What is your favorite low-carb breakfast?

Markus Z.
My favorite low carb breakfast has to be poached eggs and guacamole. I love to have something high in protein to start my day.
Anas D.
I don't know about liw carb , but my breakfast usually include eggs , peanut butter, Brown bread that is toasted , and some veggies
Edmero Y.
Homemade granola ( my mother is almost 80 and makes THE BEST) with applesauce served warm, is a fall breakfast of champions!
Nora P.
I honestly don’t have a favourite I usually eat yogurt, granola and banana for breakfast. I’d say that is one of my most common dishes.
Meryl P.
Chia pudding made with half a cup almond milk half a cup yogurt. Make 5 jars in advance and refrigerate. To each serving add a grated apple and sprinkle with toasted coconut curls, almonds and pumpkin seeds.