What do you eat besides eggs, smoothies and oatmeal? I need ideas for variety.

Peter W.
Hu, Just yogurt and granola. Hey, is Fabulous as obsessed with you breakfast as it is with mine? The app keeps asking me about it. And this question suggests no one actually reads these answers.
Sally Y.
I like to eat peanut butter toast, bananas with peanut butter, a small cup of yogurt, turkey, etc. I like quick things as I am walking out the door.
Dawn U.
Whole grain cereals are a great option paired with some plant-based milk like cashew or oat milk. Whole grain toast with peanut butter is an easy one. Smoothie bowls topped with granola and nuts are a pretty breakfast with good nutrients.
Seth O.
I only like eggs because it’s protein and oatmeal because it can be lower on the glycemic index. I rather not have to make any more decisions so early in the day when I’m rushing out the door.
Elmer S.
My buddy gave me a recipe that involves oatmeal, but it’s a simple, cold oatmeal recipe that I much prefer to the hot oats.

It’s 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup nuts (and dried fruit, optionally), 1 tablespoon chia seeds, 1 tablespoon golden flax seeds, and ill usually add a tablespoon of raisins for some added sweetness.

Mix all of that up and then put in 1 cup of almond milk and stir again.

Let it sit for at least an hour or two and you have a delicious, filling breakfast.

Miguela E.
Why not eat something you would normally consider a lunch or dinner item? I tend to be hungriest in the morning and to eat less at dinner. How about a juicy hamburger with oven fried sweet potato cubes and green beans? You can make those items ahead on the weekend and pack meals to grab and go.
Isaiah N.
Bananas, apples, peanut butter, pears, grits, steamed vegetables (steam in bag type from the freezen food section), and always have a selection of my favorite herbs and spices on hand to significantly multiply the variety.
Ivan X.
Savoury things like poached salmon and salad or stir fry vegetables and rice for breakfast. There should be no rules about when things can be eaten!
Hans Joachim J.
I like good savory breakfasts that resemble healthy dinner comfort foods. I enjoy broccoli and cauliflower rice flavored with garlic and tumeric. It's such a anti-inflammatory meal. Great to help depuff in the morning.
Ion Q.
A breakfast called farmers wife breakfast which is greens with lemon and olive oil, a little sauerkraut, avocado, and ground pastured lamb seasoned with liquid aminos and fennel seeds. You can also make a porridge out of quinoa and apples or you can try a middle eastern dish called Foul (actually pronounced "fool").
Alvarino Q.
Since i’m vegetarian, I eat salad every morning. Spinach, green olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted sunflower seeds, light croutons & italian dressing.
Emilie W.
Yogurt with oat, chia seeds, banana, strawberry and nuts.
Sometimes I also have banana pancakes (banana, oat and 1 egg)
Lance O.
Try some bread and butter and maybe some guacamole spread. I try to eat as last thing, before or after coffee, some fruits.
Emma E.
Egg and banana pancakes! Just 2 ingredients, with a little bit of honey and cinnamon on top. Or green yoghurt if you eat that!
Sandra J.
I usually prepare a fruit bowl the night before and put it in the fridge. The fruits I noetmally use are watermelon, bananas, mango, and a bit of chia seeds
Kimberly Z.
Omelettes with a variety of fillings, toast or bagels with peanut butter or cream cheese, fruits like grapefruit or apples
Marilou Z.
Chunk light tuna in brine, freshly squeezed lemon juice, a bit of tahini, little bit crushed chilli flakes and pepper. It's awesome
Cassandra Z.
I eat a lot of chickenbreast, cut vegetables, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, Cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon, prawns, makrel and other fish like canned tuba. Thanks for asking. Good luck 🤗
Claudia C.
I am eating a natural yorgut with a cream of red fruits that I just blended strawberries and raspberries for the hole week.
Melinda P.
Yesterday I had spinach, sundried tomato and feta with some mushrooms. You could also turn this into a wrap for a fast getaway out the door!
Otfried M.
So basically, these are my breakfast options: Yogurt and fruit parfait, mixed berry oatmeal, omelette in bread, avocado toast with hemp seeds, sometimes i decide to jut eat some fruit because fruit is actually really good at keeping you full for longer.
Claire S.
Apples, bananas, cottage cheese, nuts, yogurt, granola, toast, bacon, avocado (or any fatty thing) with any protein (helps body process it) – and you can combine a lot of these 🙂 but if you’re like me and not a huge fan of breakfast foods, you can do broccoli salad, or any veggie salads just chillin in the fridge, get the following involved: chickpeas, almonds, spinach, tomatoes, black beans, mushrooms. Lentil soup is an idea. I like veggie soup a lot too 😛 I hope this helps!
Lawrence T.
For breakfast, nothing else. There might be some ham or a little bit of cheese with eggs, or some salat, but that is it. I could try to include some fish- that is a good idea. Love breakfast. <3
Justus F.
Yogurt, blueberries, cottage cheese, bananas, cheese on while grain crisp breads… or even leftover pot roast from the night before if it was really tasty. Who says "breakfast" can only be certain kinds of foods?
Lo S T.
Cereal, fruit, ham with tortillas, cheese. In my country exist something called Gallo Pinto, I really recommend it because is very nutritional.
Gladys F.
You can make a breakfast hash with veggies, sweet potatoes, and sausage. Parfaits or chia pudding are also great options. Top yogurt or chia seed pudding with fruit, nuts, and other superfoods.
Caroline O.
I like Greek yogurt with walnuts and cocoa nibs or avocado, boiled egg spinach and everything but the bagel seasoning on Ezekiel bread is my favorite – healthy but the calories start to add up. Overnight oats or egg muffins are a nice change too.
Cecilie W.
Depends on what the meal is but I am assuming you mean breakfast. There are a couple of options I go to (long post alert) :
1.scrambled tofu.
2. Yogurt and fruit:a bowl of plain or lofat yo' with your choice of berries, topped with cinnamon or mixed spices.
3. cornbread with homemade flour – just dry corn & grind it in a processor/ coffee grinder.
4. Hash browns – you can use sweet potatoes/ carrots /butternut instead of potatoes if you are adventurous.
5. Japanese breakfast – miso soup, fish, baby spinach or other veg & bowl of rice. You can switch to multi grain rice or brown rice.
6. Banana pancakes: use a very ripe banana, replaces egg.
7. Corn meal (Ugali)/ steamed yams/cassava

Hope that helps.

Clyde J.
I always start my day with a smoothie. Protein powder kale frozen strawberries and chia seeds and a handful of raw almonds
Candice Z.
If I don’t make oatmeal or a smoothie, I’ll make avocado toast on naturally sprouted bread with tomato and spinach on top! I’ll drizzle some olive oil with salt, pepper, and some red pepper flakes.
Vera U.
A good quick option is Greek yoghurt with berries and granola. I like to have raspberries and blueberries. And of course there is the oh so millennial avocado toast. I like to have it with sumac or tomatoes, marinated feta and basil.
Frida X.
Milk, Chocolate protein drink, Slim fast, protein bars, pears, oranges, blueberries, corn, bananas, strawberries, Raspberries, grapes….. Fruits.
Sarah S.
My current go to is a sliced apple and peanut butter. I’ll probably incorporate overnight oats once the weather warms up. That’s a great variation on regular oatmeal and you can modify it in tons of different ways.
Clara A.
I get little Sargento snack packs of cheese, nuts and dried fruit. They’re quick and portable. It’s a nice option when I don’t have time to cook.
Kirk Y.
It sounds like you may be referring to breakfast?? ….if so these are some of things I have with or as breakfast… dark green leafy salads… hummus… mackerel… fruit salad… wheat biscuit cereals or malted cereals with hot milk… peanut butter & grated cheese on hot toast…
Lohan T.
I’m not an egg person, so I try to have a protein shake (lean body) and a piece of fruit as a morning snack a few hours later. When I’m traveling for work, I’ll cut up an apple and have that while driving and have a snack a little while later like some almond butter biscuits. A lot of times I don’t have the ability to cook, so anything that is a whole food or as close to it as I can get!
Barac S.
To increase variety, I’ve changed up the style of the eggs (hard-boiled, scrambled, sunny-side up), and changed up the contents of the smoothies (namely adding differing fruit).
Sarah Y.
I turned my scrambled eggs into a salad with lettuce, cabbage, avocado, cheese, mayo, apple, pumpkin seeds, cashews, and garlic
Sophie C.
Try these: banana or apple with peanut butter; boiled buckwheat with carrots; avocado toast with egg or curd with banana and nuts. I hope you’ll like it!
Madison E.
First, within those three options, you can make a huge variety of breakfasts by varying flavours, ingredients, and cooking techniques. For example, you can try overnight oats as a new technique and within that you can vary the flavours a lot. For a few different ideas, you could try chia pudding, muesli, granola with yoghurt, sweet potato hashbrowns. If you have a little more time you can bake some hearty muffins or try a fancy recipe like strata. Pinterest is a great place to look for even more ideas with recipe links.
Helene I.
I like some traditional things from different places: America, Costa Rica, and UK
Peanut butter
Black beans
Grilled tomato
Grilled mushrooms
Cabbage (steamed or stir/fry)
Scotch eggs
Phillip F.
I make those main things but add to them. Like adding bacon and spinach why eggs (cooks at the same time in a separate pan) or raisins or berries oatmeal or smoothie bowls with coconut bits or nuts and whole fruit. Each of them taste a lot better and more interesting making it easy to feel like I get a unique breakfast each morning.
Edwin J.
I honestly love chia pudding. Add two tablespoons of chia seeds into a bowl or a glass and add like 150ml of almond milk. You also can add things for flavor, like blend some berries or banana with the milk so it’s some sort of smoothie chia pudding. Or protein powder. Or coffee. (Honestly tastes better than expected, especially with vanilla). The let it sit in the fridge for thirty minutes or over night, and in the morning add some soy yogurt and berries and nuts and seeds if you like. The chia seeds are super nutritious, they contain essential omega 3 fatty acids and lots of protein and fiber (really important for healthy intestines!)
The almond milk and soy yogurt contain different types of protein and essential amino acids, the berries are full of antioxidants and vitamins and the banana carries lots of potassium. And you can eat it on the go! I used to eat it while waiting for the bus or during school breaks since it’s so easy to take with you. Really my all time favorite breakfast!
Brianna S.
Peanut butter, chocolate and banana smoothie with protein powder. Chicken quesadillas. Eggs and rice. Eggs, tuna and rice. Sorry it’s not much variety!
Joe P.
I eat apples with peanut butter when on the run. Sometimes just some sausage or bacon and fruit. Egg cups made with bacon around a muffin pan with an egg cracked inside and a square of cheese on top make a cute hands free high protein option you can zap later. Look up easy morning breakfasts or make-ahead breakfasts and you’ll find lots of recipes. I’ve also occasionally done a handful of granola and fruit or plain yogurt 🙂
Maur Lio N.
My allergist recommends rotating foods to avoid creating new sensitivities from overexposure to the same foods. I just need 4 days without a repeat:
Day 1- polenta, egg, spinach
Day 2- waffle, chicken sausage, sautéed greens
Day 3- pancake, ham, sautéed bell peppers
Day 4- potato hash, bacon, broccoli
For busy mornings:
Day 1- chia pudding w/ almonds
Day 2- breakfast quiche
Day 3- yogurt w/ berries
Day 4- latte w/ collagen or protein powder
I use gluten free options of the above, and vegetarian/vegan/dairy free options are easy to sub in. Once I can find a good gf bagel, I’ll add back a bagel w/ cream cheese and smoked salmon!
Ritthy U.
I eat quinoa and rye oatmeal with a tsp of honey and a dash of coconut palm sugar, then I slice a whole banana a whole strawberry and take about 6-7 blueberry that will spice up your oatmeal alot!! But oatmeal is one of the best things to eat in the morning it may get old but you'll feel great half the day just from that. And as for the eggs were all in the same boat there. Eggs get old eating them everyday. That's why there are seasonings experiment. Trust me youll find something u can eat everyday. Add some egg whites to the eggs they'll be alot more enjoyable
Peggy P.
I love homemade breakfast burritos! Scramble eggs with salsa or other spices (onion powder is a+), add some turkey sausage and cheese and wrap in a tortilla. Super easy to make a bunch and freeze, and have them ready whenever! Protip – wrap in paper towels when freezing and it's easy to heat them up in the microwave 🙂
Rayan W.
I’m a big fan of bread so I will sometimes have a slice of rye bread with peanut butter or Marmite. I have a fresh fruit salad about 4 times a week instead of smoothies, something to chew on. Adding vegetables to your eggs is good too. Something I call special brekkie is raw oats, grated apple, handful of almonds, sprinkle of various seeds, honey and 2 tablespoons of plain Greek yoghurt – mix it and enjoy.
Joe O.
Turkey bacon is pretty great, especially in an air fryer. Grapefruit or oranges are fantastic in the mornings. If you have time, make pancakes or waffles with Kodiak pancake mix because it has a lot of protein and dlfober, but very little sugar.
Terrence O.
Fruit salad! You can customize it to which fruits you enjoy, and you can even add a dollop of yogurt or cottage cheese on top to add flavour.
Evan B.
I’m vegan! I enjoy toast with avocado spread and a drizzle of sriracha. Also tofu scramble colored yellow with turmeric!
Anna S.
1) Avocado on toast w salt and pepper
2) Apple, slice of cheddar cheese, and pecans
3) turkey bacon, slice of tomato, slice of toast
Naja N.
Try to think in terms of protein, vegetables and carbs. I like to make a frittata with lots of vegetables, cheese and eggs. It's still an egg dish but adding your favorite vegs. and cheese, makes it a nice change. I also add Siracha to spice it up. You can have a slice of whole grain bread on the side. I also like an apple with peanut, almond or cashew butter as a change. Usually these 2 options are enough to break up the boredom for me.
Melchior Q.
I love meat so I often eat regular food for breakfast. For example I will eat leftover steak beef or chicken. It keeps me as full as eggs or breakfast food but I enjoy it more.
Eckehard U.
Bacon, breakfast sausage with cheese, shredded wheat cereal with no sugar added, berries and cream, Quiche.

Gluten free chicken nuggets when I'm in a hurry. They're quick, easy, and the right fat-protein-carb ratio for me. Same thing with whole milk. Quick calories for when I dont have time.

Cecilie X.
Fruits are a good option. Sometimes I have chapatis with cooked vegetables. I am not sure if pancakes are a good option but I have them too. Apart from these breads and buns are also a part of my breakfast sometimes
Abelardo Y.
Avocado toast, vegetable bowls with brown rice and tofu, cucumber salad, I fancy up my oatmeal with dried figs and other dried fruit with hemp seeds, chia seeds and peanut butter powder.
Debbie J.
Breakfast pizza! English muffin, spread with sauce, add cheese & toppings (pepperoni or bacon or veggies) & pop in the toaster oven

Or breakfast sandwiches

Vitorino Q.
You can have great variety inside those three! I had different kinds of oatmeal for the entire week, and they didn't get boring at all. Examples: half orange and cottage cheese. Pear and coconut shrims. Apple and cinnamon. Banana and Goji berries. To all of those try some nuts or almonds. I find oatmeal to be a bread replacement. It is just a base for a meal like bread is a base for sandwiches. Same for eggs: hard-boiled, soft-boiled, fried or scrambled. Omelettes too. I don't find smoothies to be a good breakfast. I get hungry too fast after eating them. My wife had the same problem with variety: ”oatmeal again?” She reigned from dieting because of that for a while. After a week I showed her that she ate exclusively cheese and ham sandwiches or toasts for breakfast. It looks like she really had just carvings for bread. You can try dark bread in such case.
Lima T.
I really like making a breakfast sandwich with smoked salmon. Using a 100% whole wheat English muffin usually drops the sugar while adding fiber. I then add low-fat cream cheese (sometimes Greek yogurt works well texture-wise too), capers, thinly sliced red onions, and some pepper. If I’m not minding eggs as much I can add a poached egg – depends on my mood. I also really like having leafy green (kale, arugula, spinach) and sweet potato hashes – just make sure it’s not too much sweet potato or it can be too sweet. If I’m not minding eggs I can add those to the hash. Or I can add chicken sausage, shredded chicken, beans, or on the occasion bacon or normal sausage. Just try not to have the bacon too often 🙂

Overall it’s a trial and error thing. I think it’s taken ~6 years for me to change from never eating breakfast to meal prepping it most Sundays. I’m always on the lookout for cookbooks at used book stores, and I’ve found trying a new recipe a month to be a fairly sustainable goal. I hope this helps!

Wilma Z.
I eat chia seeds, quinoa, bee pollen with soy yoghurt. Avocado, cashew, cranberry, prunes dried. Goat yoghurt and cheese. Coconut and corn flakes, tahini.
Nonato B.
I like nuts, fruits (berries are my jam), yogurt, and toast occasionally. When I am feeling lazy I have a sugar-free-high-protein breakfast shake.
Melissa P.
Eggs at not a good choice.
There are studies that prove that eating eggs is a bad as smoking 5 sigarettes per day. Egges increase the risk of cancer of 50%. Google it.
Tania S.
Avocado on toast with some chopped tomato is always a good option. You can always swap the avocado with hummus and add some chopped cucumber with the tomato and sprinkle some balsamic vinegar on top with a little bit of salt. Delicious.
Jared J.
It can be a slice of cake done during the weekend, orange juice, some cottage cheese, brown bread toasted. When I was in Japan, I could also get some fish soup which was not finished in the evening before… Quite weird at the beginning it was great at the end and in summer. My best ingredient for a breakfast is cinnamon
Thibaut Y.
Sometimes oatmeal with walnuts and bananas. Often have oat cereal with berries ( fresh when in season… frozen works too). That’s about it for breakfast… I change bacon, ground sausage or ham for the protein.
Enzo Z.
Almonds, Cashew, Dried Raisins, Pumpkin Seeds. Sometimes I have a toasted/normal sandwich with Mayonnaise, Cheese, Tomatoes, Potato and Cucumber. When I feel like I want something completely different I have some hot baked beans with Toast.
Lucas B.
You could eat yogurt, pancakes, croissants, lean bacon, bagels (maybe with a topping), and any type of fruit would be fine, too.
Tristan W.
Leftover fajitas from chicken or beef, or bean tacos with vegetables are quick in a grill and are filling and can be combined with any saice or vegetable to change it up
V Nio E.
You could try fruits (banana, apples), you could also try some healthy cereals like Cheerios (small portion) and supplement it with yogurt or skim/almond/soy milk, and you can also try a whole grain toast with peanut butter.

Hope that helps!

Gail O.
There are limitless options if one doesn't have restrictions.

Well cooked (boiled) pulses, cereals then comes sandwiches, muesli. Don't forget protein bars and shakes.

Searching for variety then one can get hundreds of nutrition rich meals/juices etc

Beth T.
I take fruits most especially mangoes and avocado pear. After which I drink lots of water. You could try getting some fruits within your area and get them stored within your arm's reach.
Emma P.
Raw veggies and fruit are the easiest answer. You can boil chicken to cook the fat away, but it doesn't taste great. You can also fry up fish for some potent protein.
Felisberta C.
Avocado toast with tomato and feta cheese. However, because I’m always in a hurry during the week, my morning breakfast is always a protein shake. I add some oatmeal, flax seeds, cinnamon and a frozen banana.
Constanze F.
I eat generally cheese olive bread egg and greens.Other meals I eat sometimes sandwich or vegetable and soup or fish/meat with potatoes/bread
June P.
Canned Tuna fish with mayo, garlic powder, salt&pepper, and sliced cucumbers for scooping.
Wheat bread with nut butter and banana slices.
Cheerios with berries and Greek yogurt or milk.
Turkey slices rolled up with avocado with a side of fruit.
Or leftovers from last nights dinner in a smaller portion.
Anthony G.
i really love the versatility of eggs! plain fried or sunny side up eggs are everyones go-to because they're so simple, but it's so easy to jazz 'em up: scrambled eggs with a bit of butter and parmesean, or with onion, tomatoes, and spinach cooked into them; soft-boiled eggs with cracked pepper on avocado toast, or marinade one and have it with a cup of miso soup; ready-made hard-boiled eggs and some dried fruit for a quick breakfast – the options are endless! experimenting with spices and ingredients to pair them with might introduce you to a new favorite, and will build up your kitchen prowess(finally learning to make perfect poached eggs is surprisingly empowering!). happy cooking!!
Dinarte C.
Besides eggs oatmeal and smoothie. I can change it up to do a grilled cheese sandwich. Also I can do a banana apple and orange to go along with beans black beans an early-morning fish such a salmon
G Vio Z.
Bread with Not much Butter, many healthy Vegetables and eggs, together with a protein shake with 150ml Milk and 150ml Water or just a normal Glass of Water.
Vicki J.
You can try substituting oats with quinoa, it’s a very versatile food. Beans and soy are also pretty good. I sometimes eat turkey breast slices or low fat cheese. For dairy products you can try different types of milks (almond, coconut, soy) and maybe greek yogurt. Finally, considering nuts and veggies can improve your meals.
Justin Z.
Any food you eat at any other time. I look for low carb, high fat, high fiber with a mild taste. Right now that’s oat bran, oat fiber, collagen, oat fiber with butter. I’ve also eaten custards, low carb cream cheese pancakes and a nut based granola.
Elisa E.
I usually make my own breakfast sandwich with a toasted English muffin, unprocessed cheese, egg whites, and mashed avocado. Sometimes I eat healthy cereal.
Frank F.
I’ve been having smashed avocado on toast with a handful of nuts. The avo has a great amount of healthy fats and essential oils, while the nuts supply the protein.
Lucas B.
Burritos, and that is the extent of my ideas beyond eggs, oatmeal, and smoothies. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Clara Q.
Hi there are a lot og options on how you can make a healthy breakfast, I like to mush a banana, mix it with rolled oats and Fry on a pan for some healthy "pancakes" .
Melting peanutbutter in the microwave thinned with skim Milk for some peanutbutter "syrup" YUM!
Nelson Y.
I’ve gone meatless mornings for years. I think & feel better. I eat avocados, toast, peanut butter, chia seed custard, yogurt, and muesli.
Jimmy S.
Hiya! I like whole grain Cheerios with almond milk- almond milk has a lot of protein and the whole grain Cheerios are healthier and have more protein than normal ones. I’ll get a string cheese or maybe a hard-boiled egg, too. (I love buying them pre-peeled, they sell them at all grocery stores!) Buckwheat pancakes with peanut butter and a little all-natural maple syrup are good, too. Pinterest is super helpful if you’re looking for more ideas!
Susan Z.
Smoothies! I use unsweetened high protein Good Karma flax milk and make sure to add protein powder and frozen fruit. I usually make one with instant coffee and peanut butter, but you could do a straight fruit one of coffee isn’t your thing.
Benjamin W.
I have plain Greek yogurt with a banana in it, sweet potato hash, or even just leftover dinner or lunch. My husband has veggie sausage patties with his breakfast.
Rudolph F.
I love fresh veggies 🍅 🥑🌶 and they are great in an omelet or scrambled with your eggs, add a little 🧀 cheese. Your fruits don’t always have to be a smoothie. Try them with yogurt or a little cream drizzled over them.
🍎🍐🍊🍋🍌🍇🍓🍒🍑🥭🍍Add fruit to your oatmeal. Have an english muffin with raw honey 🍯 or mashed avocado 🥑. I add chia or flaxseed to yogurt.
Genilsa Z.
I eat an apple with some peanut butter, somedays a multigrain whole wheat bread with almond butter, or avocado and egg sandwich.
Lucas S.
Bircher muesli or summer oats is a good porridge/oatmeal alternative. When made well it is not just ‘cold oats’ – it is a different meal. The traditional Bircher is a small scoop of oats (30g-50g) with a whole grated apple, whatever nuts, seeds or dried fruit you prefer, and enough juice or milk that it’s all able to soak. Leave it in the fridge overnight and top with yoghurt and fresh fruit in the morning. Also a great way to set the evening habit for the morning routine!
Florence R.
I’m vegetarian so I do not eat meat but i eat a lot of various foods healthy and unhealthy; my go-tos are bananas, coffee, Robin chocolate eggs, pizza-in-a-mug, or movie theater food
Jo Z.
Try other grains like teff or millet to make porridge. Think outside typical breakfast foods. I love soup for breakfast. Hummus with whole wheat tortillas is good. Vegetarian sausage patties are tasty. Fruit with cheese. Look to other cultures for inspiration too.
Alex T.
For breakfast I eat yogurt with some sort of mixer like granola, nuts, chocolate chips. For lunch I have salad with either chicken or tuna, and nuts or seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, pepitas, etc) and some sort of vinaigrette dressing. Dinner is often a Blue Apron dish.
Bessie U.
Crackers with chicken (or smoked salmon), cottage cheese and avocado. If you want to do something simple you could choose to do chicken and tomato/cucumber/salad.
Emil Z.
I usually try to stock up different ingredients so I can choose what I feel like having that day. I usually have things like (soy) yoghurt with (baked) oats and fruit, overnight oats, hummus or avocado toast with veggies, soup with rice or salad. If you find it difficult to think of variety, I'd personally recommend the website Minimalist Baker, which has a lot of healthy, dairy- and glutenfree recipes.
Ellie Y.
I have the same problem and I can’t do wheat and dairy. Asian congee can be yummy, or bone broth with an egg stirred in.
Suzy O.
I try to vary the way I prepare eggs, smoothies and eggs so I don't get bored; I need as well to keep it simple since I don't want to spend much time in the morning to cook, but at the same time I want to have a complete breakfast.
My suggestion is to try different combinations of vegetables and fruits for a smoothie so you don't have every day the same taste. Do the same for the eggs, then I didn't know there were so many different ways to cook eggs.
I try as well to cook quinoa and mix it with fruit, it's yummy and quinoa is super healthy.
You can try natural mermelades, avoid mermelades artificially sweetened, peanut butter is also good although I rather have it as snack between meals.
I hope this helps.
Roger U.
Natural yoghurt with chopped up fruit, and seeds or granola on top; sprinkle on Cinnamon for extra sweetness. Yum! Or a piece of whole meal toast, with smoked salmon on top, then a poached egg on top of that. Delish and really keeps you going.
Tessa S.
I have actually been eating yogurt with bananas and oatmeal. I haven’t been eating eggs for breakfast. A sandwich with cheese, avocado and jam is another thing I usually eat.