I am trying intermittent fasting. What are your thoughts on building that as a habit?

Traugott Y.
I’ve been doing it for years and, as you’ll see from various sources, there are a million ways to configure your fast. If I can make a suggestion the easiest way to start building the habit is to simply skip breakfast to begin with and time your last meal before 7pm. Starting with skipping a single meal helps set the habit up and has helped me over the almost 9 years I’ve been fasting. Good luck!

Karl W.
I am intrigued by this idea partly because several physician-friends swear by it for health reasons. I have no idea how to incorporate the habit, particularly in the setting of a home with children. I’d be curious to know about other people’s experiences.

Suzy Y.
When I learned about intermittent fasting, I realized I had already been doing it unintentionally. So I guess it’s fine as a practice.

Adam C.
I am Muslim, and according to our Islam religion we do real fasting. It is really useful, you can adopt the habit if you want, usually we fast 30 days. Google to know more about Fasting in Islam in Ramadan month

Tobias U.
I do not believe it’s healthy at all. Eating food should be viewed solely for fuel and satisfaction for your body. Starving yourself will make you lose weight eventually but not with the best intention for your body

Theodore T.
Our body needs fuel to work as well as a car and that fuel comes primarily from food. Fasting isn’t a good habit to build, but just something you can do occasionally when you feel you need it.

Gretchen Q.
My feelings are mixed on the subject. Depending on the source I seem to get varying reviews regarding the safety of intermittent fasting. I’m open to the idea of having dinner several hours before bed to allow for healthy digestion, but what I have read said that fasting during periods of activity can place too much stress on bodies, as well as exacerbate blood sugar issues. My advice is do your research, find what resonates with you, and listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel depleted, I think it’s wise to move on.

Lo C P.
I think it would be better for you to just keep needed amount of food in your house. It’s not a good choice to rely on your will because it is vulnerable. To restrain the will of eating, I will suggest sleeping. Also, I think drinking some zero-cal beverages will also help. Try to drink some tea when you feel Hungary. Easpecially flower tea with strong scent.

Mae R.
It’s a challenge. Especially if you struggle with the need for things to be perfect. Intermittent fasting can be a useful tool but if you have additional factors it can make it more stressful than helpful.

Storm W.
I’ve found the type of fasting where 2 days a week you only do 500 calories really helpful for overcoming my natural body set points and losing and maintaining weight loss. It’s supposed to have a lot of other health benefits as well. I’ve generally only targeted doing it for 4-6 weeks though not as a sustained habit. However as I understand it there would be benefits to an ongoing commitment. I don’t know enough about how this program works to know if it is effective for habits that aren’t daily but rather biweekly. However there are other fasting approaches that have a daily component (eg only eating during certai. Hours every day) – I haven’t Iltried those

Constance O.
I am rather cautious about fasting personally because of a strict medication schedule that requires food be taken with the medication. But I consider not having a certain type of food or foods, for instance eating only fruit for 1 or 2 days, then returning to my regular diet of food as a way of fasting that my body can tolerate. I suggest you do a fast only as you r body can safely tolerate your abstentions and only as it benefits your health in a specific or special way.

Vero C.
Its a hard to bild a habbit because you kinda have to make it into a addiction that you have control over … but if you take that control in hand it is an great thing to have in your

Ryszard M.
Me too! I decided to embark on intermittent fasting after watching Subah Jain's Deep Cleanse Your Body on youtube, https://youtu.be/IgMwL6Y–HU.

To me, although I needed to lose weight, my main motivation is the Healing Hours. That fasting activates the natural healing power within the body which can cure any disease. I am currently trying 12 hours fasting a day as a start.

Julian P.
I like the thought of intermittent fasting. I have tried it, and have had success with losing weight. Not only did I lose weight but I know better when I am hungry and when I am just eating to be eating. I feel I could make a lifestyle of intermittent fasting.

Danny F.
I also do an intermittent fasting for the weight loss program I'm on. I think if you believe it's healthy for you, and you're motivated to do it, it's a great idea. I do my fasting one day a week because I learned from this program to start with the smallest step first. After the first three weeks of that, I can decide how I feel in doing and if I would like to handle trying two days a week. If I still don't enjoy or look forward to seeing another day, I keep at one day for another week, because I clearly haven't ingrained that habit strongly enough to feel positive emotions when I think about it. My next fasting day, I take extra care to celebrate each tiny success. Whether it's not eating when I was feeling hungry, each bottle of water I finish, or before bed because I made it through the whole day without eating, or only eating what's on my fasting approved list. When I start to look forward to my next fast and appreciate how great I feel at the end of a fast day, I reconsider adding a day into my fast schedule. I keep the days separated because shooting for two days in a row is two steps ahead and we all need to be gentle with ourselves.

Selene Q.
I think it's great! There's a lot of research showing the benefits. It's also good to train to not be "desperate" every time we are lacking food (like during a trip) to avoid making bad food choices. I think it's a lifelong investment worth pursuing. Best of luck!

Fabio Y.
I think intermittent fasting is excellent for the body. I just have a hard time doing it! Would like to do it to days a week but never follow through on that.

Elia E.
Intermittent fasting is good for health,mind and body.
I am also a great fan this technique.I am into fasting from last 5 years once a week on monday.I witnessesed lot of from it

Caroline Z.
I have some good friends who have being doing the intermittent fasting for a while and they seem to enjoy it. If you think it’s something that will help you and grow you as a person, go for it !

Ethan Y.
I think intermittent fasting is an excellent idea. I have attempted to do it but him seldom follow through. It’s a perfect way to bring your body into balance there’s also an approach to intermittent fasting where you eat two very small meals. That might be helpful. It’s an excellent idea, I just can’t seem to do it.

Ryszard M.
Me too! I decided to embark on intermittent fasting after watching Subah Jain's Deep Cleanse Your Body on youtube, https://youtu.be/IgMwL6Y–HU.

To me, although I needed to lose weight, my main motivation is the Healing Hours. That fasting activates the natural healing power within the body which can cure any disease. I am currently trying 12 hours fasting a day as a start.

Martinha Q.
Like most things in life, if it works/helps for you and doesn't do harm then worth doing, but personally I think it's better to focus on mindful eating to ensure you are only eating (a balanced diet) when you really need to – i.e. you should only eat when you feel hungry and stop before you are full. Also good to build in a good overnight fast (e.g. don't eat after early evening (6 to 7pm) on most days).

Cameron U.
Twice a week did not work for me; my metabolism made me hold on to fat on others; I gained weight!
My experience with 16 hour fasts and 8 hours in which I ate is much better!

Muzaffer S.
Consider a day when you don't have any high physical activity to do that next day. I've found that doing a Dinner – Dinner fast can be easier for some as opposed to a breakfast – breakfast fast. I have a hard time going to sleep on an empty stomach. First find a day a that appears to work and go as long as possible. If you find youself light-headed consider eating a snack instead of pushing through to dinner.

Ella P.
In my very humble opinion, I feel like sticking to only one diet could become quiet mundane and repetitive. So giving intermittent fasting a go and having it as a diet and even a habit for a while is a wonderful idea, and could provide your body and your mind with a new experience, that could perhaps appeal to your health standards in the end. Most importantly, if you're going to give anything a go, whether its intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, or even just a classic diet, do it with passion and dedication, and make the best out of it so you could truly enjoy the ride.

Allie Q.
I don't find the idea of intermittent fasting really interesting for me. I'd rather eat a couple of meals a day (smaller portions) with healthier choices, instead of one or two. Especially because when I'm hungry I get angry so I don't really think that would work for me lol

Corey Y.
I think it will make you more productive and allow you to focus better. Lots of health benefits. Plan your fast. Make sure you do, your research before you start.