up all week long 🙂
Arron F.
Yes definitely! I'm all about quick and easy – I love microwave quiches. You can prep the night before or in the morning, it takes two minutes!
In a mug put:
1/3 cup milk
1/3 cup cheese
1- 2 eggs depending on size
Add spinach, ham, nuts, whatever, and mix. Microwave on high for three minutes
Sert Rio A.
Swiss oatmeal! I paid big money for this at the Corner Bakery restaurant until I found out how easy it is to make. Put a half cup of quick oatmeal into a glass jar. Cover with water, a smidge above the oatmeal line. Toss in whatever fruit you like. Top off with two heaping tablespoons of yogurt. Put on the kid and put it in the fridge before bed. In the am, drain any excess water and stir. Eat it cold and creamy!
Eden E.
Depending on what you crave in the mornings, I’ve tried over night oats by or making egg and ham (or meat or veggie of your choice) muffins. I’ve found a lot of healthy recipes at and omit whatever ingredient i don’t like or substitute it with something it do.
Joann C.
Yes and actually preparing the night before is a great approach, especially if you don't have much time in the morning or sometimes procrastination kickes in. In those cases I boil two eggs night before and prepare apple on the table to take.
Enola I.
Yes, many ways, still vegan and high protein. I love my beans recipe for breakfast. Simply make a huge batch and freeze it in 2 Day portions. Put in fridge the night before to thaw and you have easy breakfast for two days, and repeat! Also Pinterest recipes for overnight coconut milk oats are amazing!
Brad S.
I believe an easy way to have breakfast ready in the morning is to have a breakfast with no prep time! I frequently will eat a banana and a spoonful of peanut butter for breakfast, and without any prep, my day is set!
Kathrin X.
Of course. I try to prepare two servings at a time so I only need to make brealfast every two days. I also try to put my extra breakfast in a jar in case I need to take it on the go.
Matthew Z.
There are the usual grab n go options, like an apple and a granola bar, or a handful of blueberries and some almonds. Do you like eggs for breakfast? Pour raw eggs over cooked vegetables in a large baking pan or muffin tin and bake it in the oven. Cut it into squares and freeze them; they reheat in about 30 seconds! Oatmeal can be another quick option. There are many recipes on Pinterest for overnight oatmeal. The oatmeal is soaked overnight in a jar with all the toppings ready to go so that it's easy to grab on the way out in the morning. Delicious hot or cold! Smoothies with greens and protein powder are always a winner, as are high protein bars
Theodore O.
I think you should get up earlier than you are used to in the morning and try and search for quick recipes of healthy breakfast.
Cody J.
I can't prepare breakfast ahead of time. It wouldn't be fresh and healthy. What I can do is to have ingredients that make an easy meal, like fruits, nuts, cheese.
Peter E.
I think prepping the night before is the best way. I don't usually give myself a lot of time in the morning but if I've prepared fruit and yogurt, at least I can grab it and eat it when I get to work. On the weekends I take more time to prepare and enjoy a bigger breakfast.
Bertolino A.
Have something quick on hand, like a bagel, or prepare your breakfast the night before and heat it up while you get dressed.
Sara N.
Yes, I prep all of my meals in advance. I cook eggs and potatoes and peppers in bulk and each morning I just heat some up while I get my workout in
Seth Z.
Make it part of your nightly routine to prepare something for the morning. A bottle of water and whatever you crave in the morning that fits your lifestyle.
Amber Y.
There are a couple of options that come up in my mind.

You could prepare jam rolls with slides of tomatoes on the side, splashed over with some olive oil, a couple of drops of lime, salt and pepper.

Boaventura P.
A sliced apple with peanut butter is a quick choice and provides both fibre & protein to boost your energy levels in a healthy way.
Gavin F.
Absolutely, there are a ton of make-ahead recipes online. For simple days, you might pair a hard-boiled eggs with a piece of fruit. If you need something more filling, overnight oats can be a great way to start. You can also make something like a breakfast casserole or breakfast burritos and reheat them when you want to eat.
Mille C.
Yes you can soak grains over night. But I personally like a quick fix. Just some muesli with Rice milk and banana or blueberries. Takes 3 minutes if you rinse the berries first.
Emily F.
Grab a cup of yogurt. Throw in some flaxseed and strawberries and bananas. Sprinkle with your favorite nuts on top. Have a veggie smoothie on the side. Prepare your fruit by slicing up the night before and also your veggies. Also put a buttered piece of toast with it.
Berto E.
Absolutely, decide what healthy breakfast is/needs to be for you and then get get the ingredients, and whatever tools/dishes you need to eat and make it. You could even set the table 🙂

For example, if it’s yogurt and granola and fruits and honey, I put the granola and honey jars out, cut up fruits if necessary and even get the spoon and bowl ready!