If you are pressured by time sometimes, what to do in order to keep a balance between my habits, a healthy life and my job?

Rodney O.
If pressured by time maintaining balance is key. Suggest slowing down despite the time crunch. Dial in your focus. Plan an efficient attack and get to it. A little downtime is okay to prepare but don't get stuck here.
Clara P.
I schedule day and place reminders in phone or posted notes to keep me going. Also starting each day with intentions just to do my best are also helpful.
Claude C.
Easy! Buy a schedule. Program your day (or week) the night before. Make sure you are aware of how long something might take you. Do the things that are most important for you first, even if that means waking up an hour or so earlier than usual. Everything is about balance and making everything easier.

A good book on this is

Jeffrey S.
I just make a ton of lists so I don't forget things and they also really help me to keep on teack and prioritize my tasks. I also set a specific time when I will do certain things that's how I keep my life balanced and don't overburdain myself woth work.
Enzo O.
I listen to music and take a break. Music calms me down. I always have playlists of the music I want to listen whenever I feel exhausted and pressured by everything. I also write things I've learned and talk to myself that It'll be over.
Stef N.
Tough one. I am the worst in it – usually cut down sleep – which is not a healthy lifestyle. But my friend told me to look at it as if it was optimisation you have only certain resources which you can redistribute among all areas of your life. Always put what you need into yourself – being healthy, then come habits and the rest is based on current needs. And you have to come to terms with the fact that sometimes you are not good friend, sometimes you are not good employee and sometimes you can’t put enough into relationship. But yourself should always come first.
Jody F.
Well, habits and healthy life should support one another. I have trouble giving up any of my meditative time for exercise. Gotta work on that_somehow…
Dusan O.
I say no to unnecessary commitments, I carve out little bits of time throughout my day for me, and I tell myself that this is only temporary and it will slow down soon.
Lesa B.
Setting up my priorities. Managing my time by choosing what to do first is a good way to go for me. And sometimes, for me, priorities don't have to mean that one thing is more important or urgent on top of another. Sometimes, priorities mean that something that my mind & body prefer to do first. Something that i have passion more than i have to the others. Sometimes, i spend too much time resisting myself to do stuff that i don't want to do, rather than actually doing it. So for some days, i would just go with my guts, such as what activity do i want to do first, what brings me joy the most, and then follow through. Because if i start the day by doing something that i don't want to do, i'll spend the rest of my day rejecting.
Silke U.
Prioritize … Do the most important things first in your day before anything else. Some things that are important to you may not be "necessary" like for instance working out over work. That doesn't mean it should not get done so adjust your day to do those things before the things we must do !