I really need some all-natural, high-protein and low-sugar smoothie ideas for on-the-go days. I love fruit but not veggies, though I know I need both. Any ideas on tasting only the fruit? Crohns’ friendly ideas only, please! Thank you!

X Nia Q.
My favorite fruit smoothie is raspberry pineapple. You put that in with some nonfat yogurt and water and it is delicious. Another smoothie that I always make is kale, spinach, cinnamon, banana and mango with some water. It may not sound good, but I find it delicious. If this does not help you, I get most of my recipes (including smoothies) on an app called Tasty. I hope you find what you were looking for!!
Paul Gerhard U.
I really love an oatmeal smoothie with peanut butter and molasses. It gives me the sweetness and the creaminess with out all that sugar. That could be an option.

For the fruits and veggie dilemma, you can sweeten a veggie smoothie with pure orange juice or apple juice. So if you have a smoothie with spinach, banana or something. Add half a cup of juice. Make sure it’s not made from concentrate. It will give you the flavor you need.

Raul F.
Start by eating cucumber it's a fruit but it is alot like vegetables and move on to salad eat it with your favorite type of dressing.
Ivan F.
Well, when people have Crohns disease I would not recommend smoothies. Here is why. When you drink smoothies, there is not much chewing involved. However, chewing is a very important step when it comes to your digestion. During chewing, your saliva will come in contact With the food you are eating. Saliva contains important enzyms that will help ‘break down’ the food and will make the food easier to digest. This is especially important for people who are dwaling With problems in their digestion, such as Crohns disease.

However, in order to give an andere to your actual question – vegetables such as courgette (zucchini) are neutral of taste. I would recommend using 150 grams of courgette and 50 grams of spinach with half a banana and Some mango. Add a little Cinnamon and a tablespoon of broken flax seeds – and you have yourself a lovely nourishing smoothie (and you will have to chew a bit too)

Sam C.
If you add spinach or changes color more than flavor, and avocado is one that creates a really nice (thick) texture also. I always love to have berries in smoothies and buy them in bulk.
La Rcio E.
Try putting celery with carrots, strawberries, bananas and some yogurt. I’ve done that before and it’s actually really good, you don’t taste the celery at all because of all the strong fruit flavours. I hope this helps 😊
Evan Z.
I’m not familiar with Chrons restrictions, but for high protein low sugar have you tried nut and berry smoothies with plain yogurt? Nuts are high protein and tart berries have a lower sugar content and GI load than many typical smooth fruits. I also make just yogurt peanut butter smoothies sometimes. I add a lot of cinnamon and nut meg. Hope this helps!
Malone E.
Chia seeds, almond milk, agave syrup, (vanilla)-let this mix stand for 3-4h then you can add red fruits (strawberries,raspberries..)
Gebhard N.
Banana, peanut butter, blue berries and strawberries are a heavenly match. Dont forget to put some sunflower seeds or nuts on top! The secret for thr perfect smoothie is to freeze the ingredients overnight!
Owen Z.
I also have Crohn’s. I’ve had luck with Daily Harvest smoothies. They are super easy – just pop in the blender and go. Berries are generally good for cutting the taste of greens. I also use cacao, cold brew coffee or avocado to cut the bitter greens taste.
Kaitlin O.
Think of peanut butter, whey protein, or take a week to add one veggie like carrots or cucumber to the shake. Beets are also very good, but do stain. Hope this helps!
Alfred P.
I just put frozen raspberries, blueberries, half a banana, little spinach (you won’t taste it), tablespoon of flax seed and chia seed. They r good for inflammation and fill with the water to the line. This makes it super lo calorie, super good for you. Use pineapple juice instead of water if you don’t mind calories. Hope this helps
Lola C.
Fruits usually have tons of sugar. May I suggest using winter melon, bitter melon, zucchini or cucumber as your fruit choices and add soy milk or almond milk to make your smoothie.
L Rke W.
Sure, Horley’s is the best protein brand or optimum nutrition. It’s pricey though the quality is suave. A good source of fruit mixture with vegetable is banana with carrot juice. It’s a great combination & easy to keep down. :-/).
Oscar J.
Try out different fruits as per the season which is natures gift to us… As per one study I got the information that the seasonal fruits will give us good results than any other type. Do choose your fruits keeping this in mind which may be helpful. Note this is only a suggestion from my side and you can ignore if it seems to be not fitting enough…..
Erika F.
hi! i don’t have any exact ideas but pinterest has some really good ones! i also bug this yogurt (idk what brand) but it has a really good peanut butter protein smoothie recipe on the back. hope this helps 🙂
Elias C.
I can’t speak to Chron’s but smoothies that are keto friendly (lower carb/sugar and high protein) and super yummy include coconut milk, avocado, heavy whipping cream, blueberries, and blackberries.