I don’t have time to eat enough at breakfast. What can I do?

Freja U.
It may sound strange but preparing my breakfast at night along with a few items for the next day pays off in the long run by reducing stress and putting me ahead of the game. It gives me an opportunity to reflect when I sit down, map out my day, and prepare to win. I must be cautious not to overdo it. I don't want to sacrifice my sleep while talking about the next day. Yet, I want to put forth just a little bit of effort to make sure that the next day is not beginning with anxiety, frustration, or a sensation of rushing.
Amanda B.
I’m usually rushing in the mornings too, but what I do if you don’t want to cook anything you could grab a bowl put plain yogurt, blueberries, strawberries (don't even cut the berries) and nuts (a bunch of it) that takes me 1 min and usually, that gets me thru the day. The other option is to wake up like 30 mins earlier to have time to make breakfast.
Aleena Z.
You could try to wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual or may be have smoothies for breakfast. There is no chewing involved in gulping down a smoothie hence it requires very little time.
Rose E.
If you want it, you’ll have time for it. But if you can’t, you can boil the eggs while your taking a shower or doing something and then bring it. There’s always a ways
Lo C Q.
Eat things that give you more energy without having to do a lot of work. You could start simple. Boil eggs, get a cereal, eat fruits. You can also take things out at night so you can quickly whip up your breakfast in the morning.
Taylor Z.
You can meal prep in the mornings so the time that you’d normally take to prepare a good breakfast you can add to the time to sit and eat. You can also pack your breakfast or the rest of it in a small container with an air tight lid and put it in your bag and eat it whenever you get to your destination whether it be school or work. If it’s at school just inform your teacher and you can finish
Victoria N.
Hi, when I am in hurry and I dont have enough time i prefer to eat an apple or a banana instead of cookies or cake. Because these kind of fruits give me energy which remain longer in my body but cookies have more calories but remain only for a short time in my body.
Good luck
Lia J.
Fruits and peanut butter:)
Fruits will give you enough energy while the peanut butter can reduce the sugar that you consume. Because if you base yourself on only sugar levels, your energy will consume more.
Besides, it's nice 🙂
Rose P.
You can wake up early to have a good breakfast or can make you breakfast for the next day before the morning comes and then eat it . The best way is to make a timetable and on it take a much time to have breakfast and then you can have it
Robert F.
I think that you could consider having foods that you can eat on the move, like boiled eggs for example. You can leave a couple in the fridge overnight ready for the morning.

Another example I can think of is Nuts (cashews, macadamia, almonds etc)

Siew W.
I think that actually I can wake up earlier 30mins – 1hour to get enough time to have my business. I can also have my breakfast while I am focusing in my task or study.
James P.
Just find just a little time for this because its so important….buuut if you cant eat enough you can just eat a fruit or drink a lot of water. You can do this♡
Jesse X.
I usually make protein shakes and take them to go in travel mugs. Bone broth protein, fruit, spinach, almond milk, ice, and maybe a hint of vanilla extract.
Arnold A.
Pre make breakfasts the night before, such as muesli and yoghurt or a fruit bowl and eat as you go. Be more mindful and wake up earlier. Pre plan your outfits to put a few minutes of your time aside for eating healthy. Maybe put some food at work incase you don’t have enough time and work then you don’t have to worry so much and snack on something when you get there.
Larai N.
You shoud prepear everything a day before, But it depends on foods you would like to eat. Some you can simply take in the morning(like fruit…) and some that need more time, do it a evening before but you have to be careful cause some foods may go bad.
Jasmine Z.
I have the same issue. Maybe try baking a week supply of breakfast muffins with eggs and veggies on the weekends or when you have time (you can probably find a recipe online). Then you can refrigerate them and all you have to do in the morning is heat one up.
Isis Z.
Hey I think that you should probably eat on the go with a fruit like banana or apples because even tho you might think it’s not a full breakfast it is, it gives you energy throughout the entire day😁
Bradley S.
No worries, all you can do is pack small packets for yourself on an off day and freeze them. Take one of them every morning to have your breakfast.
A N.
I would suggest some fruit and a granola bar if you do not have time for anything like oatmeal or grits. You have to have some form of food in your stomach and mostly recommended proteins to keep up energy throughout the day. so even making some meat the night before to take on the go. Don’t be afraid to have a little baked(or grilled) fish or chicken in your breakfast .