How do you best prep for breakfast meals?

Louis W.
I first put some oil in the pan, around a teaspoon, and while it is warming up i scramble some eggs in a bowl and put them in a pan. While the eggs are warming up i cut up some fruit and start scrambling the eggs in the pan so that they cook. I put everything in a plate and you're done
Celestine I.
Depends on the day most weekdays is a morning protein shake or oatmeal keeping it simple but healthy. Some weekends Sean does eggs potatoes and veggies it's absolutely delicious
Leah F.
If I find in depth recipes that can be stored in the fridge overnight and cooked in the morning I have the best results. For example, my favorite so far is an egg cheese strata layered with prosciutto and asparagus that I can assemble in the afternoon one day and bake the next morning. It gives me something to look forward to in the mornings and helps me get out of bed to start the oven because they are so delicious.
Bevin U.
I hardboil several eggs once in a while so I have an egg to eat before a morning run. Then I eat corn flakes with bananas and cashews. Not too much in the way of preparation!
Sedat E.
I like to have fruit and yoghurt in the morning. So I’ll cut strawberries leaf’s off, wash them and put them in a glass container in Munich fridge. I make sure any fruit I have is clean and cut and ready to simply grab from the fridge in the morning. I also love to make my breakfast look pretty. I have an area of the kitchen counter where i like to make my tea, make a yoghurt honey fruit bowl without chia seeds, and put that all on a tray (like a hotel hehe) and bring that to my room with my desk and the sun glows on my desk and I eat. It’s the best moment of my day usually. 🙂
Nadir Z.
Most of my breakfast are yogurt and granola. Yogurts are easy to stash away in a refrigerator at work or at home. And I have a bag of granola that I pour a little bit in. super simple and really fast.
Felix C.
I use frozen berries and a fresh banana for smoothies. I fry two eggs and toast an English muffin for my breakfast. Or I’ll have some cereal.
Maria W.
I make a cup of chai in the morning with not too much but not too less milk and sugar. I also make an omelette on the side while I wait for my tea to boil. After my omelette is cooked I put it on top a slice of the loaf. And that's it.
Greg R.
By giving myself plenty of time to cook or prepare it in the morning. If I have plenty of time I'm more likely to make something healthy. Also making sure the fridge is stocked with the food I need helps prepare as well
Marion E.
I buy eggs, bacon and yogurts before hand for a week. I also try to plan out my weekly manue to not spend time on thinking 🙂
Joey Z.
I like to first consider what I aim to be a well balanced breakfast while shopping. Fruits, vegetables, and protein are what I aim for. And if possible, I want to stay away from bread/simple sugars. A healthier mindset for respecting my body feels like a great way to start my day right. The more effort I put into breakfast, the better I feel. With more ingredients, it might take a little more time to prepare but that's okay, that means I need to prepare by acknowledging I need to wake up earlier in order to put my breakfast together without being rushed
Floyd P.
I mostly dont prep because I have eggs, kale, spinach, mushrooms and sometimes bread for breakie which is really quick and easy to make and doesnt really need prep.
Cathy Q.
I just make sure I know what I'm going to eat the night before. Or if I forget I just make what sounds good and is still "healthy".
E Y.
Honestly, I am not good at eating breakfast especially when I’m headed into the office. When I started using the Fabulous app one of suggestions was grabbing nuts and dried cranberries. That has been a perfect solution for me. Protein shakes help too.
Tiffany O.
I'd like to prepare ahead of time at one point soon. Maybe but with Everything going on and baby Elizabeth being demanding. I prepare breakfast right before we eat it as we wake up as quickly as possible. Using eggs, her breakfast bars, apple sauce and any other quick healthy options for a one year old. Oatmeal is not her favorite. But I'm gonna keep trying with oatmeal. I eat oatmeal often to control my iron and its healthy and can have sweet options added like honey fruit or a bit of sugar and raisins, cinnamon or whatever she'll like to eat it.
Karon Q.
Prep is not something that comes regular for me. I don't have consistent cash flow so I adjust all the time. I love fruit, nuts and eggs. I find that if I have made my grocery list I will have those staples and breakfast just comes. Usually oatmeal w/fruit or smoothies w/protein powder are the go to breakfast choices.
Carolyn N.
Always best to prep the night before so that you don't have to rush. To make things easy for myself, I like to check what I have available in the fridge and pantry and make something out of it for next breakfast, preferably something nutritious, and pack it as ready as possible. Next morning, just before I head out to work, I just grab the pack from the fridge (if it needs to be stored cold) or the table outside where I can see it and go. Always best to put it where you will remember to take it. It's very miserable to have gone through so much effort to make it only to forget to take it with you. Happened to me several times. 🙁
Ulrike X.
Breakfast is very important. So one shouldn’t miss it. But for our work we Don'tget that much to have it properl. I think a simple and healthy breakfast is best option
1. Soak oats whole night/ or add milk and oats into the oven add nuts honey fruit. Done.
2. Mix egg and oats – oats omlet
3. Boil egg + fruits
4.veg + rooti
5. Egg+ cheese+ veg – omlet and juice/ milk + nuts 🙂
Samantha P.
I'm finding that it's best for me to have mutiple quick, but healthy options to choose from. My mornings are usually busy (whose aren't?) and having one less thing to stress about is a must.

I typically keep whole grain cereal, fruit bars without added sugars, low fat yogurt, and fruit available in the kitchen. My target calorie range for breakfast is around 300 and I can meet that with a bowl of cereal, or a combo of the other options. This way, I don't feel cornered by a time crunch and opt for fast food or junk food on my way out the door.

I also keep eggs, breakfast sausage, and veggies (peppers and onions) available for when I have more time and can make an omlet or breakfast scramble. Even this option doesn't take more than a few minutes to pull together.

Priscilla J.
I best prepare for a breakfast meal by making sure I have pruchased items for eating but also getting up early enough to sit and enjoy breakfast
Dana F.
Make at least 3 healthy grab-and-go breakfasts at a time. I prefer things I can eat straight out of the fridge too—no reheating or additional prep required. My favorite is yogurt parfait with fresh fruit, some rolled oats, and chia seeds mixed in.
Marta R.
I stick to the same things from breakfast. Smoothie, over night oats, peanut butter toast or egg whites on a rice cake. Those are all things I like and always have on hand.