What if you get bored of the breakfast you’re eating every day?

Amy N.
Eat something different! Why would you eat something that isn’t enjoyable to you? Life is short. Take pleasure where you can. Eat something more delicious

Robin P.
It isn't like it's always the same, i eat it along other things. I think it depends more of the economical aspect. i think i would never get bored bcs i don't go outside after get up of my bed.

Megan N.
It varies sometimes fruit and yoghurt sometimes this fuel out muffin thing sometimes porridge cereal. Whatever I’m fancying

Tuuli N.
Swap little things in your breakfast to keep things interesting. If you eat eggs, change the way you make them: boiled, omelette, scrambled, etc. Use different seasonings, sauces, different veggies or swap the salad. If you eat porridge, try changing what you eat with it: cinnamon, honey, butter, jam, milk, nuts, peanut butter, strawberries, blackberries, bananas, etc. For example, my breakfast is a bread slice, cucumbers, sprouts & shoots, a soft boiled egg, roasted garlic&pepper seasoning and topped with balsamico. I keep things interesting by sometimes eating a fried egg, swapping cucumber for cherry tomatoes, changing the sprouts to a salad, maybe adding herbs like basil or rucola, changing the seasoning & topping with sriracha instead of balsamico. I also keep instant porridge at home, that I can top with honey, cinnamon and crushed walnuts for days when I need a larger change for my breakfast.
Also a good tip is to plan your breakfasts a week ahead, so you won’t buy unnecessary things and you ease your mornings. Include small shifts in the plan.

Maeghan F.
I’ll usually switch it up and rotate through a few breakfasts, if one becomes boring then I toss it out the window for a few months and try something new. I’ve also really enjoyed trying to be creative with my breakfasts without a recipe. It’s helped me to create an amazing breakfast without the stress of not having ingredients!

Syaefullah A.
Find a new one, maybe make your own? Hmm, but that's too much of a chore for me. I'll stick with take outs. In here tho, "takeouts" are healthy and better. Because it's homemade and organic. I'm kinda glad I lived in this country.

Sophia P.
try theowing in fruits. if you do a certain meat try switching thatcup. eating the same meal everyday gets to be plain and boring. try to spice things up as much as possible.

S Tiro Q.
Change it. There are multiple good breakfast foods to eat so try something else. Make eggs or go for a yogurt or apple/banana and peanut butter. You could also try oatmeal. Eating a variety is good.

Inge O.
I’m a morning person and foodie so I don’t think I can get bored of it but if I do I’ll probably force myself to eat fruits and tea in the morning and I really don’t think I can get bored of them.

Teffy R.
Plan your meals ahead, look for new recepies in the Internet by the ingredients you have available in your region, also substitute ingridients to make your own creations…

Maria S.
Find something different! Doing the same thing every day can get boring after awhile, so find something new to eat. Switch it up.

Lucille Y.
Think about every single ingredient of the meal. Get right into the grain of the bread or muscles of the bacon. Really think about what you’re eating and then ask yourself if that’s what you want to sick with. Do some trail and error to find something that is part of the routine but never mindless

Emily X.
Switch it up! Having several different quick options to make for an easy breakfast is great for not getting board of the same meal. Don't meal plan, meal prep.

Ignatz Z.
I add something to spice it up ✨ can be an apple or a banana or some chocolate cereals, but try to vary your breakfast every day

Dilan C.
I try to make or add something different every day of the week. If I have eggs everyday, I do a bagel sandwich on day, omelet the next, confetti eggs, after that and quiches and so on. I don't want to get bored, because then it keeps me from eating the breakfast I need. Sometimes I will make a big smoothie for breakfast. There are so many small things you can do to add or change your breakfast , so you don't get bored.

Kevin C.
I believe that if you make the effort to make an interesting breakfast every couple of days and rotate the breakfasts around you can never get truly bored. Maybe try overnight oats? This allows you to make it the night before and in the morning it’s not a source of stress! Or eggs with avocado on an English muffin is always my go to. Smoothies are another awesome breakfast idea!! There are so many different flavours out there to experiment with can you ever truly get bored?

Michail U.
Who says that it has to be breakfast sometimes there's days where I don't want anything breakfast food so I make myself a wrap or a sandwich or something just equally is healthy but it has no breakfast feeling at all I think the goal here is to just do something different that maybe you're not doing and seeing the overall results

Ammar B.
Try different kind of food in breakfast, if youre too busy for that just remember that the egg itself can be cooked in plenty of ways like boiled, poached fried and fried mixed, ommeletes and scrambled, and scrambles can be diffrent you have french american .. and more it tastes totally diffrent when you cook it diffrently. also try to add a lot of elements on your break fast so its not boring like cheese veggies olives thymes … ect GL!

Debbie Z.
Cambiarlo por algo más saludable como por ejemplo si como avena la semana entera puedo comer pan con mantequilla de maní, o un pan tostado con una malta morena o simplemente un ensure

Malou P.
Idk . I’d try to make a change for a day. But then again due to various reasons, I’d have to put up with the same boring breakfast.

Festival N.
I never get bored eating my breakfast because from Childhood when I was around 5 to 6 years old from that time I am Eating tea With Roti (which Is made up of Wheat Flour)

Jane P.
I don't know, I mean for now I am having a blast making a breakfast, because i like experimenting with food and even with limited choice of ingredients you can always choose how to prepare food. For example, you can eat banana and apple immediately and that's ok, but you can slice in cubicles and mix it to make fruit salad. From there you can ask yourself "How can I make this breakfast better?". Probably you can add some another fruit, a bunch of nuts, oatmeal maybe even spices. If you trying to learn something new daily, then it's hard to get bored. So I think it's important to keep it either fun or interesting, preferably both.

Caio A.
You can create a new habit of cooking explore new ingredients, watch culinary videos or even 1 day week go explore coffe shops near your house

Hakan A.
I made a list of breakfast that i like and they are easy to make, then i made a weekly plan for my breakfast so it doesnt get boaring!

Silvano Q.
Then switch it up, have a few options ready every day and pick what you want based on your mood. You can try new ingredients or a whole different type of food. You can also premake them so they are ready and you don’t need to prepare.

Tessa N.
Switch it up!! Get yourself a recipe book or go on the internet and find some new and easy recipes. Don’t eat the same every day but rather switch between a few recipes.

Shauna S.
Switch it up and try a new recipe or switch breakfast with dinner and lunch with breakfast and dinner with lunch. Change can be inspiring.

Godofreda I.
I would mix it up a little and try to vary my breakfasts each week depending on the time I have each morning. If I need to be at work early, I might make a smoothie to have on the go, if I’m at home then wholemeal toast with peanut butter or chopped up banana may be my choice. Eggs at the weekends as more time.

Thea P.
I can’t get bored of something that’s giving me nutrients everyday only if I don’t put my mind to do it then I’m gonna get tired and bored of it but for now im just gonna take it one step at a time until I’m satisfy it’s hard but once you put your mind to it you can do it 🧘‍♀️Trust me

Santiago P.
If I get bored eating ting the same breakfast everyday I switch things up. Breakfast is imperative for me, so doing anything to make sure I eat something is inherent.

Trish Z.
Try something new, maybe just change the ingredients. For example the type of fruit or nuts in a chia pudding, or eggs in a different way 🥚✨😁

Hannah N.
Try something new, or you could go out for breakfast. I like to try “dinner meals” for breakfast to switch up the routine. Eg a toasty or beans on toast

Naja X.
Research a few healthy breakfast recipes and switch them. I like to eat a kind of breakfast for 2, 3 days and then switch to other kind and so on. For weekends I like to reward myself with a more complex breakfast or with pancakes.

Aurora N.
To avoid that , I make meal plans ! I get out a journal or a piece of paper and write down what I feel like eating for the week that’ll come. I’d then go to the supermarket to get the ingredients or items.
Have you tried eating savory food in the morning ? There are tons of options ! Check out breakfasts from other countries ; there are endless easy recipes to try on the internet/ YouTube ,and many “what I eat in a day” content from creators around the world. I hope this helps ~

Gordon R.
I add some vegetables for breakfast, or some flavors, or eat eggs but in a different way and recipe every day along with different appetizers, or simply drink juice from vegetables and fruits to keep me active during the day, or eat some bananas and fruits instead of breakfast.

Selene C.
You should try some new fancy breakfast recipes than and if that didn't change anything I would suggest changing the time of eating your first meal, it might help, because it may feel as something new. You can also plan them the day before. You will wake up ready and exited for your delicious meal. Think about everything that gives you energy and that YOU like the most and eat it aa your breakfast. While doing this try to really focus on eating, don't talk, read or watch anything.

Brennan C.
Well necessarily. I don't eat breakfast because I not hungry in the morning and later during the day it makes my stomach ache so In all honesty I don't think I'll get "bored" it's just that it has other effects that will cause me to stop

Dorcas N.
Creativity is never short,there’s always a twist you can make to your breakfast that will make you feel you are eating something new every day.

Julia P.
Change it a little bit! If it is scrambled eggs make a omelet with veggies and cheese, eat some fruit, drink tea or coffee. You can change, you can also make a food calendar like: Monday- scrambled eggs with toast and cinnamon tea, Tuesday- Cheese tapioca with fried bananas… If you didn't understood something dm me! @itsjuliacota

Francisco F.
If you get bored of the same breakfast then switch it up with something equally healthy and tasty being healthy does not mean having to be boring, for example on Monday I eat a bowl of porridge and fruits Tuesday I drink a smoothie and eat some scrambled eggs maybe even with some chicken and so on you can invent a number of different meals that can still suit your specific diet as there is a wide range of ingredients to choose from

Maryam P.
I make 3 eggs every morning. Eggs can be made so many different ways. My favorite is boiled with guacamole on top, and fried with garlic and herbs

Safeeyah N.
I keep a variety of breakfast foods on hand so I can decide if I want a savory or sweet breakfast! Or sometimes I’ll have a little bit of each. Finding quick prep ideas really helps, & eating Whole Foods, sometimes raw (a handful of massaged kale or grape tomatoes, or some fruits) are good side additions to any main breakfast dish

Kurt E.
You can prepare different types of receipts with the same ingredients. Just Google it or even create one by your own. It will be more delicious when you prepare your own meal.

Arcanjo N.
That's the thing, just because you're choosing to eat healthy doesn't mean you have to eat an apple every day. You can eat eggs, toast, nuts, dehydrated fruit, or any kind of fruit you like.

Sarah Y.
If I get bored I'll usually try to spice breakfast up by adding fruit and cream to my porridge or if I have the time I can get real fancy and make

Eva May N.
i think you should always switch it up everyday and some days you should have fruit for breakfast and other days you can have some toast and things like that

No Lie Y.
I made a list of breakfast that are easy to make and i like them, and any time a feel board, i go and check that list and make something easy and yummy! So make a list of what you like to make and eat.

Ellen B.
If you get bored of what you’re eating every day for breakfast then you should try to find some new recipes and foods to switch things up a bit and make breakfast enjoyable again.

Irmtrud X.
Actually I never get bored of food so I don't think that I'll get bored of my breakfast because I love food I eat whatever I have when I am hungry 🤭

Dorcas Z.
I don't eat breakfast food I just eat whatever… veggies, hummus and crackers, Avocado toast… whatever is good and healthy for me 😊