When is the best time to drink fruit juice?

Charlotte E.
Whenever you want, but don't drink too much, because even natural fruit juice is full of sugar and the ones from the supermarket are also full of added sugar. So, best stick to water and drink juice only sometimes.
Agit F.
I am not expertised about these but in my opinion and logical evaluation, it's best time when body is activated for a new day, so with breakfast or after waking up but first a glass of water before everything
Melina X.
I guess it’s at the morning .
The best time to absorption of vitamin C Is with your breakfast.
But that’s just for orange juice and other citrus.
I think each fruit has their own golden time to eat or drink their juices!
Axelle T.
I geuss it depends on the person i actually drink it twords the evining its refeeshing and helps me relax and it taste really good so its something you can enjoy, i geuss the best time to drink fruit juice is whenever it helps you most i hope this helps.
Diane F.
around noon or after breakfast… i read that the best time to eat fruit is at least 2-3 hours before and after you eat, so that vitamins can get to your body perfectly… bcs fruit juice has fruit in it (which i hope it does) then i believe it might be nice after breakfast at least 2 hours after them and 2 hours before lunch, or after lunch 🤷
Norhan R.
I think In the morning to have a frish start to your morning routine and the power to do your work or study in a good way
Ella Z.
I think the best time to drink fruit juice is on lunchtime. Because fruit juice, especially the one that you bought on grocery store, has a LOT of sugar (processed sugar). So be careful not to consume sweet things in the morning! You'll get sleepy so easily.
Ash C.
Morning I think. The acids have more time to breakdown and mingle with other foods. So less acidity than drinking juice at night.
Georgia Z.
with a natural fruit juice you can start the day well, full of energy and goals to achieve. having a healthy breakfast starts a productive day. a fruit juice can also be drunk in the afternoon.