How good is rice and chicken for breakfast??

Carter Z.
No its no good for me because i cant have such a heavy meal in the morning and above all i am vegetarian.
Such meal can make me lazy throughout the day.
Jonathan C.
If you want rice and chicken for breakfast, you can absolutely eat it. When looking at food spread out over the day it is more important that you don’t overkill on carbs or calories, but if you know you are going to have rice and chicken for breakfast you could try having a light meal for dinner and then it is actually quite a good idea, since you need your breakfast to start you up and when you eat dinner all that is left is going to bed so it is useful to start the day with the most energetic meal
Brad S.
Rice and chicken will give you good energy for the day, but also may take time before that energy kicks in. Don’t feel like you have to wake up every morning with a big, extra breakfast. Sometimes you just have to stick with a healthy granola bar, and maybe a smoothie or fruit. And it’s good to try new things and discover what is best for you.
Alex T.
Chicken is good protein and a small cup of river would be filling but chicken and rice is not a breakfast food and rice is not nutritious enough for sustinence and prolonged energy
Bobby S.
Wow! That’s a great breakfast – it’s got: Grains (any type of rice is good but preferably wild/black/brown rice as they’re whole grains and have a more complete and nourishing nutritional profile), and protein in the form of chicken. Make sure your portion of rice isn’t too large – about half to 3/4 cup should suffice. It’s a great way to fuel your body AND keep you feeling full and satiated for a longer time. Highly recommend! If it gets boring, you can switch it up for a different type of lean protein. Or try different combos of complex carbs (Multigrain/brown bread, oats, quinoa etc) and proteins (fish, eggs, other meats, lentils etc). That can even be in the form of eggs and toast 🙂

So glad I got to answer your question! I’m new to this app but I know a lot about nutrition. Hope this was helpful!

Shane E.
For my body rice and chicken gives me energy in the morning. Maybe try adding in some miso soup and follow it up with a smoothie an hour later (fruit, banana, greens, coconut milk, coconut water, protein powder, hemp hearts). That way you get protein before the sugar spike. Better for your body than starting with sugar foret thing. Happy trails! 🦋
Hannah W.
I mean you don’t have to eat breakfast foods for breakfast. Rice and fish are an amazing was to start off your day, it gives you your omega 3 for the day and the rice gives you quick energy to start your day.
Phyllis C.
Although protein and carbs are good for breakfast (in balanced quantities!!!), I'm not sure chicken and rice is a great option. Maybe opt for eggs, nuts in concern of protein and, for carbs, maybe some bread (whole grain and/or seeds), fruit, oatmeal, Müesli,…
June O.
It's good -as you are getting a good amoint of carbs and portein, but I would add some vegetables to get some fibre and nutrients
Jonas C.
If it's brown or unpolished rice and chicken without skin or chicken breast in gravy form then weekly once advisable. Again it depends on individuals BMI and their carbohydrates and protein in take on other days too.
Ladybird N.
🤢 neither of those sound like breakfast foods to me. Plus animals are here with us, not for us, please don't eat my friends!
Logan E.
I love rice and chicken but not for breakfast. I'd prefer something like weetbix, toast or oats for breakfast or if I have time I'll have a cooked breakfast such as eggs,bacon, tomato, mushrooms, hashbrowns or fried potatoes, avocado and toast but that's a MASSIVE cooked breakfast and I'll only have time to make all of that once in a blue moon
Connie R.
It is pretty good for you, just make sure that chicken doesn't have too many spices in it for the morning stomach sense that can arritate it. And make sure to eat a fruit or a vegitable with it!
Sharlene F.
I think it can be ok. Simply because you're getting your protein. And the starch and sugars from the rice can be burned off through the day since this was your first meal