I am bored with what I eat, any new ideas?

Louise N.
I suggest that you make two or three plans for eating and choose a plan from them like primary . I use my primary plan for two days then i change for one day any other plan from the two that I like then I get back to my primary plan .
Lourdes Q.
Always be on the lookout for new items to add to your menu, I like to try different seasoning blends to season meats for different flavours. Check out recipes to spice up familiar dishes or to try something new.
Karl Georg Q.
You could try making granola bars! I make mine from scratch on a Sunday and make sure I make enough to last me for the week. Or if I don’t have time for that I will have an apple and peanut butter. A good place to look for ideas is on YouTube as that’s where I get new ideas when I’m struggling. Good luck!
Suzanna P.
I like to watch recipe videos and "what I eat in a day" videos from youtube for new ideas. You could also go to the fresh produce section of your grocery store and get inspired; maybe you haven't eaten watermelon in a while? What about a kale salad? Sweet potato fries?
La Ssa E.
Try different spices! I have a lot of dietary restrictions, so I try to find spices I can eat to add to my favorite foods. If you don't have a lot of time, try prepping meals on weekends or use a crock pot.
Mason U.
I really like the trader joe’s brand honey greek yogurt with berries and kind protein granola. I also like to make a smoothie with blueberries banana spinach and orange juice. If you want a more protein rich option bacon a soft boiled egg and toast is a very good combination
Bella G.
Hey, you should try making small changes in your diet.
If you start your day with eating eggs or something unhealthy, then you should try eating some great fruits and milk. Also, if you eat non vegetarian,then try eating some vegetarian but TASTY food, you can find great vegetarian dishes on Google, (both recipes and ordering).
Christian E.
Try a subscription meal delivery to try new recipes and ingredients. This can teach you new recipes and help refresh your regular meal rotation.
Mandy T.
This is hard to answer without knowing what you normally eat, but I would recommend Pinterest or Bon Appetit’s feel good food plan. I’ve done the turmeric salmon and the kimchi beans, both of which are very good. I also like the cookbook Saladish.
Victoria N.
Try making your own protein bars. There are many recipes that you can play with until you find something you like, but a basic idea involves refrigerating a mixture of oats, nut butter, coconut milk, and protein powder. This makes an easy grab-and-go food option.
Pablo E.
Today we are making shepherd's pie potatoe skins with ground Turkey. Tomorrow, black beans, sweet potatoes chips and plantain chips in air fryer, and citrus Cuban style pork. I love to make soup and freeze in tall silicone muffin tins. I freeze a variety and daily I pull out 1 soup cup (equals a small bowl) for work lunch. It's super easy to do and a great way to deal with a pot of soup you are tired of eating.
Lisa C.
Hi! I often get bored with what I eat as well. One idea is to go to the grocery store and look for things you've never tried and buy them. If you have less time, a food box subscription is always fun!
Cassandra C.
Sweet potatoes chopped up with a can of corn, black beans and a cup of quinoa all In one pan. Cook in 2 to 3 cubs of chicken broth in the oven.
Dwayne J.
I downloaded a recipe app called FitManCook. It has a plethora of recipes, categorized in asmart, precise way. It even has an shopping list function, where you can add ingredients from a recipe to a shopping list within the app. The app is easy to use and it has help me try many new recipes.
Daria S.
Well.. I think to eat its so important for us, so you should try to eat what you want. I mean to eat everything, but in small quantities, also water with lemon reduce the hungry)) it take time, but its useful
Kim J.
I try and add some fruits to my breakfast to make it more appealing, I love having eggs in the morning with some veg as it makes me feel more energised
Oscar F.
Try switching it daily. For example I eat fruit with peanut butter on cooler days, or yogurt and granola on warmer days.
I’ll treat myself to eggs & spinach w/turkey bacon on weekends. Avocado/Tomato on toast also on weekends. If you have a favorite breakfast food try splitting it up on favorite days to excite yourself when that day comes around. May seem trivial at first but trust if you pick foods you love and eat them on different days as a treat you’ll create an fun and interesting more mindful breakfast for yourself!
Ellen E.
This is a pretty specific answer, but if you are anywhere near a college campus try going into a dining hall (usually you can pay cash to get in). They have so many options and you can eat as much as you want. Take some time to look around and find something new that interests you.