How much time do you give yourself to make breakfast and to eat? Do you eat at your table? Why or why not?

Josefine W.
i usually grab something quick to eat from the fridge like overnight oats or leftover pancakes. sometimes i take time to make a meal in the morning but it lasts for another day or two
David J.
I give myself around 10 minutes to eat breakfast, because that is, for me, enough time to eat.

I sometimes eat at a table and sometimes i don’t. When i eat at a table then i normally have school and in the weekend I sit or stand up where I want

Bernardim C.
I now have more time in the mornings thanks to working from home most week days, however I generally spend little time preparing breakfast. I do not eat breakfast at a table. Eating from the sofa or outside in the garden makes breakfast more casual and allows me to do other things at the same time such as reflecting, writing in my journal or catching up on the news.
Barb I.
Yes i ate at the table every morning. I also followed the right foods that im suppose to eat, i also drink water just like the first time i did or entered in this app, i keep track of my morning routines.
Yehudi P.
Usually around 5 minutes to make breakfast however some days I will spend up to 30 minutes or more. I also give myself a good 20 minutes to eat to really enjoy my meal since breakfast is my favorite meal. Some days I eat at the table but other days when I don’t have anyone to eat with, I will just eat in the living room.