What are some energizing foods?

Eden S.
From my point of view, change takes time and you’ll have to incorporate it slowly. You can substitute donuts with something a little bit healthier at the same time not losing its taste, something like protein bar which is healthier and at the same time good for your health

Adam U.
Smoothies and foods with vegetables work really good for me. Avocados and blueberries is something I always have in my fridge! Also dark chocolate is a great energy booster and provides happiness.

Natalie C.
pretend you are doing it for someone else you want to help. OR someone you want to impress. want to not need to. that might help? I can just enjoy specific bits of tidings but I dont really care to much. chip away, dont overload yourself if there is alot todo. just clear a table, or idk hang up some clothes. use the elastic habit method and you more likely find yourself over achieving.

most whole foods will energize. I found mackrell in oil really good before I was vegan . tinned sounds rank but really liked it I think it's good as a nutrient leader. mix it with past and brocolli for a more normal meal. I used to just eat it straight from the tin. it depends so much on so many things. I'm quiet good at listening to my body so sometimes I'll crave an apple and last on it for ages iykwim

Victor Z.
I find energizing nuts, eggs and fruits. In Colombia we have green banana and roots that give us all the energy and nutrients that we need in the morning. Anyway, all these together with seafood are quite more efficient because give all your body and mind need for your daily life.

Caroline P.
I like to separate all my different types of clothes on different stacks. I fold them with videos and YouTube tutorials that are super efficient and useful. I made it a habit to clean my home every day, so in that time I also organize my closet