What does a great breakfast consist of?

Clara W.
Próitéin, a veg or fruit, and cards. My favourite is spíonacha and avocado on toast with a fried egg. Sometimes a cup of tea and a bickie after cause I love sugar.

Erik T.
Breakfast is the first meal of the day, and is often regarded as the most important meal. A good breakfast is a balanced one. What this means is providing you body with all the nutrients it needs to start the day. This includes an assortment of fruits for vitamins and minerals and some form of carbs for energy. I usually eat a pretty sizable breakfast for a lot of energy and drink water with my breakfast to hydrate myself.

Mary Q.
Well, a healthy breakfast needs to contain one type of fruit or a healthy type of dairy. For example, a fruit salad is an example of a healthy breakfast. You can mix any kind of fruit in it.