What breakfast stops you from feeling hungry before lunch?

Vernon O.
If I know I will have several hours between breakfast and lunch where I won't be able to grab a snack, I opt for hot cereal prepared savory. This way I can pack it full of less-processed, nutrient-rich foods and high protein and it still tastes great. I can portion it out so I am not eating a large amount that will make me feel heavy and sluggish. My favorite combo:
Hot cereal (I love cream-of-wheat, but also oatmeal) cooked with broth and seasoned with some salt, pepper and paprika.
Add the following to the bowl: egg (cooked how you like), green onion, chopped fresh greens, and a dollop of sour cream, plain keffir or plain yogurt. Sometimes if I have a small amount of bacon or other meat in the fridge I'll throw that in the bowl too.