What is the most important aspect to the meal of the day?

Vincent W.
I'm not sure what the question means, but I would say eat a lot of food! this means if you want to loose weight eat a lot of fruit and veg so you feel full

Michael Q.
For me, the most important aspect is simplicity. I don't mind making something more crafty now and then, but I usually prefer something good and tasty that doesn't require hours to prepare

Milo Y.
Breakfast, you need the energy in the morning to keep going until lunch, if you don't eat breakfast you wont be as productive.

Lucas Z.
Personally, my main energising and filling meal should have a balance of carbs, protein, salts and healthy nutrients in it. Without that meal I wouldn’t be able to function all day.

Silje A.
Balance. I think balance between what tastes good and what is good for one's body should be the focus. I want to like what I'm eating, but I also want to eat something healthy. Whether that means I eat something that is healthy and tasty in one, or one healthy, non-tasty thing and one tasty, non-healthy thing, balance is what's important! If the balance is to be disrupted, it's better to be on the healthier side. But, hey, I think it's okay to have a little fun sometimes. Don't beat yourself up over it, but work hard when you can!

Tha S P.
The most important aspect to a meal, is listening to the inner knowing of your own inner voice. To breath before, to create what it is your body is screaming for.✨

Angelo T.
Make your meals with love and purpose is important to feel the energy they brought to your body and soul. Eat is a pleasure that take time, so no rush in preparation, share it with people who are important to you make a bonus.

Evaldo A.
I want my meal of the day to really nourish my body from within, giving it all the vitamins and healthy stuff it needs to be working in tip top condition. Also i want my food to be delicious, i want to enjoy it and discover new tastes and new ways of giving my body the nutrients it needs

Caleb T.
Macros: Meals which are high in protein, low in bad fat, more complex carbs than simple carbs, have reasonable amount of calories
Others: More fiber, less sugar and sodium, more vitamins and minerals

Hugh P.
It has to have fruit or vegetables, keeps me feeling and energetic,m. I look for a balance between complex carbs fats and proteins to feel satisfied. My go to lately has been whole wheat toast with poached eggs and tomato wedges pan fried with a little olive oil. Sometimes I add onion or spinach.

Carol X.
Breakfast, I never used to ha e breakfast before and I always felt drained and lacked energy, went through mood swings alot.
Since I started having my breakfast I feel lighter and it's helping me. Stay fit and also lose weight.. And everyday I try to be more creative, it's getting inspiring for me