For people that don’t have an appetite first thing in the morning how do you make sure to eat early enough in the day to avoid crashing?

Marta P.
Drink some water first, after u drink water your body will be asking for food making you hungry and you can eat your breakfast
Samuel Q.
Im actually rarely hungry in the morning yet I feel more energised when I do eat in the morning. I’ve been making sure that my breakfasts are balanced with healthy fats, protein and complex carbs. I personally prefer sweeter breakfasts so I usually go for a Greek yoghurt with fruit, oats and nuts. This, I find, keeps me satisfied and full of energy. Doing this has naturally made me crave dinners that are lighter and thus I sleep better and have more of an appetite in the morning.
Daniel Z.
The basic rule is not to drink coffee before breakfast. Try to drink a glass of water first, than take a shower and than have a tasty breakfast afterwards. I think it is OK to have a breakfast a bit later.
James Y.
I would probably start by eating something small but can make my tummy satisfied by waking up an hour or so be work and eating a yogurt or a mini salad and having a nice drink to have that you enjoy such as morning tea or juice. Then after a few days, start increasing your breakfast a little (not too much) and eat things such as cereal or a banana and etc…
Valerij O.
i eat something small and not too heavy. i have 1/2 cup oatmeal and add hemp seeds
for extra protein. it feels more
like a snack honestly but it keeps me full 🙂
B Rbel C.
Start your day with a fruit, it is so yummy and full of vitamin, as you prefer an appel or banana or strawberry…, It is just a matter of habits, when you will get used to it, you can add other stuff, bread eggs, cheese, …
J Ssica R.
Eat even without appetite. It could be a fruit or a vitamin, just do it. Do it regularly and you will begin to have appetite in the morning
Isaiah T.
I eat a little breakfast even though I'm not usually hungry first thing. A handful of nuts and a banana/tiny apple or a hard boiled egg and glass of chocolate milk or slice of cheese. Find something healthy you can stomach early and it will help jump start your system. Sometimes I only do a big hug of tea with sugar and milk, but it's not ideal because the caffeine keeps me going longer than I should before real food.
Corey J.
Maybe you should think that eating this important meal ( breakfast) helps you get energized throughout the day even if it is just a small portion of food (nuts, fruits, yogurt) it helps you become prettier, smarter, and more fit plus getting you fueled
Ramon E.
I believe in order to open your appetite, it’s best to wake up and take a shower. This will approximately take about 30 minutes. From personal experience this opens your appetite a bit. Furthermore the first days start small: a piece of fruit, some cereal. After a while you would get use to eating like this and after weeks, well then you can start eating sandwiches that actually fill you up
Hans Dietrich Z.
I am one of those people to do not have appetite very early in the morning.

I have found that Drinking water immediately when I wake up has cause that lack of appetite to sort of go away.

When I don’t really fill hungry even after drinking water. I go for a smoothie as my breakfast. Sometimes it is because we are lazy to chew that we skip meals, and having a smoothie as a replacement is perfect because you get all the nutrients without the chewing.